Monday, April 27, 2015

An incredible bedtime with the twins...

I've had a hard day. I've struggled with wondering why we have 3 healthy boys. It is the anniversary of a childhood friend losing her two boys in a tornado. Her strength truly amazes me. A close friend was admitted to the hospital at 21 weeks with her baby boy. Praying to make it to viability. I encouraged her to go for that last pregnancy that would be normal after a multiple pregnancy that was anything but. A woman I met through Itworks lost one of her twin boys at 17 months old to SIDS. They're 3rd birthday was this weekend and she needed prayers. Prayers for peace. Prayers to survive the day. Ashley & Thomas are preparing for the one year of precious Miloh being in heaven. Why do I have my boys here with me? I struggle with this and today more so than other days. Today I voiced this to Brandon as I cried this evening. I just don't understand. 

We put the twins to bed together like we always do. Then an hour later I heard tears. So I went in & Drake was crying. Hunt is apologizing. Apparently he poked his brother in the eye. After calming Drake, Hunt tells me he just wants to sleep alone. This is night 2 of him telling me this. Drake is begging to sleep with him saying he can't see out of his hurt eye and needs Hunter. Hunt finally with tears says Drake can sleep with him, but why doesn't momma kiss his eye to make it better? It makes his boo boos better. So Drake agrees, I can kiss it. Looks at Hunt and tells him okay Hunt you can sleep alone. Thank you Drake comes from Hunt's sweet voice. 

Hunt jumps to the bottom bunk and I lay with Drake playing with his hair just looking at him.  I tell him I miss holding him when he was a baby. He tells me I loved to hold daddy when I was a baby. Hunt chimes in and asks if daddy held him too. I tell them yes we alternated which baby we held. 

Then comes the moment that changed me forever.

"Do you love having 3 boys momma?" - Drake

"More than anything in the world I love having 3 baby boys!" - Me

"You are gonna have lots of big boys one day momma, but we will always love you" - Drake

"I'm gonna love you no matter how big you are & you'll always be my babies!" -Me

"Why are you crying momma?" - Drake 

"I'm just so blessed to have you 3 boys! Do you know how blessed we are?" - me

"Yes momma! You love calling me Drake, & Hunter Hunter & Luke Luke?" - Drake

"Yes I do love my babies names! Daddy & I picked them!" - Me

"I'm named after my daddy, I'm DrakeBrandon  Olive." - Drake

"I'm named after my PawPaw, I'm Hunter Paul Olive. What is Luke's actual name?"  - Hunter

"Luke's name is Luke Arthur Olive after grandpa!" - me

"Like Aiden Arthur Kelly!" - Drake

"yes, grandpas name is Arthur Kelly"- me

"He is grandpa Arthur?"- Drake

"Yes his name is Arthur & he is your Grandpa!" - me

Then we did our normal goodnight kisses & hugs. Prayers before I walked out. 

I swear God spoke through my child tonight. It was incredible. I came out of their room and just cried and cried to Brandon. I cannot believe he really asked me if I loved having 3 boys and told me I would one day have lots of big boys and they would always love me!! 

My heart is aching tonight for the people I love. Please know, I don't take a moment for granted with my babies. I pray for your peace. I pray for your comfort. With all my love !

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dear Luke ...

Hey there sweet boy!

I cannot believe you are 2! You are such an independent little boy. You love to walk around. You like freedom to do what you want. You love walking around with Grandpa because he lets you go wherever you want to and follows close by. You are a mommy's boy. You love to sit and snuggle with me. You weren't always like this, but since I started staying home in December you love to cuddle up and give hugs and kisses. You completed me sweet boy. I had an empty spot in my heart I did not even know about until you came along. You changed everything. You are my baby, you always will be. You are a precious little boy that melts anyone you meet. You walk in and take over a room. Not shy in any way. You hate strollers and being confined! You love to tell me "I'M DONE!" when you want out of your high chair. You are an incredible little boy. You are going to do amazing things in this world, I know it. You have a sparkle in your eye that is just different. Your smile is off the charts handsome. You love to dance with mommy. You are ticklish under your chin, and it is my favorite little giggle. You adore your daddy and get so excited when you hear him at the door at the end of the day. You love to wrestle with your brothers or snuggle up to watch a movie. You will play anything with them or nothing with them. You never feel like you have to do what they are doing. It is pretty incredible. You can be VERY LOUD, you get it from me baby. The twins hate it because they do not like loud noises. This is when y'all fight most often! I hope you always keep that independence. I hope you always love snuggling with me. I hope you keep some of your stubbornness. I hope you always stay this close with your brothers. I love you. More than you will ever know. I love being your mommy. I love hearing you say mommy. I know this year will be even more amazing since I am now home with you!! 

