Monday, July 21, 2014

Why I joined ItWorks Global

Over a year ago I found a woman on Instagram through the identical twins hashtag. Her name is also Ashley, she has identical twin boys, and she posted a photo of a gender reveal with a box of blue balloons. They were blessed with a third little boy with the same age gap as my three boys. I was shocked that our lives mirrored each other so much. 

Over the past year I have watched Ashley's post about her precious boys and her business. I was very skeptical of the business. She posted that her and her husband were 25 year old stay at home parents. Ashley shared her story about what this business has done for her. She could not afford $2 wipes when she found out she was pregnant with her third. She decided to join ItWorks with the goal of making an extra $600 a month. She hit that goal 23 days into the business. Ashley was incredibly successful at building her business! A year later she is ranked as a Triple Diamond and making over $10,000 PER MONTH. They are building their dream home. Her husband has joined her in the ItWorks business. They are such an inspiration. Tragically, less than two month ago they lost their precious Miloh at 5 months old to SIDS. My heart aches for them and I cry as if I've actually met this couple. It is amazing how Social Media can connect people. The month after Miloh passed away they did not work a single day and they were able to still make a 5 figure pay check. What an amazing company. You can wear Orange to support Miloh and #hugsforhughes 

I messaged Ashley and said I wanted to join ItWorks. She asked me some questions, sent me information, sent me a video, and I knew I wanted to be a part of this! I joined without telling anyone, even my husband. 

Within hours I let family and close friends know that I had joined this company. I completely understood being skeptical but I needed everyone to be supportive. I had been skeptical for over a year. The support was overwhelming! Within hours 3 people joined as Distributors! My sister in law, a best friend, and a friend from high school! The loyal customers started joining and more distributors as the days went on! I was shocked how quickly it grew. Ashley was a wealth of knowledge and answered no less than a hundred questions those first couple days! 

13 days into the business I hit Ruby. This is an average monthly income of $600. I knew I could keep pushing and hit Diamond! Diamond is $2,000 a month, but if you do it in 90 days you get a $10,000 bonus. I was charted Diamond in 3 weeks! For me to officially hit Diamond my team needs some more orders. I have no doubt it will happen within the 90 days and I will get the bonus. The entire team above me is so supportive of me. They truly believe our team will be the next team to hit Diamond! I am Ashley's fasting growing team EVER! How amazing is that?! I cannot wait to hit Diamond to help her hit Presidential Diamond which is $20,000 PER month! In 3 weeks I've made $1300 and spent $350. I am blown away by the endless amounts of money to be earned and how much the products can change your life! I wore a dress yesterday I haven't worn since before the twins! Wrapping my tummy and love handles has made quite the difference!

The products sell themselves. The results are amazing. Not only the wraps, but so many other products. I am excited to see life changing results and life changing incomes for my team and loyal customers! 

The company makes the process so simple there is no way to not be successful. They send you a goals/dream chart to fill out. I didn't do it until I was about to hit Ruby. When I sat down and truly thought about what I would do with any extra money it was motivating. I have so many goals that I had put in the back of my mind while in the midst of raising three young boys. 

Some of my goals include;

Pay off Bedrest/NICU
Pay off Student Loans
Pay off furniture 
Have a scholarship at LPHS for someone who wants to become a math teacher
Purchase a trailer for our Lake Trips
Build our Dream Home
Have 3 large college savings accounts
Take more Vacations {Disney World}

Some of these goals may never be attained, but to sit down and genuinely think about the things you would love to do was empowering. 

So, if you've seen my posts and wondered why I joined with the company that sells Crazy Wrap Things, this is why! 

To Ashley, there will never be enough words to thank you for introducing this company to me! You are such an inspiration to me, and I feel so blessed that I joined with YOU! Always in my prayers ❤️