Wednesday, October 31, 2012

First ER Trip with { Drake & Hunter }

On Sunday when the boys woke up I thought they sounded raspy. Even when they would take a breath it seemed like I could hear something in their little bodies that was not right. As a mommy I know everything about the way they breathe and talk. Something was different. I asked Brandon about it and he said he had not noticed anything.

On Monday morning when I woke them up at 6:30 to leave for Sandy's I could hear something strange in their voice still. I also thought they had a fever. I thought about staying home. I went and got the thermometer and they had a fever of 99.2 and 99.3 Nothing major. As they started moving around they seemed fine, so I still took them to Sandy's. That night Drake woke up after bedtime which never happens. He was raspy and coughed a couple times. I was able to get him back to sleep, but knew that was not normal for him.

On Tuesday morning the boys still had that same raspy noise in their voice. I took them to Sandy and told her to watch them close if they were getting sick. I was going to be at work until after 9 pm that night due to a football game. So, Brandon got the boys that afternoon. I texted him and asked how they were and he said they had a cough. 

On my way home I called Brandon and he said Drake had already woken up twice crying. I called and took off work the next day immediately. I knew that something was wrong. When I got home he woke up crying again. When I went in their room it sounded like he was gasping for air. Completely freaked me out. He woke up Hunter in the process of crying and gasping. We put the boys in our room with Barney and I called the on call doctor. They called and asked if they could talk to Drake and listen to his breathing since he was the worse of the two. After listening to Drake wheeze into the phone they said we needed to head to Texas Children's Emergency room. 

We loaded the boys up at 11:30 and headed out. 

They got us in relatively quick. Getting out was the issue. They heard the boys cough and immediately diagnosed them with Croup. Croup is a barking cough due to swelling around the vocal cords and can cause breathing difficulty. We were taken to a room and given an oral steroid for both boys. They said it would take roughly 24 hours to really kick in and then the boys would be on the mend. The boys acted way better than I expected with it being so far past their bedtime! They were smiling, giggling, talking, walking around, and having a blast. We had a couple meltdowns, but with snacks we were able to keep them pretty happy. I need to thank Welch's for making fruit snacks ;)

We got home at 3 am after waiting for the doctor to come speak with us.

The boys slept from 3 to 8 am. They are struggling to sleep or nap for long periods of time. 

Today the boys have been fussy, wheezing, and coughing. Tonight it was worse than during the day. We put a humidifier in their room. We used Vapor Bath by Johnson and Johnson when we bathed them. I am praying these sweet boys are able to sleep tonight and wake up much better tomorrow. They will be spending the next two days home with my mom which I know they will enjoy :)



Drake and Hunter really looking alike!

20 weeks with sweet Baby Luke ♥

I am halfway through my last pregnancy!!! I really cannot believe it!  We picked a name too! 

Luke Arthur Olive

Luke is a name I loved a couple years ago from a show I watch, One Tree Hill. Brandon was looking at pinterest with me at nursery stuff and there was a nursery with the name Luke and he said, what about Luke? I really really really wanted Carter, but he was not giving in on that name. I brought Luke up a couple years ago and Brandon said no. He of course does not remember this conversation ;)

Arthur is after my daddy. The twins middle names are named after Brandon and his side of the family. I fully believe middle names should be family names. We intended to use my middle name for a little girl. My middle name is shared with several of my daddy's family members. Since we are having another baby boy, we still wanted to incorporate my family. 

I started feeling Luke at 17 weeks. I was in total shock! I did not feel the boys until 22 weeks due to an anterior placenta. When the ultrasound technician told me at 12 weeks I again have an anterior placenta I was so disappointed. Having an anterior placenta means my placenta attached at the front of my uterus. Most pregnancies attach at the back and are posterior. This affects how early and strong you feel fetal movement. Basically, the placenta absorbs the kicks before I can feel them. 

Now, at 20 weeks I REALLY feel him. You can see my stomach move with his movement. Other people can feel him move. I did not feel the twins until 22 weeks, and other people could not feel them until a couple weeks later. 

I am so glad he is moving because I really don't feel pregnant. If it wasn't for the growing bump and his movement I think I would forget. He is such an easy pregnancy!!

