Sunday, February 3, 2013

21 Months { D & H }

They speak in short sentences now! "I want that" is heard often. They say I love you and it melts my heart. It comes out "ove" you since they struggle to pronounce the l sound. They will tell me "Night-Night Momma ove you!"

They are such little boys. They are not my babies anymore. Hunter saying "Come here" and pulls your finger to take you to where he wants to go. Whether it is playing blocks, watching Mickey Mouse or Barney, or he wants a snack :)

They say yes and no and shake their head the appropriate way. They now say "okay" all the time and I know it is from how often I say this word. It is definitely my filler word. 

Hunter will disappear for 20 minutes watching a tv show. He loves to lay on his belly with his blankie and watch his cartoons. He absolutely adores his crib blanket. He carries it around and snuggles with it. 

Drake is such a lover. He loves to give kisses, hugs, etc. He has to sit right next to me or on my lap. 6 inches of space between me and him is too much ;)

They have recently really started building on their block table and they are good at it! They build them tall, and then knock them all down!

My boys have a love for books. They play with books daily. They read books at night before bed. They always have books! It makes me so proud!

They know when they sit in daddy's spot on the couch they are in "his" spot! They giggle the entire time waiting for him to realize they are there. 

They are starting to say their "l" sound and trying to say Lacey for Aunt Lacey!

If you ask them who's chin they have, they will tell you they have their daddy's chin! They know all their body parts.

If you ask them to wiggle, they will shake their butt! I love it!! I want my boys to be able to dance! What woman does not love a man that can dance ?! Channing Tatum ?!? Their wives will thank me one day!

They ask for milk, snack, juice, etc. They love a cookie at the end of dinner.

They LOVE bath time. I am just now allowing them to start standing up. Hunter loves to stand and pour water out of the bath cup. Drake does not stand as often. He would rather play with his toys. 

Every night they tell the deer in their room night-night and give it kisses. 

We had 2 weeks that they hated going to sleep, nap or bedtime. It was hard on mommy. They have never cried at times to go to sleep, so I certainly was not used to it. They are back to normal and happy when it is time to go to bed. 

They nap from noon to 2 pm daily. 

They sleep 12 hours a night. If they have to go to Mrs. Sandy's the next day I put them to bed by 7:30 since I have to wake them at 7 am. If they stay up later, they are so grumpy in the morning. On the weekends they can stay up to 8 or 8:30, then sleep until whenever.

Hunter says "WHOA!"

You can tell them to go tickle someone and they will go do it.

When Hunter lays on his belly to watch tv Drake will go sit on him! It is hysterical!!

They wrestle more often, and boy does mommy not love this! Drake is the aggressive one, and Hunter typically won't go after Drake.

They have definitely grown this month! Their pants are getting shorter :)

They still wear size 18 months clothing.

They are still in size 5 pampers.

They will ask for Meme and Papa or Nadi and Grandpa. It is precious when they do!

Hunter's hemangioma on his butt has been turning flesh colored! I bet by the summer all the red will be gone!

The boys are so great when I load them in the mornings. I load Hunter first and Drake hangs out in the garage. He never gets himself into anything, and comes straight to me now to be put in the car. 

They think their cousin Bowen is the coolest thing ever. They get so excited to see him!!

I cannot wait for them to meet Luke. I know they will adore their baby brother and be great big brothers!!! They lift my shirt at random times all on their own and kiss "Kuke"

Luke's room has become their main hang out. They love to be in there. 

They love Mickey Mouse now!! I am so excited they are expanding to other cartoons. They also like The Chica Show on Sprout and Caillou. 

You can tell them we are watching Football and they will say "ball-ball" and "touchdown"

They love blueberry muffins on the weekends!

They pulled down their curtains this month! :(

Hunter has started to get more picky when he eats at times. 

The love between these boys is like nothing I have ever seen. They snuggle, they console each other, they know when something is wrong with their brother, they are rarely apart, and they understand how to say sorry now. They will have a bond forever that I will never fully understand, but I thank God for giving them to me so I could witness it. 

These boys are my whole world!

Christmas 2012

We had an amazing Christmas with the twins! We have several different celebrations with our families. The boys were blessed with a ton of toys. We were able to read a book before bed with them, and set out water for Rudolph on Christmas Eve. The boys slept in Christmas morning until nearly 10 am! 

They were wore out from all the Christmas festivities in the days before! We celebrated with Brandon's dad's side of the family one night, we celebrated with Brandon's parents one evening and went to Zoo Lights at the Houston Zoo, we celebrated one day with Brandon's mom's side of the family, and we celebrated Christmas Eve evening with my family! It was a LOT of family time, and we loved it! 

They especially love their DVD players from Brandon's parents. They are able to watch them in the car on long trips, and we set them up at home for them also. They really like their work bench from Santa. They play with the drill often! Hunter likes to drill his own belly, it is hysterical! They draw on their Magnadoodle's from my parents all the time, and have even kept up with the little magnets that go with them! Here are some of the photos from our Christmas this year :)