Friday, August 1, 2014

Officially an ItWorks DIAMOND in 30 days!

I cannot believe I even just wrote that as my title. It is completely surreal and I am still shocked 12 hours later. I got the $10,000 GOOD Bonus and an average commission check of $1,900. With my bonus my check will be around $2,400 minimum without other amazing bonus opportunities from being a leader in the company!

I joined ItWorks one month ago. I was able to hit Executive 4 days into the business, Ruby in 13 days, Emerald on day 31 and DIAMOND on day 31! Yes, I hit Emerald and Diamond the SAME day. The last day of the month. The last two hours of the last day of the month!

I have received countless messages and comments asking how I did it. I decided a blog would be easiest to explain what my month looked like here in Texas.

I am located right outside of Houston, Texas. This product was not known in my area except by a very select few that had recently gone to an ItWorks party. This helped a TON! It was an unsaturated market that exploded!

I am an 8th grade Math teacher. I have a very outgoing personality and never meet a stranger. I have always been a leader by nature. I was the head cheerleader throughout little league, junior high, and high school. I am blessed to have this personality trait. Being a teacher, I am used to speaking in front of people and I am not intimidated by this thankfully. 

In the first days after I joined I spent HOURS at night and during nap time reading the compensation plan. I looked at all the documents in esuite. I watched YouTube videos of how to get Ruby in 10 days. I am on two AMAZING leadership pages that both have hundreds of files! I read ALL of them. Literally! I researched and researched and researched! I found leaders on Facebook through distributors above me. I would go through their old posts from when they first started the business. I found posts from over a year ago that asked if you make 6 figures a MONTH comment your rank and how long it took you to hit this! There were TONS of comments and all of the people did it within 2 YEARS! Unbelievable!! I knew so much about this company that I knew I could be confident at parties when questions were asked!

I have a very supportive and always available leader. She never made me feel like I was insignificant. She made me feel like I was a priority. This woman is nearing Presidential Diamond! She is still mourning the loss of her precious baby boy that she lost just two short months ago. Ashley made me feel like I could go to her day or night for help! 

I found an event through ebrite for a One Team One Mission in Houston a week after I joined! It was two Presidential Diamonds speaking with their husbands there as well. 3 of us from my team went to this amazing opportunity! It was very motivating! They brought up double and triple diamonds! These women did this in less than 2 years as well!

I asked all of my family and friends for support. I was completely fine with them being skeptical. I was skeptical for a year before I joined! Thankfully, MANY were willing to try the wraps! I hosted my Launch Party and 3, yes THREE people came not including my sweet distributors who were there to support me. Two of the girls joined as Distributors, and the other joined as a loyal customer! I was not upset in the least at all the cancellations for my party! I wanted to keep pushing forward!

As distributors signed up I would offer to host their launch party. Even if they signed up with distributors under me, I still did their launch parties if they asked! I did 4 parties per week for THREE weeks. I was never home at bedtime for my 3 precious boys! Thankfully, I am on summer break and getting that time with them during the day and my husband and family was willing to step up!

I post DAILY to Facebook. I never thought I would be that person. A couple people complained, but with the money I am making I have to know that it is for the best for my family. I post results, something about the business, money I have made, etc. Any like or comment I would personally message them and ask if they were interested in the wraps or the business. I posted a photo of my wrap cash and got a TON of distributor interest!

I am a product of the product! I have lost significant inches from wrapping! This made people believe in the product! I posted my photo after 6 wraps and got nearly 90 likes! My friends and family are excited for me! They knew I believed in this!

I am passionate about these products and this business. I deposited $900 in wrap cash this month! Remember my party, 3 people ?!? Remember all those launch parties ?!? I could not hold another personal party! So, I sold them out of my home! Daily I was able to sell wraps. 

I was able to sign up 19 distributors this month. I have made $900 in Fast Start Bonuses. 

My sister in law and best friend, Lacey, joined with me! She is an Emerald in her first month! Lace has also become a product of the product! She has lost 14 pounds and 15 inches in 9 wraps and 3 weeks on ThermoFit! She is also eating clean! Lace is so motivating for continuing to wrap! She looks like a different person! We are all so proud of her for her journey and her business! She makes her self available for her team members, stays positive, and is willing to do anything!

My best friend Jackie joined with me too! She is now a Ruby in ONE month! She has been an incredible support system. She is a constant positive word in my ear about my leadership! This alone is so motivating!! Jackie has been getting family and friends to join her team!!

One of the girls who joined at my first launch party also hit Ruby this month!! She has been doing parties, has an amazing runner that joined her team immediately, and is continuing to bust butt!!

I had several girls need a space for their launch parties. So, I offered my home for their parties!

I hosted a training for any Distributors or potential distributors! When I decided to do this I had 6 distributors, a week later when we had the training I had 31. 20 people attended the training! I was SO excited!! I will continue to host it at least monthly, if not twice a month! This training was VERY motivating for my team and everyone left feeling like they understood more about the business! I highly recommend as your team grows having a training! I went through charts, tips and tricks, autoship, etc.

I have runners throughout my team! They are working so hard at getting loyals and distributors!

I only kept 5 loyal customers and placed the other 25 I got this month. I wanted to promote and I wanted my girls to promote! I also placed all my Distributors! I constantly had a chart out! 

I am 1 away from a full Double Diamond Chart !! 

I ended up creating a team page of my own since we were growing so fast! We have grown so quickly to over 40 distributors. I have posted TONS of photos for the business and results. I have written answers to all the questions I knew I had those first weeks. 

I am always available for my loyal customers and distributors. Whether by phone call, text, or Facebook. 

I blitzed 3 times this month. I intend to make it a larger part of my business in the coming months to stay successful. 

I have booked a booth in August at a vendor event that I am really excited about!

I immediately ordered a shirt, blitz cards, catalogs, business cards, etc. I was ALL IN from the beginning. There was no waiting to see if it was going to work out, this WAS GOING TO WORK OUT! I brought extra catalogs to all my girls' launch parties for people to look at and take home if needed.

I have an AMAZING team. They are all positive on their progress! They are so incredible! They wanted me to promote and were willing to do whatever they had to for this to happen! I cannot say enough about this team. They are near and dear to my heart!

My success is from an amazing team, consistent Facebook posts, supportive family, positive outlook, and dedication! 

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