So, I am thinking Mr. Luke is having a party in there! Tons of space that he doesn't have to share with a sibling and he is so excited to join our family ;)

It makes me wonder if he has a personality like my Drake. Drake was incredibly active in the womb and Hunter rarely moved. This matches their personalities exactly. Drake is still active and Hunter is laid back. 

I lost 5 pounds in the first trimester. Not sure how, but I did. I still have not gained them back. My doctor is not concerned that I have not gained any weight yet. 

I am DEFINITELY showing. I need to purchase some Maternity shirts. I did not have that many when I was pregnant with the twins. I was in the hospital by the time I was really showing so I just wore larger t-shirts most the time.

I still sleep on my belly just like I did with the twins. So, when I wake up in the mornings my belly is basically gone. By the time I get ready and leave it has popped back out :)

I have been having my cervix measured by my specialist Dr. Adam. It is measuring around 3.2 cm which is not terrible. Shorter than what it should be at this point, but not to the point I am on bed rest. I go back this Friday to have a final look and decide whether I am a candidate for a cerclage. Part of me wants them to do the cerclage. After 22 weeks you cannot have a cerclage done due to the fact it can cause pre-term labor. So, in my head what if mine shortens at 25 weeks ?!?! It shortened at 26 weeks with the twins. I CANNOT be on hospital bed rest again. I just can't. I would have to be sedated to be away from my boys. There is just no way. I am praying this cervix cooperates and stays nice and long. 

Luke is completely healthy and growing on track. We will see him again on Friday which will be fun :)

I will be attempting to have a vaginal delivery. If I end up with a c-section I am okay with that. I just want the chance to be able to have a normal delivery. Since I have had a c-section I cannot be induced. I would have to go into labor on my own. I do not foresee that being an issue since my preterm labor history, but if I make it to my due date we will schedule a c-section. 

We have started making plans for Luke's nursery. We are doing a Dr. Seuss theme. I want to do the red and turquoise Dr. Seuss. I found a bedding set on Etsy that I love. We are going to begin emptying the guest room as soon as we have time. October has been pretty crazy. I have ordered some outfits for our Luke. We have absolutely EVERYTHING this baby boy could ever need from his older brothers, but I want him to have some things of his own. I definitely don't want him to always have "hand me downs." 

We will be moving the changing table from the boys' room to Luke's nursery. We are taking the long dresser and moving it to Luke's room also. There is nothing but baby stuff in it right now anyways, so the twin's are not using it. 

I will order Luke a crib soon. 

The twins are staying in their cribs until they climb out. I am not looking forward to when that occurs ;)

Here is to 20 more uneventful weeks with Luke ♥

Diapers Diapers Diapers

We have been so blessed and have not had to purchase diapers. I went a couple months ago and bought my first diapers. Babies R Us had a sale so I bought several boxes. I am down to one box, so I knew I needed to do my research and make a decision on where we would be purchasing diapers.

We are a Pampers loving family! The swaddlers were amazing when the boys were in the small sizes, then they transition into the cruisers. We love love love them. The boys don't leak, and they fit well.

I researched Wal-Mart, Target,, Amazon, and Babies R Us. We are currently in size 5 Pampers Cruiser diapers. I found the cost per diaper at each place and compared. 

Wal-Mart was in the lead with .33 cents per diaper.

Amazon had .33 cents per diaper with the subscribe and save option. This is where you choose to have them delivered once a month, twice a month, etc. You can cancel at any anytime, even right after you order for the first time. It saves you 5% by choosing to "Subscribe and Save"

Babies R us was .35 cents per diaper. had .36 cents per diaper with the $10 off coupon for a first time order.

Target currently has 10% off diapers if you order 2 or more boxes. This brought them to to the lead at .30 cents per diaper!

I had decided I was going to order from Target, but kept doubting myself. I knew there was some other savings through Amazon. After looking around the website I found what I was looking for! If you join Amazon Prime for $79 per year you receive 20% off diapers and wipes! You also get free 2 day shipping on most amazon items! I will be purchasing diapers for the next couple years especially once Luke makes his debut. I also love to shop Amazon. I ordered nearly the boys ENTIRE christmas from Amazon last year. So, the 2 day shipping also had my interest. 

This brought the cost of our diapers to .27 cents per diaper with the subscribe and save option included. I currently chose to have 2 boxes delivered once a month. This should be plenty for Sandy's house and our home. I can cancel it any time. There was an immediate option to "Skip next delivery" which I may do once I pay attention to how many diapers we use in a month. 

