Saturday, September 28, 2013

Luke's Growth in 6 months ...

Luke has gone from 8 lbs 7 ounces at birth to 17 lbs 10 ounces. 

He gained a total of 9 pounds 3 ounces! 

He was 19.5 inches at birth and 26.25 inches now. 

He grew a total of 6.75 inches! 

Way to go baby boy! Momma's milk is making him nice and chubby! 

Luke { 6 months }

Luke is 6 months old, and growing like a weed.

He is officially in 9 months clothing and sleepers. He can wear some of his 6 month and 6-9 month onesies. 

He has worn size 3 diapers all month, but they are very snug. We will be transitioning to 4's once we finish this package.

Luke is incredibly happy. He constantly smiles and his smile lights up his whole face. He has a very open smile like his big brother Drake.

He laughs at his brothers often and thinks they are funny when they are loud.

I tried feeding him homemade bananas at 5.5 months, but he was uninterested. He did not want to open his mouth for the spoon, so I took his cue and waited. I tried again this week and he was definitely ready. He would open his mouth for the spoon and ate two baby bullet containers!! 

He was exclusively breastfed until we started the bananas. Luke has done fantastic breast feeding and did not have a hard time transitioning to taking 3 bottles a day while I am at work. We typically nurse once right when I get him home, and once before bed. 

He was sleeping from 7-4ish, but he started waking 2 weeks ago at 12/1ish too. He has a cough and runny nose, so I figured that was playing a part in it as well as him being in the 5th developmental leap. I use the Wonder Weeks app and it has been spot on for Luke. The twins' sleep patterns never changed unless they were sick. Luke's gave gone along with every leap just like it says. He is now back to sleeping 7-6.

We transitioned out of the rock and play at 5.5 months and he did amazing. He naps and sleeps at night laying flat now at all times. 

He still sleeps with white noise or music on all night. 

Luke was officially able to sit up on August 19th, 6 days after he turned 5 months, and the day I returned to work! He absolutely loves sitting up and playing. His favorite toy is the Laugh and Learn Workbench. He sits up and plays with the twins often now.

Luke is able to go from sitting up to laying down on his belly. 

He is mobile by scooting in circles an backwards! 

He loves to push his butt up in the air like he's doing a push up, makes me wonder if he will crawl like the twins!

I got the twins' bath seat out for him to use, and he loves it. He chews on the foam letters while he bathes now.

Still no teeth, and the drool seems to have lessened! The twins had their first teeth appear at 7.5 months, so I am interested to see when Luke's appear. Especially since we are breastfeeding, I am fine with them taking their time!!

He still looks like mommy, but definitely favors his brothers too. He has my large open eyes! 

His hair went through a growth spurt and stands straight up just like the twins' did. 

Luke has a completely different nose than the twins, eye shape that resemble Drake's, blue eyes like the twins, same chin, very round face like Hunter and Daddy, and long eye lashes like all of us.  

Luke only cries when he is hungry or overtired. He hums when he is getting tired.

He still sleeps with a light blanket that he loves to put up around his face. A blanket can calm him down and help him go to sleep almost immediately. 

He fusses when being buckled into his car seat sometimes. I will be purchasing his big boy car seat soon. I am ready to transition out of his infant car seat since he is heavy. 

He often falls asleep in the car while driving. 

Luke adores Mrs. Sandy just like the twins do! He takes bottles easily for her and lights up when he sees her in the mornings!

He usually eats 15-18 ounces total while I work in three bottle feeds. He has taken as much as 9 ounces in one feed by bottle!! He is using the NUK bottle. 

I pump 3 times a day while at work and typically get around 12-15 ounces total, so I am barely keeping up! The 100 ounces I had in the freezer before work are helping to keep me 4-5 days ahead of him! 

He finally rolled again belly to back a couple times, and does it in the crib sometimes. He still does not do it often, but proved he has the ability. He will do it at night while in his crib most often.

Luke will sleep on his belly or his back in his crib. Sometimes he immediately rolls over to his belly, but most often he falls asleep on his back. 

He took another trip to the lake this month and loved it! His swim suit from Fourth of July definitely wouldn't fit, so I got out the twins' swimsuits from when they were 14 months, and it fit with a little room to grow. He is definitely going through sizes much quicker than they ever did. 

He loves sitting and playing with Bowen too!! Now that he is sitting and not laying down Bowen is able to really notice him and stop to play! I can't wait to watch their bond grow!

I love how much the twins adore him. They ask for him immediately when they wake up. They will bring him toys and tell him he's okay when he fusses. Hunter calls him "Lukey" often.

Luke is such a happy baby. I couldn't be more blessed with these three healthy, happy, beautiful Olive boys!