Sunday, January 22, 2012

9 months ♥

The boys are nine months old !! This has been one of the biggest months in their short lives!

A year ago today, January 22, 2011. I felt them kick for the first time! It is amazing to me how fast this past year has gone by like the blink of an eye! Now, I have beautiful 9 month old babies crawling around my house! How blessed am I ?!?!

Drake and Hunter

They had their first Christmas! We set out cookies for Santa and water for Rudolph. It was a great christmas with our family!

Drake and Hunter

Hunter got one of his top teeth last week!! If you are looking at him, it is his middle right tooth. You can feel the top left, but it is not through the skin yet.

Drake is chewing on everything, but has no new teeth! Hunter beat him ;)

They started crawling !! It is so exciting!! Hunter crawls with more ease than Drake it seems like. Hunter is fast, and Drake seems to take his time.

They first time they crawled was after a pretty difficult morning, so it was even more exciting! They saw my water bottle, and took off!

They began pulling up on surfaces! Drake did it while in the stroller at the Dr.'s office! I kept sitting him down, and he would pull right up. Hunter started pulling up in his crib!

These milestones have put us into a new stage! I babyproofed the house last weekend! I still need to get two baby gates for the kitchen entries! I bought some, but they were both defective. Go figure. It has definitely brought new challenges! Nap time is more of an issue. They pull up and talk to each other at the end of the cribs. So, it takes much longer for them to fall asleep. If they wake up in the mornings while I am getting ready for work they no longer stay in one spot! I am going to set up the Pack-n-Play in our bedroom for mornings like this! :)

If you had asked me 6 months ago who I thought would be my snuggle baby, I would have said Hunter. WRONG! Drake is such a cuddler. When you hold him he puts his head down on your chest or shoulder. It is one of the sweetest things these boys have done! It melts our heart everytime.

Can you say sweet?!?!

Brooke Radabaugh came and spent the weekend with us! Hunter was her baby! Drake is still going through his "Stranger Danger" phase, so it took him a while to come around. I am starting to think he might just be a momma's boy! He cannot be too far away from me without tears. When she put her glasses on we had a meltdown, so no glasses for Aunt Brooke ;)

They are still in size 3 Pampers!

Size 6 month and 6 to 9 month clothing!

Hunter's hair is beginning to lay down, and it is taking some getting used to on my part. I am so used to his hair being up, he looks like a different child!

Drake still has crazy hair that stands on end!

The wind is blowing into his hair, so it is standing even taller than normal :)

We bought them bath seats so they could sit up in the bath and they really enjoy them! They are able to face each other and splash! Drake likes to put his hand under the water spout while the bath fills up.

They played in their ball pit from Nadi and Grandpa this month! They love it! Drake seems to act like it is a sauna sometimes and lay out in it! They love to play with the balls!

Since the boys, me, and my mom have been sick it has been difficult taking off work. Thankfully, we are blessed with great family to help out!

They spent one day with their Papa while mommy went to work! The only part he was worried about was giving medicine, so Meme gave them their medicine before she left for work! He did great and the boys enjoyed it!

They also spent a day with Nanny and Pop! Don't we have some amazing family ?!?! The only meltdown was Pop putting his glasses on :)

They spent a day with Meme as well while Mommy worked! They always love going to Meme and Papa's !

Our boys are always with family, and it is such a blessing!

My mom has been truly amazing. She adores my boys, and they adore her. She keeps them on a schedule like I ask, helps me to make their baby food, and helps with anything that is needed. We are blessed beyond words to have her watch our boys this year! They are making memories that will last a lifetime! ♥

My mom taught them how to do Pat-a-Cake and it is precious! As soon as you begin singing it, they start to clap and smile! I sang it a million times this month! They also enjoy I'm a Little Tea Pot :) Hunter is more into it than Drake!

FYI, Boogie Wipes are AMAZING! I thought it was ridiculous when I heard of them, but after wiping noses for 6 weeks with normal wipes I see a huge difference. They are so soft, no alcohol, and have saline in them! My boys do not even cry when I wipe their nose with them!!

They have spent this entire month sick! It amazes me that they have had runny noses since the last week of November! We have been to the Pediatrician so much in the past two months it is ridiculous! They are teething and have runny noses now. We keep the Little Noses, Suction bulb, and Boogie Wipes out at all times now.

We got our first ear infections! :( Hunter had a double ear infection and Drake had one ear infected. They were put on antibiotics, and Hunter seemed to get better. Drake did not get better, so we went back to the Pediatrician. He still had an ear infection after being on antibiotics a week. So, he was prescribed a stronger antibiotic!