Love you,


Luke Arthur is 2!

Luke is 2 years old. I cannot even believe it has happened that fast.

He is one strong willed little boy. Brandon says he is independent. So true. He is stubborn but oh so sweet. 

He kisses you when you are hurt and says, all better?

He loves to eat. Loves his snacks. Fruit snacks, scooby snacks, fruit roll up, goldfish, yogurt, peaches, waffles, anything.

He loves his night-night. 

He asks for a drink often.

Luke loves to snuggle me when he wakes up or is going to sleep. 

He adores his brothers and playing with them. 

He loves to watch tv and movies. Lays on his tummy with his night night and watches them. He will disappear for an hour doing this in the twins' room. 

He LOVES sleep. He will sleep until 10 am then nap around 1 for another 2 hours. Goes to bed anywhere from 7 to 9. 

He has not showed interest in potty training yet.

He loves to shake his booty and says it so precious!

Luke loves shoes and going bye bye. 

He loves Frozen & Toy Story! Super Why is his favorite cartoon! 

He sleeps with the whole cast of Toy Story in his crib with him.

His vocabulary has exploded in the past 4 months! He is also much more loving! Gives hugs and kisses all the time!

He has had some accidents. More than his brothers combined. He busted his chin in the bath. His forehead on Nadi's driveway. That one was BAD and very recent. Still healing. He is a trooper and gets over falls very quickly. 

He is in size 5 Pampers Cruisers. 2T clothes for the most part! Some 3T. 

He has HUGE feet. Same size as Hunt. Normally an 8 or a 9. 

He loves to have you hide under his blanket with him. 

He loves to dance.

He loves movies.

He loves bath time.

He has a temper that has eased a little with time. 

He loves his cousin Bowen. He talks about him ALL THE TIME.

He also adores Aubrie. That is his play partner at Nadi's. 

He loves going to his grandparent's. No tears if you leave him there. There might be tears when you make him leave. 

He is my baby.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Love Those Curve Balls ...

It is crazy how you can plan life as much as you want to, but it won't go as planned. 

I started dating Brandon at 15 and knew I would marry that man. At 17 I was engaged. I knew I would follow him to SHSU, graduate to become an 8th grade math teacher in my hometown & get married. Buy a home immediately. Try to have a baby after our one year anniversary, being due end of May. Perfect timing for a teacher, right? 

Every piece of the puzzle was coming together, due May 29th with baby number 1! Get ready for the curve ball. 

We head on October 6th to our first ultrasound and SURPRISE! We conceived spontaneous identical twins! I was shocked. Somewhat mad. Why did my friends get to have one baby? Why did I have to be the one who was different? Why did I have to have the high risk pregnancy? It took me nearly 2 weeks to realize I was in love with having twins! This curve ball made me realize His plan is much better than mine! 

We welcomed our twins after a high risk pregnancy that was anything but normal in April 2011. I had always dreamed I would have a 3 year age gap between my kiddos! So maybe when they were 2 we would try for another baby! Praying for a baby girl to make memories with as a mother & daughter. 

Get ready for another curve ball. 

When the twins were 15 months old I found out I was pregnant! Yep, didn't expect that! We were absolutely ecstatic to welcome another baby, and I prayers for a little girl! I just knew this cheerleader would be blessed with a daughter! 

Nope. As God would have it, I was blessed with another precious baby boy. I never could've dreamed how much he would complete me. Boy do I love having a third boy and watching him with his brothers! He is my baby, now and forever! Love that curve ball & boy do I love His plan for my life!

Had you asked me 5 years ago if I wanted identical twins & 3 boys I would have said no. It breaks my heart. I'm so in love with raising these three boys! I would've missed out on an incredible life! 

