Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baby Bullet

I was NEVER the person that said I would make my child's baby food. EVER. I hate to cook. I don't like vegetables. I am busy. I work full-time. I have TWINS. Nope.

Boy was I WRONG!

Here is the Baby Bullet at Bed Bath and Beyond and you can use your 20% off coupon! It is absolutely amazing! It is so easy! It is saving a ton of money and is better for my babies.

I use these containers to put in my freezer in addition to the ones that come with the baby bullet! You can keep food in the refridgerator for 3 days or the freezer for 30 days!

I have done Avocado, green peas, green beans, squash, bananas, and apples.

It takes maybe 5 minutes!

I bought 6 bananas for $1.50. It made roughly 15 jars of baby food. Yes. 15 !!!!!

I bought a bag of frozen peas for $.83 and it made 12 jars of baby food.

I am not exaggerating! It is healthy for your babies, easy, and cost effective!

I recommend it to ANYONE with a baby :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

my boys are 7 months!

Drake can sit up on his own. YAY!

Hunter is also sitting up on his own, but does fall at times. He is not as steady as Drake yet.

We are still in size 2 diapers.

We are in 3-6 and 6 months clothing.

They had their first Halloween. They wore Skeleton pajamas that glowed in the dark. They went trick or treating with all their cousins in Shady River. Drake did not like the dark spots of the neighborhood.

They took pictures in a pumpkin patch! Of course, Drake spit up in the hay, and ripped a fake flower off a bush.

We had an early Thanksgiving celebration on the Kelly side of the family. My dad moved to California for work. So, we had the full Thanksgiving dinner 2 weeks early! The boys had a good day!

The boys had a webchat for the first time! We are using oovoo to chat with my daddy in California! It is SO neat! He can see everything they are doing! He showed me around his apartment, and he got to watch Drake bounce. It makes it a little more bearable having someone so close to you, be so far away.

They spent a week with their MeMe! Brandon's mom took a week off work to spend with the boys. They went to the mall with her and Papa and got their first pair of StrideRite shoes.

Drake is a pro at holding his bottle. Hunter gets lazy and decides he would rather you hold it :)

Drake has been babbling with his m's for a month or two. I never considered that he would actually be saying Momma. He got sick 2 weeks ago and was crying Momma. My mom heard it and told me. I still thought it was babbling. He was getting tired at Brandon's parents and said Momma. His mom told me she heard it. I have finally realized, he is definitely saying Momma. When he gets tired, annoyed, etc. If I walk out of the room, he will start saying it. He has become my more High-Maintenance baby that he was when he was a newborn. He wants me to entertain him.

Hunter is so much like his daddy. He is laid-back, and can entertain himself. He will lay on the floor and play for hours. He has started loving making the "baba" noise. I do not think he is saying it in reference to his bottle, he is just loving that noise.

They both love to make, for lack of a better word, the "farting" noise. They blow so much spit out of their mouth it is ridiculous. Drake has a dry area under his mouth from doing this so often.

They laugh when someone sneezes.

We found Hunter's tickle spot! His hips!!

If you touch Drake in that same spot, he will cry.

When you get close to Hunter's face, he closes his eyes. It is precious. When I try to steal kisses, he does it everytime.

Drake keeps his eyes open when you get close to his face.

They are in love with grabbing other people's hair now!

Hunter likes to touch my face while I hold him now. He is fascinated with moving his hands all around my face.

They stare at their hands often.

Drake likes to play with my necklace. It is a circle with their names and birthdate engraved. He puts his thumb through it and plays with it.

Hunter loves loves loves to stand up. When he stands with Daddy, you constantly hear "Down goes Frazier" When he sits down, Brandon says this. Apparently, George Foreman knocked out Joe Frazier and it reminds Brandon of Hunter. lol

Since the boys were born I have called them turkeys. I have no idea why.

Drake loves to bounce in his jumperoo. He will stay in it for an hour and jump the entire time. So, now when you hold him he tries to jump.

Hunter will have nothing to do with bouncing. He will sit in it, but refuses to bounce.

Hunter rolls all the time now. He is a Pro :)

They can both roll either way, back to belly and belly to back.

I bathe the boys by myself. Brandon has a fear of them drowning, and wants nothing to do with bath time. So, I call him in when I am done. He comes and takes one of the boys. I can't see his hands since the towel is around them waiting for a baby. So, to alleviate the possibilty of dropping a baby, he says "I've got the baby." He has done this everytime and it is soooo funny. We were required to take Infant CPR since we had NICU babies. The quotes you are required to say are very to the point. That is where we got this from. Random. I know. :)

They still love their swings. I only put them in them when they get tired during the day.

I packed up their bouncers that they don't use this month.

They started eating baby food this month!! I am making their baby food. I really enjoy it. It is very easy, and cost effective. They started with Avocado. Boy, did they make some awful faces. Next, they had peas. The faces were not quite as bad. They also had apples and bananas. They definitely love fruits! :)

Watching them rub their hands on something while they drink their bottles is so sweet. They must have a blanket or a burp cloth to rub on. Drake improvises and uses Hunter's hair sometimes. It is precious.