I am happy with my decision and look forward to having diapers and wipes at my door ;)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Drake and Hunter at 18 Months ♥

My boys are growing and learning so much. They want to repeat anything and everything. They constantly imitate us.

Some of the words we hear often are bite, gone-gone, bye, hi, snack, baby, night-night, bubba, momma, daddy, nadi, papa, meme, nanny, pop, shoes, croc, bath, brush, Bar for Barney, Bop for Baby Bop, car, outside, bird, duck, deer, book, uh oh, cheese (for  picture), luke, bo, ruff-ruff, quack-quack, bananas, and rawrr!

Hunter often messes with his fingers. He will be watching tv, standing listening to me talk, etc. and he will be rubbing his fingers together. It is a habit I just recently noticed.

The boys are in a stage right now that they do not like to get up in the morning at 6:30. When I go to wake them they roll over and pull their blanket back over themselves. Hunter often wants to be put into Drake's bed at this point. It melts my heart, and makes me wish I could stay home!

Drake LOVES to give kisses. He has the perfect pucker and will give kisses all day long. Hunter went through a week long stage of refusing to kiss anyone. He would kiss stuffed animals, but not us. He finally started kissing us again, thank goodness!

They know most of their body parts. Nose, ear, eyes, teeth, head, shoulders, toes, belly, bellybutton, and butt.

They love to throw diapers away in the diaper genie! They recently also bring you a diaper if you ask them to!

My boys absolutely love to wear shoes. They typically wear shoes ALL day long. They may be in diapers and crocs a lot of the time at home ;)

They are in size 5 pampers.

Drake is a size 5 shoes and Hunter is a size 4.

Clothes are difficult to size right now. Carters is my favorite and runs small, which is perfect for my preemie boys! So, they are in size 18 month shirts from there. They are still a tad big for Hunter but not too bad. They fit Drake perfect. They wear size 9 to 12 months from Children's Place because they run big. 

The boys absolutely love books. Especially my Hunter. They will sit and read a book and point out different objects they know.

They have a new cousin this month!!! Brandon's sister Lacey gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Bowen Michael Nowetner. He was 7 lbs 14 oz and 19.25 inches long. They were fascinated by him the first time they met. Lots of kisses were given and lots of "be gentle and sweet" was heard :)

They still sleep 12 hours or more at night. They take a 2 to 3 hour nap during the day.

They absolutely HATE the pediatricians office. She said it is completely normal. They cried their entire 18 month check up. Hunter was worse this appointment and that never happens. They did not even have to get shots and the boys were still petrified.

They HATE the vacuum cleaner.

They love Welch's fruit snacks.

Barney is still the only show that holds their attention. They will bring you the remote when it is the end to turn another episode on to watch.

Hunter is in a stage of scrunching his nose and it is precious!

Drake likes to come up behind me and push on my back while I am sitting down. He thinks he is hiding and it is a game.

They love bath time. Hunter figured out how to pull up the stopper and keep it out. So, we have to refill to bath sometimes.

They are still doing AMAZING with Mrs. Sandy. It is so sweet to give them kisses and they tell me bye in the mornings. I know they are well taken care of and loved there.

The boys have had a couple mosquito bites in the past months and we realized they are most likely allergic due to how large, hard, and red they appear. This month Hunter woke up with a HUGELY swollen and red hand. I called the pediatrician several times, but since there was no streaking up the arm they were not worried. Benadryl and cortizone was the solution. It took nearly 3 days for his "Hulk" hand to go down.

My daddy came home this month and the boys did not have to "warm" up to him. They immediately went to him. I was so excited!!!!

Drake weighs 23 lbs 9 oz.

Hunter weighs 22 lbs 14 oz.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gender Reveal for Baby ♥

I had heard of a blood test that could tell the gender of a fetus at 12 weeks when I was pregnant with the twins. I already had an appointment scheduled, and then had the surprise of a lifetime when I was told it was twins. I cancelled my appointment and trusted my specialist to tell us the gender. 

So, fast forward to the new baby! I knew I wanted to do this test and find out the gender early. I had the appointment at 12 weeks and the results were in at 13 weeks. Sandy called and found out the results when I was 13 weeks. I invited all of our family to come over for  reveal of the gender. 