Then at the end of my 5th year of teaching in my hometown I made a gut wrenching decision to leave. Hardest decision I've made in my entire life. A curve ball I never expected. I thought I would retire from there in 30 years! 

Since making this decision, this would affect our finances. This caused me to reach out to a wrap girl I knew from Instagram! 

Get ready for a curve ball. 

I joined ItWorks with a goal of $500 to help pay childcare. Any amount of money would absolutely rock! A family of 5 is anything but cheap! We made it, we had money for anything our children needed & most of what they wanted! I researched a Disney vacation and quickly realized how hard this would be for our family! So maybe this wrap thing could help with that too one day?! 

4 months after joining I was averaging $10,000 a month as a Triple Diamond. Shock is an understatement. I could've never dreamed this would be our lives.

Get ready for that curve ball. 

6 months after joining I no longer needed to pay for childcare because I quit teaching. This decision wasn't made lightly, but I knew it was the right decision for me! I am now a stay at home mom and working my business from home! 

I am now earning a $100,000 bonus & hitting Presidential Diamond in 9 months. 

I am able to pay bills, save, give back, & have less stress in my life. I am able to help others become healthier! It is so rewarding to see your customers love their body again! I am able to lead a team  and help them earn an extra income! I want to help more momma's be home with their babies! Help stay at home momma's find themselves again if they can't remember anything except being mom! I want to help anyone to find financial freedom! 

Not everyone sees my vision. That is okay! I don't need anyone else to see my vision, except me. I have my eye on Ambassador by my one year. I want to be in the Top 100 income earners this year! I am willing to put in the work & continue to love on my team. I want to help them change their lives as much as I want to change my own! 

These curve balls ended up being life changing moments that have forever changed me. I must say, His plan is so much better than mine ever was in my dreams!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Luke Arthur 21 months old!

I can't believe I will be starting to plan a two year birthday party for him! Where has the time gone?!

He started really speaking at 19 months old. Things I hear often are ....

"I sorry!"

"Thank you!"










"I want ____"

"night night"



"Super why!"


"Mickey mouse!"


" I ove you!"




He shakes his head yes and no!

Around strangers he wraps his arms around my legs! 

He absolutely loves to play with his brothers! Him and Drake especially seem to have a special bond!

In the past week I have become mommy rather than momma.

He adores his daddy. Loves to wrestle and sit in his lap!

He loves to read books recently which makes me proud!

He loves his Dr Seuss blanket he calls "night-night" There is no going to sleep without it!

He still sleeps with his white noise on at night. 

He naps for 2-3 hours in the afternoon. 

He is stubborn!! You cannot bribe him and try to get kisses for giving him a snack like we could the twins! Kisses are few, hugs are often.

He is certainly a momma's boy. He has me wrapped. I could kiss him all day.

His patience has gotten so much better the past two months! 

He loves Woody and Buzz! He also likes Mickey Mouse and Elmo! 

He enjoys watching Frozen and SuperWhy! He asks for Super Why often! He sings the songs and everything!

He dances ALL the time. It brings my heart such joy! Raising boys I wanted them to dance! I want them to be amazing husbands, and I think being willing to dance with the love of your life is important! They dance with me for now, but it will be their wife one day!

He is so mischievous! His smile and eyes are killer! He knows exactly what he is doing. He is a wanderer. He loves to explore. I know he will be my baby that leaves and goes far when he graduates. I can feel it when I hold him I swear. He is the one that will give me gray hair! 

I look at him and I see me. I see my eyes, my smile, and my heart. I see a baby that I knew I needed. He completed me in so many ways. I had my uneventful pregnancy, VBAC delivery, brought a baby home with me from the hospital, and breastfed for a year. Luke is compassionate. He says "I sorry!" And hugs us. He loves on his brothers. He adores his grandparents. 

He loves to watch movies, lay with momma, take selfies, play on a LeapPad, and draw! He does things the twins didn't do until much older. He does amazing on the LeapPad.

He is 29 lbs which blew me away! He will surpass his brothers at this rate. 

He fell out of his high chair and hurt his arm at one point.

He busted his chin and bit his tongue in the bath.

He is a hand full, but I wouldn't have it any other way! This little boy completed me in ways only He knew I needed! 

