Sunday, October 23, 2011

6 Months ♥

I genuinely cannot believe my boys are already 6 months old. I do not know where the time went!!! It feels like yesterday I was laying in bed praying for these boys to hold out until May.

Drake weighs 16 lbs 15 oz and 24.75 inches long

Hunter weighs 15 lbs 12 oz and is 24.25 inches long

These have been the best 6 months of my life. Drake and Hunter have brought a new chapter into our lives, and it is amazing. I look at Brandon in a whole new light. He is such an involved daddy. He is there for every diaper change, feed, lotion, and laying down to go to sleep. I have always known he would be great because of seeing him with my nieces and nephew, but seeing it with our own children brings tears to my eyes. Our relationship has grown so much in the past year. I completely fell in love with my husband again while on bedrest. He sat with me in that hospital every night. He made me laugh when I wanted to cry, he wiped my tears when I was scared, and he kept me sane. Watching him while our boys were in the NICU was beautiful. He jumped right in, and was not scared of our preemie boys! They were little, and he handled them with ease. Brandon is the type of dad I always wanted my children to have, and they are so blessed to have him.

Drake and Hunter are still in size 2 Pampers

We are in 3 months, 3 to 6 months, and 6 months outfits. Yes, we are in all three! lol. There are only some 3 months that still fit Drake. We did have to put away all the 3 month pajamas already. The 3 months will be put away in the next week.

They had their 6 month shots on Friday, so I stayed home to take them! :) It was so nice to spend the day with my boys.

They did great at their shots. They met every milestone a 6 month old should, except rolling over back to belly. They will lay on their side all day, but will not make the final kick over. Dr. Amy said it comes when they play with their feet, and that just started this week! She said Drake is going through a growth spurt right now.

So, I was very pleased with everything since they are actually 5 months old according to due date! Hunter cried after the 3 shots, but got over it pretty quickly. Drake was NOT happy at all. He could not even get a cry out, it was silent. Then, he cried for probably 8 minutes. Totally broke my heart.

The boys ran their first fever this weekend because of their Flu shot. Hunter woke up Saturday with a 100.2 fever, Drake with a 99.3. They had Advil all day, and were only a little fussy.

They have had cereal with fruit for breakfast this month.

They sat in the high chairs for the first time.

Drake learned to bounce in his bouncer!!

They both roll over belly to back often!

Hunter is IN LOVE with his tongue. It is constantly out of his mouth. Keeps us entertained.

They both started making the "click" noise with their mouths.

They are talking so much, well more like screaming ;)

Still love their swings!

They started to hold their bottle this month. They do not love to, and do not do it consistently.

The giggles have really come out this month, and melt mommy and daddy's hearts.

They love to rub the burp cloth on their face or just move it around with their hand while they eat.

They play on the floor and in their jumpers all day long.

They eat cereal and have a bottle in the morning. They drink a bottle for lunch. They have a bottle and eat cereal around 5. They drink a bottle with cereal at 8 and go to bed.

So, 4 bottles a day, spoon feeding cereal twice, cereal in the bottle for 1 bottle.

They are in bed at 8 PM, and up any time after 7 AM.

They typically take a morning nap and an afternoon nap.

I scratched Drake with my nail this week. He got quite a scab on his leg, and I felt horrible. He seems to be the baby that if something is going to happen, it happens to him. Poor baby!

They rode in their stroller without the carseats for the first time to watch Madison, Libby, and Grace perform at their TIFI game.

Their hair went through a growth spurt and got much longer. Stands straight up ... like mine did as a baby!

They like to sit on your lap facing out, so they can see what is happening.

When they are tired, or falling asleep they grunt and make noises. It is precious.

They love to play with their toys, especially noisy ones. They seemed to have really figured out their hands, and love to look at them. Actually, they will look at anyone's hands and be entertained :)

We have layed them in the bath tub with a little water in it for bath time instead of using their baby bath tubs. It is precious to watch them kick and play in the water.

I love my weekends with them. I get to be here when they wake up, and rock them to sleep during nap time. The weekend goes way too fast. I love every minute of it.

They saw two sets of their twin friends this month. They saw the Armstrong boys that are 5 months younger, and the Busey girls that are 1 month older. I love getting time with other twin parents!

I also met a new twin mom! :) She works with a friend I graduated from SHSU with, and is expecting Fraternal twin girls! She is a fellow teacher, and we seem to have A LOT in common. She was recently put on bedrest, and we talk often. Her dr. was the on-call dr. that delivered my boys, and we have the same high risk specialist! It brings back memories of my pregnancy and the rollercoaster I went through. I am praying for her family daily because I know how hard it can be! Her girls are being troopers and hanging in there!! :)

Half a year. Wow. These boys are perfect.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Our Journey ...

October 6th... This day will always be special in my heart. It was my first ultrasound, and the day my life changed FOREVER. I would have never imagined the news I would receive that day.

I can remember the exact room at the Dr.'s office I was in. I can remember the entire conversation, word for word. I was terrified, shocked, excited, and so many more emotions. Twins are high risk. I knew that. Twins are EXPENSIVE. I knew that. I was scared, and for good reason! Brandon was so calm, it was amazing. Gosh, I really can remember looking at the screen and at the ceiling of the room in shock!

I think people were worried about me the first week because I was completely out of it! I planned to have A baby! We could afford A baby! We were ready for A baby! What if we weren't ready for two ?!?! It took time to sink in. The specialist made it very clear this was not going to be easy. I could come to an ultrasound and only have one baby. So, every two weeks I went in not knowing if the second baby would still be there. That is HARD! After the first trimester, the odds of losing only one baby go down drastically! Then I had to worry how far we were going to make it into this pregnancy! Fluid levels, shortening cervix, baby weights, etc.

I am a planner. I planned exactly how long it would take me to get my teaching degree at SHSU. I planned on getting married right out of college. I planned on teaching in LPISD, my alma mater. I planned on buying a house. I planned on having a baby after a year of marriage. So, God decided to throw me a curve ball. He made me realize you CANNOT plan everything. Life happens. Thank Goodness :)

In the ultrasound, we were measuring the right baby, which turned out to be Drake. The left baby popped in the screen after a couple minutes. That is our Hunter. I cannot imagine having one baby. My life has been changed forever. I still lay awake at night shocked by my life. I have two of EVERYTHING. When people walk in to my home, they laugh. You think of course she has two of everything, but seeing it is completely different.

They are great babies. I am surprised how easy it has been with two babies. I anticipated needing tons of help, and the truth is... I really don't. I am able to do it, and I really did not think I would be able to! Don't get me wrong, the help is AMAZING! Our families have been wonderful through all of this! I just thought I would probably need them to move in to the guest bedroom... haha ;)

 I know once they start walking I will be singing a different tune! Two toddlers running in different directions is going to be ... interesting! :)

I am so in love with my life. Amazing husband, and two beautiful babies!