Saturday, December 20, 2014

Luke Arthur 21 months old!

I can't believe I will be starting to plan a two year birthday party for him! Where has the time gone?!

He started really speaking at 19 months old. Things I hear often are ....

"I sorry!"

"Thank you!"










"I want ____"

"night night"



"Super why!"


"Mickey mouse!"


" I ove you!"




He shakes his head yes and no!

Around strangers he wraps his arms around my legs! 

He absolutely loves to play with his brothers! Him and Drake especially seem to have a special bond!

In the past week I have become mommy rather than momma.

He adores his daddy. Loves to wrestle and sit in his lap!

He loves to read books recently which makes me proud!

He loves his Dr Seuss blanket he calls "night-night" There is no going to sleep without it!

He still sleeps with his white noise on at night. 

He naps for 2-3 hours in the afternoon. 

He is stubborn!! You cannot bribe him and try to get kisses for giving him a snack like we could the twins! Kisses are few, hugs are often.

He is certainly a momma's boy. He has me wrapped. I could kiss him all day.

His patience has gotten so much better the past two months! 

He loves Woody and Buzz! He also likes Mickey Mouse and Elmo! 

He enjoys watching Frozen and SuperWhy! He asks for Super Why often! He sings the songs and everything!

He dances ALL the time. It brings my heart such joy! Raising boys I wanted them to dance! I want them to be amazing husbands, and I think being willing to dance with the love of your life is important! They dance with me for now, but it will be their wife one day!

He is so mischievous! His smile and eyes are killer! He knows exactly what he is doing. He is a wanderer. He loves to explore. I know he will be my baby that leaves and goes far when he graduates. I can feel it when I hold him I swear. He is the one that will give me gray hair! 

I look at him and I see me. I see my eyes, my smile, and my heart. I see a baby that I knew I needed. He completed me in so many ways. I had my uneventful pregnancy, VBAC delivery, brought a baby home with me from the hospital, and breastfed for a year. Luke is compassionate. He says "I sorry!" And hugs us. He loves on his brothers. He adores his grandparents. 

He loves to watch movies, lay with momma, take selfies, play on a LeapPad, and draw! He does things the twins didn't do until much older. He does amazing on the LeapPad.

He is 29 lbs which blew me away! He will surpass his brothers at this rate. 

He fell out of his high chair and hurt his arm at one point.

He busted his chin and bit his tongue in the bath.

He is a hand full, but I wouldn't have it any other way! This little boy completed me in ways only He knew I needed! 

I am so blessed to say he is mine!