I am so blessed to say he is mine! 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Triple Diamond Leader in 4 Months ... Blessed.

I am a TRIPLE DIAMOND LEADER for ItWorks! I cannot even believe I can write that after joining just 4 months ago!!

The average income of a Triple Diamond is $105,000 a year. I made above average checks as a Double Diamond, so I can only imagine my income as a Triple Diamond. Can you say blessed?!

I am a teacher and my husband is a pipe fitter through the union. We make a good living and are able to provide for our 3 boys. Disney World trips were going to have to be planned well in advance and saved for, of course. Brandon and I understood our income was not going to change much throughout the rest of the time we are raising our babies. I can teach 20 years and I am never going to make over $60,000. I have the goal to become an Administrator after getting my kiddos through school, but that is in a very distant future. Brandon can earn more, but it will not be a dramatic change unless he follows in his grandfather's footsteps and tries to become a business agent at the Union Hall. Lots of "possibilities" for the distant future, but nothing that would be changing in the next decade. 

My second month at the rank of Double Diamond I made more than what Brandon and I earn together with our full time jobs. This was just 3 months into this amazing company! 

This company has given us the opportunity to sit down together and DREAM! When was the last time you could truly sit and dream with your husband? I felt like it brought us so much closer to see what we both saw in our future. I made my Dream Board when I was a Ruby, two weeks into the business. I passed my goals for Rank and had to update. I am now pushing for Presidential in 2014 and Ambassador by my 1 year Anniversary! My goal for Brandon is him to be Triple Diamond by my 1 year Anniversary as well! Lots of dreams and goals in the Olive house! Pay off ALL debt (Cars, NICU, Student Loans, Credit Card!) 3 large college savings account, Dream Car, Disney World trip, New York Vacation to visit family, stay home until Luke is in school, build a forever home, trailer for the lake house, purchase a RZR, create a scholarship at LPHS for a student wanting to be a math teacher, donate to the LPHS Musical, and give back as much as possible! Awesome goals, right?!

So, the part you really want to know, what did I do to get her quickly?!?!

I BELIEVED in the products and the business model immediately. I am passionate about what I do and I have been since the day I joined. I will talk to anyone and everyone about ItWorks. I started the same way EVERYONE starts, 0 DTs and 0 LCs. I watched Ashley Hughes', Lydia Diaz, and Mackenzie Schultz on YouTube videos. I stalked ItWorks leaders on Facebook. I read the compensation plan A MILLION times. I wanted to know as much as possible!! I posted to social media EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I messaged friends and family asking for their support, much more so the month I pushed for Triple. Become a product of the product! I wrapped the month I joined and posted those photos! This made people believe in our products when they saw the change in my body! I launched a TON of distributors. 4-5 nights a week I was launching these girls whether they joined through me or not. I memorized Ashley Hughes' story and I tell it at every party. Find any leader, know their story and be ready to talk about it at any time! Make people realize this could be THEIR life! I created a team page and made it a place of encouragement and collaboration. I want everything easily accessible for my team. Result pictures, motivational quotes, examples of messages I send to friends and family, what I send to someone interested in wraps, interested in becoming a distributor etc. I find they are willing to message people, but are unsure what to actually write. By me helping them with the message or post, they are more apt to send it!! I host training's every 2-3 weeks. I go over the Steps to Success, first goals in the company, the ways we earn money, tips on Blitzing, etc. I help friends and family become successful. I want this extra income for everyone that I love. I worked FAST! I built quickly and wanted everyone to know how important it was to join NOW. The quicker we build the more money we make. We are all flying through the ranks because the expectation is to build and promote FAST. I did not realize how imperative this would be until I hit higher ranks. It is IMPERATIVE to try and build with urgency. If you are not able to promote quickly, DO NOT QUIT!!!!! This company has the ability to CHANGE YOUR LIFE, but only if you stay working! If it takes you a year to hit Ruby, would it still be worth the extra $600 a month?! Absolutely!!

