Sunday, October 7, 2012

Our boys are 17 months ...

My boys have definitely become toddlers. They run everywhere! They are losing their "baby" faces.

They try to repeat most words you say. They say taco thanks to Aunt Lacey! They repeated me saying Brandon. Some new words are gone gone, hi, taco, book, daddy rather than dada, and many others!

They love going to library time with Sandy! Drake stays with her until he is comfortable in his surrounding, and this is typical for him. Hunter is my independent one that is off exploring. 

My boys LOVE LOVE LOVE books and it makes this momma happy! I love that when they are upset I can tell them to go get a book and they will calm down. They want momma and daddy to read with them. This is so important to me that they have a love of books and reading. I want them to remember reading bedtime storied with their parents. 

They are able to crawl up on the couches now. They understand us telling them to sit down. If they don't and Brandon has to stand up, they immediately slide down to a sitting position. They know we mean business ;)

They like to hide behind the curtains. Drake even removed the curtain rod today ;)

They absolutely love shoes. They want shoes on at all times. 

They eat pretty much anything. Drake loves fruit snacks. Hunter still does not like things that are too cold. 

They no longer drink any juice. It became too hard on their tummies and we had our first diaper rash. My family always had an issue with drinking juice as a child, and apparently my boys have the same issue. Since stopping juice I have seen a major difference. 

I got a huge bruise this month on my leg. They call it my "bobo" and Hunter will kiss it for me. It is so sweet.

They kiss my belly and say "baby" They do not understand that a baby is in there obviously, but it is so sweet to see.

They sleep 12 hours a night. They nap for 2 to 3 hours a day. They are finally starting to get over the being fussy in the evenings. 

They still love bath time! Hunter prefers to sit near the spout and Drake likes to sit in the back. Hunter figured out how to pull the stopper up. When he does it makes noise because of the water going in the drain. He gets so proud when he gets it up. Of course it closes right back because he doesn't know to turn it to keep it up.

This month the boys had allergies. Brandon has very bad allergies, but did not have them until he was an adult. The have the puffy eyes and runny noses. 

The boys were able to see the space shuttle Endeavor when it came through Houston. Sandy took them outside in a wagon and they saw it fly over. I know they will never remember it, but they experienced it :)

The boys stranger danger is nearly gone. They don't like to be picked up by strangers, but will talk and be around them with no issue. I am so proud of them.

We spent "National Night Out" next door with our neighbors grilling. We met new neighbors too! The boys had fun and so did we! By the end of the night, they were chasing after the older boys!

Our morning routine has not changed at all. We go straight from the nursery to the garage.  I load Hunter first and Drake stays in the garage. When I go to get Drake he runs back to the door thinking we are playing chase. It has been great in the mornings except when they are not feeling well due to the allergies.

They are wearing size 5 pampers!

Drake is in a size 5 shoe!

Hunter is in size 4 shoe!

The 12 month shirts are getting snug on Drake.

I just placed my first order for fall clothes since it is cooling off :)

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