They find each other funny and often laugh at nothing at all.

Drake's hair still stands straight up. Hunter's right side of his hair does not stand up.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Possible Cause found for Identical Twins ...

Our boys are identical twins. They were conceived naturally. Identical twins have always been "the twins that happen for no known reason."

 You don't hyperovulate 2 eggs like Fraternal twins, etc. An egg splits, and no one knows why. I came across a blog tonight that had this link in it! It states that there is research being done on why the egg splits.

They have found an enzyme in sperm that causes the egg to split! Of the people tested, 99% of the men had the enzyme! HOW NEAT! I absolutely love researching twins.

Here is the information;

<< Now, does the research seem to indicate that this enzyme plays a role frequently in id twinning, far more frequently than geneticists have believed up until now, or is this still for only a small percentage of id twins? Also, you said the chance of repeat ids is as great as the chance of repeat fraternal, yet both you and I know women with 2 spontaneous sets of frats. (Of course, that's hardly a statistically sig sample) But, I've never met anyone with 2 sets of ids, nor have I heard of it. >>

Thus far, the research shows that the enzyme is directly responsible for causing the splitting of the chromosomes, which results in the division of the cytoplasm which results in two eggs! There are a few (about 1%) that have alluded us so far and have shows no sign of the enzyme despite the fact that twins resulted. Thus, we have concluded that identical twinning can also be a random event. But in about 99% of the people tested, the enzyme is apparently the culprit. So, 99% is a darm good yield! So, according to our research, it is not a small percentage but almost the entire percentage.

And yes, this study has been repeated already, but very, very little money is put into this research, so most of it is done on our own time. The reason for this is there is little to no medical advances that can come out of the research, just info and most of the money on medical and genetic research is for improving the outcome of diseases, etc. So, that is why it may be a while before this research is completed. We have to get about 5% of the public who have twins to complete our research (not all will go through tests, some will just answer questionnaires) before we can say that this represents the entire population, so you can see that this will take a while!

I have been working on this theory for some time. Ask people on this post nd I guarantee that you will meet peolpe who at least know of someone who as two sets of identicals. I know 2 people out of hundreds that have more han one set of fraternals and about that many in our research that have two ets of indenticals. There is a woman in Australia that has three sets of identicals (yes, with the same hubby!)! I think that hyperovulation is more frequent than identical twinning because it depends entirely on the woman and not on the husband, but identical twinning can sometimes be related to both, about 90-10 to 80-. It may also depend on many different things. The divorce rate for parents of multiples is very high. Identical twins tend to have more birth complications that fraternal twins, so that also can incease the divorce rate, as parents of sick children/babies seem to divorce more readily. If that being the case, the husband that caused the identical twinning is no longer in the picture and twins thus may not recur.

Also, many, many parents who have twins do not have more children, for obvious reasons. This also, that this enzyme may or may not manifest itself at every conception. There could be numerous reasons that the gene that turns the function or production of this enzyme on or off, as in diet, drugs, health, etc. There are so many factors and we have only scratched the surface.

It will be years before we can tell you what drugs, etc. influence the expression of the gene or the action of the enzyme.

Also, we see this enzyme in different races more frequently than in others.

We very, very seldom see this in the black race, but see it almost entirely in the oriental race. We see it about 50-50 in the caucasion race. It is almost non-exsistent in the Jewish race. So you see, many factors can increase or decrease the frequency of twinning for identicals, just as it can in fraternals. There is so much more research to be done, that we have only scratched the surface of this, as you can see. Our research is in the preliminary stages.

Hope this helps.


Scared of the dark ... Sometimes ...

We are starting to notice a pattern with Drake.

On Halloween, we took the boys in their strollers trick or treating with my nieces and nephews. In between street lights Drake would get fussy. Hunter would not make a noise. It took me a couple lstreet ights to realize this, but I definitely noticed it.

The next week I was at my parents until 8 PM. The boys are normally home hours before this, so they are never outside in the dark. I put them in the car, and Drake starts screaming. I turn the lights on thinking maybe it is like Halloween. Sure enough, he stops crying. I drive 10 minutes without a sound. So, I turn the light off thinking he must have fallen asleep. Immediately, he started crying again.

He goes to bed in a dark room, plays in the mornings in his crib when he wakes up in a dark room, so it only seems to be in unknown places.

So, Drake is scared of the dark, sometimes ;)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our Growth in 6 months...

Drake Brandon Olive

He has gone from 5 lbs 11 oz to 16 lbs 15 oz.

Gaining a total of 11 lbs and 4 oz! :)

He has gone from 17.5 in to 25.75 inches.

Growing a total of 8.25 inches.

Hunter Paul Olive

He has gone from 5 lbs 10 oz to 15 lbs 12 oz.

Gaining a total of 10 lbs 2 oz.

He has gone from 17.5 in to 25.25 inches.

Growing a total of 7.75 inches.

Our boys are getting so big!!!!

Drake & Hunter