Lacey decorated her stroller box for the balloons to go inside! Sandy bought the balloons and loaded them in the box, keeping it a secret from everyone. This was NOT easy to do! Especially when I saw her daily to drop off and pick up my boys. She would burst out laughing constantly. Or smile ear to ear when I was telling a sad story.

On Sunday, September 16th, all of our families came over to find out. Everyone wore pink or blue for what they thought the baby would be! There was quite a bit pink and some blue mixed in!

We went outside after everyone ate pizza ready to open the box! I was convinced it was a girl! The pregnancy had been so different, and the pencil test said I was having a girl. 

Imagine my surprise when blue balloons came out :)

I am so truly excited to have another boy. I am not upset about carrying another beautiful Olive boy! I was disappointed in the fact that I will never have a daughter. This will be our last child. I thought of all the things I would never do. Get a daughter ready for a school dance, cheer, help plan a wedding, be there when my daughter gives birth, etc. 

I am in a much better place now that it has all sunk in. I am excited to have my 3 boys. I cannot wait to raise three amazing men! I want them to marry wonderful women that will want me to be around during their important moments in life and the every day moments. I will love dancing with my boys at their wedding just as I dance with them now in the kitchen. I will have 3 little momma's boys! Who could be unhappy with three healthy boys?!

We are undecided on a name! I am now making decisions about a nursery. Thankfully, this baby is due the same time as when the boys were born! So, all of their beautiful clothes can be reused!

Our boys are 17 months ...

My boys have definitely become toddlers. They run everywhere! They are losing their "baby" faces.

They try to repeat most words you say. They say taco thanks to Aunt Lacey! They repeated me saying Brandon. Some new words are gone gone, hi, taco, book, daddy rather than dada, and many others!

They love going to library time with Sandy! Drake stays with her until he is comfortable in his surrounding, and this is typical for him. Hunter is my independent one that is off exploring. 

My boys LOVE LOVE LOVE books and it makes this momma happy! I love that when they are upset I can tell them to go get a book and they will calm down. They want momma and daddy to read with them. This is so important to me that they have a love of books and reading. I want them to remember reading bedtime storied with their parents. 

They are able to crawl up on the couches now. They understand us telling them to sit down. If they don't and Brandon has to stand up, they immediately slide down to a sitting position. They know we mean business ;)

They like to hide behind the curtains. Drake even removed the curtain rod today ;)

They absolutely love shoes. They want shoes on at all times. 

They eat pretty much anything. Drake loves fruit snacks. Hunter still does not like things that are too cold. 

They no longer drink any juice. It became too hard on their tummies and we had our first diaper rash. My family always had an issue with drinking juice as a child, and apparently my boys have the same issue. Since stopping juice I have seen a major difference. 

I got a huge bruise this month on my leg. They call it my "bobo" and Hunter will kiss it for me. It is so sweet.

They kiss my belly and say "baby" They do not understand that a baby is in there obviously, but it is so sweet to see.

They sleep 12 hours a night. They nap for 2 to 3 hours a day. They are finally starting to get over the being fussy in the evenings. 

They still love bath time! Hunter prefers to sit near the spout and Drake likes to sit in the back. Hunter figured out how to pull the stopper up. When he does it makes noise because of the water going in the drain. He gets so proud when he gets it up. Of course it closes right back because he doesn't know to turn it to keep it up.

This month the boys had allergies. Brandon has very bad allergies, but did not have them until he was an adult. The have the puffy eyes and runny noses. 

The boys were able to see the space shuttle Endeavor when it came through Houston. Sandy took them outside in a wagon and they saw it fly over. I know they will never remember it, but they experienced it :)

The boys stranger danger is nearly gone. They don't like to be picked up by strangers, but will talk and be around them with no issue. I am so proud of them.

We spent "National Night Out" next door with our neighbors grilling. We met new neighbors too! The boys had fun and so did we! By the end of the night, they were chasing after the older boys!

Our morning routine has not changed at all. We go straight from the nursery to the garage.  I load Hunter first and Drake stays in the garage. When I go to get Drake he runs back to the door thinking we are playing chase. It has been great in the mornings except when they are not feeling well due to the allergies.

They are wearing size 5 pampers!

Drake is in a size 5 shoe!

Hunter is in size 4 shoe!

The 12 month shirts are getting snug on Drake.

I just placed my first order for fall clothes since it is cooling off :)