Don't say you do not have time, you have time. I teach 10 hours a day, I have 3 year old identical twin boys and an 18 month old baby boy, a husband, and a household! I promise you, YOU CAN FIND THE TIME TO GET A COMMA IN YOUR PAYCHECK! It is worth busting your behind for several months to have an income that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

I have an amazing support system. My husband has been the most patient man throughout this entire process. He may have called it a scam the day I joined, but with the amount of money going in the bank, he gave that up quickly. He has done dinner, baths, and bedtime with three precious boys by himself A LOT in the past 4 months. He does not complain. Laundry, dishes, cleaning has all been on the back burner and he has not complained ONCE. I am so truly blessed. 

My family is incredibly supportive! My sister in law and best friend, Lacey, joined immediately and has done everything with me since we joined. She is a Double Diamond and kicking butt!! My sister joined early on to help me fill a box for my Ruby chart! My in-laws and my parents have done anything and everything to be supportive of our efforts in this business. From being loyal customers to distributors. They are all very supportive and never make me feel like I am crazy for joining this Crazy Wrap Business!

My team is remarkable. They are positive, encouraging, collaborative, and embody One Team One Mission at its finest. I am so proud to be their upline leader. From brand new distributor to Double Diamond, they ALL want everyone to be successful. They do events together, go to each others launch parties, and constantly encourage one another! They write each other to answer questions ALL THE TIME on our wrap page. 

If you want to join my team go to 

Facebook Ashley Kelly Olive

Instagram ashleykolive

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

ItWorks Global Double Diamond in 60 days!

Since writing my last blog I hit Double Diamond in 60 days and I am 4 from Triple charted as of 90 days! I am still in shock by how quickly I have climbed the ranks. It is truly unbelievable.

I jumped in and did a 90 day push when I joined. Here are some of the things I feel truly made me successful!

  • DAILY posts to Facebook. A result photo from one of our products. This will get you more interest for loyal customers! A motivational quote from ItWorks Global FB page (They do Motivational Monday!) or I would search for motivational quotes on Pinterest. A lifestyle post, meaning post what ItWorks has done for me! It filled my tank with gas, bought new jeans, groceries, diapers, paid the care note, mortgage, dinner! Literally anything you could pay for with wrap cash or commission! This gets distributor interest! Everyone would love to have the extra money and when they se what it is paying for in your life, it will make it more real to them!

  • Enthusiasm and passion is contagious! They will want to join you if you are excited! Practice what you will say to people in the mirror! You need to truly believe in the products and the business.
  • Follow up!! Message people daily! Anyone who likes or comments on a photo! Someone you just really believe would love our products! Someone you know could rock the business! Get OUT of your comfort zone!! Send the messages, who cares if they say no?! I have had so many no's it is unreal! Now 3 months later, many of them are coming to me asking how to join or how to get product!
  • Ask your friends and family for their support! It will make a huge difference instead of waiting for them to come to you!! They love you, they want you to succeed!

  • Push that it is risk free! Sure you may suck, that is ok! I joined with the understanding I may suck, but what if I don't?! There will no fee or penalty for trying to change your life! Give it 3 months, 6 months, a year and see if you can make extra money with this business!

