Thursday, January 3, 2013

{ D & H } 20 Months

Drake and Hunter are 20 months.

They are repeating everything we say which is neat! We tell them new words every day!

They say "touch" often referring to want to touch the mounted deer in their room.

They say please often, and it is so sweet. They also say thank you. We most often hear please in the mornings "Milk please"

They refer to their little brother as Kuke rather than Luke.

They call Aunt Lacey, Ce-Ce, and are now able to say Casey for Uncle Casey. They call Bowen "baby." We are working on saying Bowen or Bo, but they struggle since their grandparents have a dog named Bo. So, they associate Bo with the dog at Meme and PawPaw's. 

They are now able to say their names, Drake and Hunter. Hunter seems easier for them to pronounce.

This month they really started saying "no-no" It is so funny. They shake their finger back and forth and say "no-no _____ " Typically a name follows ! ;)

Drake says "k" in the appropriate way. I can ask him to "be careful, okay?" and he will say "k." I can also say "are you okay" and he replies "yes." I was so impressed that he knows when it is appropriate to say "k" in response. 

It amazes me how much they understand. They will repeat you and count up to 5. 

They still love bath time. Hunter still prefers to sit near the faucet, while Drake likes to sit in the back.

They love to play with their ducks during bath time and give lots of kisses to the duck.

Hunter LOVES to say bye. He tells everything bye. Bye tree, bye deer, bye barney, bye cup, etc. It is so precious.

They both adored having a Christmas tree in the house. They want it plugged in immediately when they wake up. I was very proud that they did not try to mess with the tree or ornaments!

They still love books and read often. They are now to the point they will actually let you read an entire page before turning it. Their attention span has definitely grown!

They are now into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! This is one of their new words, "Mickey Mouse" They watch that or Barney. 

They still wear size 5 diapers.

We are in size 18 months clothes. Some are a little on the big side, but most fit perfect.

They made their annual trip to the deer lease this month. To say they loved it would be an understatement. They had a blast. They got to throw out corn, go on a hunt, and ride the four wheeler. Their first hunt was with Brandon and his dad. They did not see anything, but the boys had fun!

They still LOVE their crocs and wear them often. 

They are often running around the house in diapers and crocs! I know from my photos people must believe that my children don't own clothes. This is totally the opposite of our situation. We have SO MANY clothes. They are well-dressed little boys when they leave our home, but when we are home, we are just that HOME. They are relaxing, playing, and laying around. They love being in a diaper. They pull at their clothes for us to take them off. I am sure this is because for so long I have let them run around in diapers so it is their "normal." My babies are only going to be babies once, and I love seeing their bellies and thighs! I love to kiss on them and I know they are comfortable. 

These boys completely adore each other. They are best friends. They are rarely in different rooms. They give each other hugs and kisses. They pat each other if one is upset. They share anything and everything. They often get 2 of the toy they want to play with and take the other to their brother. 

They are able to crawl up on basically anything. They have yet to try and escape their cribs which I LOVE!

They also enjoy hiding in their closet.

They love to turn on their music soother.

They still play in their laugh and learn house and have so much fun. They tell us Hi and Bye as they play.

Hunter has a new fascination with his blanket from his crib set. He LOVES this blanket. He calls it a blanket, Drake has started calling his a night-night. Drake is not nearly as attached, but since Hunter wants it, so does he. 

29 weeks with Luke ♥

Since 16 weeks I have been seeing my high risk specialist to be sure my cervix did not shorten early. 

At 16 weeks and 20 weeks it was measuring around 3.5 cm and not a concern. They were discussing my dismissal from seeing her which was both exciting and scary. 

At my 24 week appointment my cervix measured around 3.1 to 3.2, so she decided not to dismiss me. At this point, Luke was measuring nearly 2 weeks ahead at 26 weeks. My stomach was also measuring 2 weeks ahead according to my regular OB. 

Here is Luke at 24 weeks! I love his foot up by his face :)

At my 26 week appointment I was praying my cervix had no change and Luke was not still 2 weeks ahead. My main concern was the possibility of gestational diabetes causing him to measure large. My cervix was still measuring 3.1 to 3.2 and I will no longer be seeing my specialist! This was bittersweet. Dr. Adam was there through my entire twin pregnancy, and I love her as a doctor. Don't get me wrong, I adore my regular OB. It is just strange to think I won't need Dr. Adam ever again. Luke was still measuring 2 weeks ahead at 28 weeks. They asked about my glucose test, but it was scheduled for 2 weeks away, so I had no answer as to whether he was big due to genetics or gestational diabetes.

I prayed for 2 weeks straight that I did not have gestational diabetes. I wanted a normal pregnancy. A normal delivery. A full term baby. No negative effects for Luke later on. I was a flood of emotions because of everything I had envisioned for my one "Normal" pregnancy.

I went to see my OB the day of the test and she told me she would be genuinely surprised if I failed the test. She reminded me that the twins were large for their gestation and I seem to make large babies. Brandon was over 8 lbs, so we do have genetics on our side. She is still going to let me attempt VBAC, but with him continuing to measure large she has brought to my attention it could end in a c-section. I am fine with that, but I want the chance.

GOOD NEWS I PASSED MY GLUCOSE TEST! I am one happy momma!!

Luke has the hiccups ALL THE TIME. 

He stays on my right side and never goes on my left side. 

He is head down.

He LOVES my right ribs. This is exactly where Drake was, and he was my active twin. So, needless to say my right ribs are not catching a break.

The twins adore him. They cannot pronounce their "L" They call him Kuke. They often lift my shirt and kiss my belly.

They especially love his nursery. We got it cleaned out during christmas break. They run in there daily. The crib, dresser, changing table, and a shelf are all in their now. They spend a lot of their time in this room. They also like that they can see outside from his windows. 

The boys are going to be great big brothers. Seeing them with Bowen just makes me see it even more. They think Bowen is the coolest thing EVER.

22 weeks 

26 weeks

28 weeks

Yogi Bear Park 2012

Brandon's mom decided to take all of the grandkids to Yogi Bear Park for Christmas this year. Lacey, Pam, me, Bowen, Drake, and Hunter loaded up in Lacey's tahoe and went for the weekend in mid December.

There were several activities planned while we were there. From decorating cookies, to painting ornaments, making smores, movie under the stars, and a golf cart which was the boys favorite part.

We arrived around 9 pm, and the boys were excited to run around the house. They especially thought they were big boys because they could open the doors to the bedroom. 




Meme and Hunter


The boys stayed up until around 10:30, which is way past their typical bedtime. They were in a great mood. Around 1:30 Drake woke up crying. I was up with him until 4 am. He hit his head on my head board and woke up Hunter. So, from 4 to 5 I had both boys in bed with me. Around 5 am I heard Lace up with Bowen, so I went ahead and got up. The boys were running around. Then they started to be fussy because they were so tired. We put them back down and they cried themselves to sleep around 6 am. I went back to sleep.

That morning once they woke up around 8 am they were still pretty fussy, so nap time was a must. After nap time they were great! 

This is one of the many faces of Drake.

Waiting to see Yogi Bear

Momma and Drake 

They were not impressed with Yogi Bear ;)

Pam rented a golf cart which the boys loved!! They think it is so neat to drive.

We decorated cookies and the boys liked eating the gum drops :)






We also painted an ornament!



The boys loved this cut out and played with it for a while!



We made smores and watched a movie outside! They did much better than I imagined! They watched an hour of the movie.

Aunt Ashley and Bowen

Lacey and Bowen

It was a great weekend!!! :)