We went back to the pediatrician a week later because the boys are still coughing and runny noses. She says they have a cold :( So, humidifier and suction bulb it is! By the way, I love my humidifier! It is a waterless one, and it is so much safer! You put a tab in it and it works for 8 hours! It is by Vick's and I love it!

One of the doctor appointments I only took Hunter. This was the first time I have ever left the house with one baby. It was the strangest experience. I did not have to use a stroller, I could easily open doors, no one stared at me, and it was so easy! Carrying one infant carrier is cake!! I called my mom constantly wondering if she was having a strange experience only having Drake. I must say I did not really like it. I know we will need time with each of them individually, but it was incredibly strange. I definitely prefer having my boys together ♥

Hunter learned to JUMP on his jumperoo! He absolutely loves it ! So, I ordered a second jumperoo and both our boys jump! They enjoy it, and it gives me a couple minutes of free time!

We purchased a new vehicle this month! Mommy got a GMC Acadia! Having twins made us outgrow my Equinox much faster than anticpated! I needed a third row seat, so we went car shopping! I new the two cars I liked, so we went to drive a Chevrolet Traverse and a GMC Acadia. I fell in love with the Acadia, so that was the car we purchased! It is Carbon Black Metallic which I love! It has bluetooth which makes talking on the phone while driving so much safer! I love my new car :)

The boys had their first New Year's this month! They were in bed well before Midnight! Mommy spent it hanging out watching T.V. with Aunt Lacey and Daddy was duck hunting with Papa and Uncle Casey!

The boys had carrots for the first time and loved them!

Their diet consists of rice cereal, oatmeal cereal, bananas, apples, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, green peas! They love all their food! They are all made with love by Mommy ♥

Drake is doing well with the Puffs, but Hunter struggles getting them to his mouth. I think he is just not interested in them at this time. They are still working with Sippy Cups! Hunter will drink is sometimes, Drake does not want much to do with it.

The boys say Momma and Dada often! They will repeat Dada after you, but will not repeat Momma. You only hear Momma when they are upset, tired, or want something!

Hunter has become much more outgoing! Drake is normally more smiley, but this month Hunter seemed to smile just as often! Hunter definitely has a more serious side than Drake.

When we went to the doctor at roughly 8.5 months the boys weights were as follows;

Drake weighs 19 lbs 7 oz

Hunter weighs 18 lbs 5 oz

Their 9 month appointment is this week and I will update weights and length at that time ♥

It is time for this mommy to start planning their Dr. Seuss Thing 1 and Thing 2 First Birthday Party! Where has the year gone?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Definitely a Mommy Moment !

January 14, 2012

All I can say is WOW.

Drake woke up with a crusty nose. I woke up with a sore throat, cough, migraine, and my body hurts.

I feed the boys their breakfast like they have every morning. They take a short nap.

Drake is extra clingy with me because he is not feeling well. I bring their jumperoo's into the kitchen while I make baby food. I am making a couple batches of bananas to put into the freezer.

I pull Hunter in his jumperoo back into the living room and I rock in the glider with Drake because he is fussy.

All of a sudden Hunter starts coughing hysterically. Then he begins to gasp for air. I put Drake down at my feet, rip Hunter out of the jumperoo. I turn him over and begin beating his back wtih the palm of my hand. My mind was racing to everything I learned in my NICU CPR class. I am also thinking what in the world could he have choked on?!?! He throws up a little on the carpet and takes a breath. Apparently, he was choking on spit or throw up? 

I turn him around and take a deep breath. What a scare. Not 2 seconds later he projectile vomits all of the bananas he had eaten earlier. It goes into my ear, hair, down the front and back of my shirt (still cannot figure that out!) But wait, who was at my feet?!!? You guessed it Drake. So, it lands on Drake's head, down the side of his face, legs, and diaper. Not to mention all over the carpet and the wall.

SERIOUSLY ?!?!?!?!?!

To top it off, both boys have diarrhea. I am at a loss as to where to start. Both boys are screaming. I take a blanket and set them both on it. I look for my cell, which of course I cannot find immediately. I call Lacey because she lives 1 minute away! I was so thankful when she answered! I asked her to come asap! She helped me to clean the floors, bathe the boys, and watched them while I took a shower. This was quite an ordeal!

Best part of the day ... 3 hours later the boys started crawling !!! They have been so close, but have not really started crawling. I had a water bottle on the ground that I was drinking and before I knew it they both took off crawling. They are not doing it consistently, but they definitely know how! I caught it on camera too!! YAY!

This day made me feel like I am officially a MOMMY! ;)