  • PARTIES! I get new distributors at every single party I launch, this is how we end up with so many parties! They are constant launch parties for new distributors. A typical launch party looks like this ...
  • Wrap People (Pictures, Wrap)
  • Presentation starts with introduction of myself and the DT
  • I talk about they expectations of someone who is wrapping. They need to drink one bottle of water by the end of the presentation and half their body weight each day for 3 days in ounces. I explain we are close to magic and if you do not drink the water you are throwing away $25! This is the ONE end of the deal you absolutely have to do to see a difference!
  • I talk about what the wrap does when placed on your body. It penetrates your skin and is able to break apart the fat toxins that cause bloat and cellulite. 1 wrap is a sample, 4 is a treatment, 12 is comparable to surgery.
  • I go over every area of the body the wrap can be placed with the Party Pad.
  • I talk about the big questions, is the loss lasting and do I wrap forever??! We have lasting results as long as you do not eat really badly really often! You do not have to diet, but you do have to be healthy. You will wrap until you are at your desired size.
  • I then go through the ENTIRE catalog with them! Every single product, every single party! I want them to know we offer way more than wraps! I tell them when I begin going through the catalog to think if they have any friends or family that could use any of these products. I interject personal stories throughout the products, like my mom using the facial for the first time. How greens have taken my headaches away for two months, and Cleanser cleaned my shower floor! Make it personal !!
  • After going through the catalog, I go through being a loyal customer. A loyal customer loves our products and wants them at a discounted rate and does not want to make extra money. I cover all the perks too! Perk points, 6 months, 12 months, completely customizable ordering options, easy to change your order!
  • I then go into becoming a distributor. I ask each person if they could think of 4 people in their life who would LOVE any of our products! That would earn them $120 in FREE PRODUCT! I talk about how I found this business through instagram. I put a lot of details into my story to make it relatable! I explain Ashley Hughes' story of joining with a goal to make an extra $500 and she hit this in just 23 days! She is now 18 months into this business and makes $15,000 a MONTH! I talk about my personal growth and income with this company. I talk about my skeptical husband who loves the comma in my paycheck. I talk about how I watched for a YEAR and thought ya right, no way.
  • I talk about the "golden age" of Network Marketing being less than 100,000 distributors. Can you imagine the first 100,000 Avon, MaryKay, and Scentsy distributors are now? No one even knew what a wax warmer was a decade ago! They now buy them at WalMart instead of a distributor. We are in the perfect business with the product of a lifetime! They pay us as distributors really well because they do not pay for advertising! WE ARE THEIR ADVERTISMENT! I wear my ItWorks shirt absolutely everywhere. I will talk to anyone about the products or business! I talk about how our products are not age dependent. Every age group can use our products! The results sell themselves so you do not have to be pushy! You are truly sharing with friends and family an amazing product and opportunity.
  • I go through what it is to be a distributor. Purchasing the $99 kit, mini booster for an additional $149, and the required 80 BV. Autoshipment IS SCARY TO PEOPLE! I do not push that they are able to turn it off, but I do want them to know they are not locked into it! If they have a rough month, they can turn it off. They should push to have it on every single month, but we will NOT kick you out. Other network marketing companies kick you out if you do not have a minimum sales amount each month, we do not do this. I go through the $10,000 GOOD bonus and how you attain it! I look at all the different pay ranks with them and explain Executive takes finding just 2 people to do this with you! Ruby takes having 5, and you do not have to find all 5!! Emerald 14, and Diamond taking 24 people! A mom, friend, cousin, sister, neighbor, hairdresser, etc.
  • I discuss that we will not promote if they do not promote! It is a team effort! We have a group Facebook page with videos, files, encouragement, important information, result photos, inspirational photos, etc. They will not have to search for everything on their own. This is a place where we collaborate and plan together for success!

I created a Facebook group for my team that has the result photos, videos, motivational quotes, important information, etc. I also add them to my upline Ashley Hughes' page that has a TON of helpful information in one place. 

Host a monthly training to help distributors. I want this to be more often but with all the launch parties I'm doing I've only been able to do it once a month in September. Teach your team the Steps to Success!!! Make them understand by continually doing this your team grows exponentially!! If every person does this every month can you imagine after 3 months?! My goal Is to have 2 training a a month every month!!

I place all loyal customers and distributors to promote. I kept my first 4 loyal customers and first 3 distributors on my top line. Then I charted Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Double, and now Triple Diamond. I have enrolled 47 loyal customers and moved all but 4! I've enrolled 37 distributors and I place them where I need them on my chart to promote! It has helped me promote fast and I'm bake to maintain rank on volume each month from Emerald up! I have Triple volume right now spread out well so I will be able to maintain Triple once I hit this month! 

Form relationships with your distributors! Stay positive even when it is hard! If you are negative, they will feed off it and be negative. Encourage them, celebrate all promotions, getting their 4 loyal customers in 30 days, getting 2 loyal customers and being fast start qualified, charting executive! Everything takes hardwork and needs to be celebrated! A person who feels appreciated will work harder and you want everyone working towards the same goal!! 

I have an amazing enroller, Ashley Hughes, who has guided me every step of the way! I emulate her actions as a leader and it has paid off!! I am so proud to be on her team!!! I plan to hit Triple in October making Ashley a Presidential !!! I plan to be Presidential by Conference hopefully making her an Ambassador !!!! If anyone deserves it, this woman does! Her training videos on YouTube are so helpful!!

Don't be discouraged!! Keep pushing every day for a new rank! With dedication and consistency you WILL be successful! Plant the seeds of curiosity, and they will bloom!!!