Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It is not always glamorous ...

My life as a twin mom is pretty amazing. I am blessed with two great boys that have made the past 18 months pretty easy. There are not many hard moments, but then again they may be hard to someone that is used to one baby. Two babies is my normal. Soothing both of them is my normal. Carrying two toddlers is my normal. I don't know how easy it is to do these things with one baby, so I think my boys are easy.

My husband thought he was getting sick last night before bed. Sure enough, he woke up sick. The twins woke up at their normal 8 am time and seemed fine. They dranl their cup of milk and we were watching Barney. Hunter comes up to me and begins throwing up all over the living room floor. Both boys proceed to say "uh oh" when he finishes. Their little minds are so precious. I cleaned it up and call my mom to please bring pedialyte. My mom arrives with pedialyte, and Brandon leaves for his doctor appointment. Thirty minutes later I am holding Hunter in the glider and he throws up over the side rail, on the opposite side of the living room. So, my mom cleans that mess up while I take the boys to the bathroom so I can go ahead and bathe them. Hunter is in the bath no more than 5 minutes and he throws up in the bath. I take Drake out of the bath and clean up Hunter and the bath tub. Run another bath and bathe the boys.

The boys play and Hunter seems to be feeling better.

My mom leaves and the boys go down for a nap at noon. I call the pediatrician and explain the situation. They call in Zofran for Hunter. Brandon arrives home and does not have the flu! He has some type of virus.

I have the monitor on to hear if either boys throw up during nap time. They sleep nearly 2 hours, and then we hear them talking and a strange cough. I go in to see and Drake has thrown up all over his bedding. He caught what Hunter has, of course. The life of twins. So, Brandon gets Hunter and I take Drake to rinse him off. I give Drake a bath and then I wash the sheets and bumpers.

The boys layed around on the floor in our bedroom for the next couple hours. They were definitely not themselves, but Hunter was not throwing up and was becoming more himself. Hunter climbs in bed with me and starts rubbing my belly saying "baby" He then kissed my belly which was so sweet. Moments like these are truly unbelievable to me.

He gets down and goes to lay with his brother. I go take a picture of how sweet they are and Drake starts throwing up within an inch of Hunter's head. I move Hunter and rub Drake's back. I think he is finished and put him in my arms to soothe him. Brandon brings me cleaning stuff and I clean up the mess while holding Drake. As soon as I finish cleaning the mess, Drake threw up all over me and the carpet again. He was so pitiful. Brandon cleans this mess and I get in the shower with Drake. He lays on my shoulder the entire time, completely not acting like himself.

We get out of the shower and I put his diaper on in our bed. I sit him up to look at him and Hunter leans over and kisses him. Oh I love these moments!! Then Drake threw up all over our bed. Yes, seriously.

So, I again clean up Drake and strip our bedding to be washed. After this Drake seems to be fine. I am praying he has everything out of his system. Hunter is back to normal and playing around the house.

Drake ends up laying on the living room floor with his blanket and throws up pedialyte all over the place. This time scared him and he could not calm himself, so I picked him up and he threw up on my again. We take another shower. After this, he is fine! Plays with his brother, daddy, and me. The boys sat in my lap and talked to each other. They kissed each other and rubbed each other's back. Today has really shown me their bond.

The boys went to bed early around 7:00, but they have had a rough day so I am fine with them going to bed earlier than 8.

I have cleaned up more throw up today than anyone would ever dream. Doing this while pregnant was really not fun. My carpet has taken a beating. I am going to need more Resolve. I have sprayed Lysol and cleaned toys. I found time to change the light bulb in their lamp and put new batteries in their soother. I did 4 loads of laundry. Everyone has clean bedding.

The most important part of today... my boys know they have a mommy that is always there. Whether it is for the fun times, the special moments, or to throw up on so they feel close enough to me to know they will be okay.

Today was not very glamorous, but I know my boys feel loved and that is ALL that matters.

Hunter after his bath this morning, still smiling.

Hunter kissing mommy's belly.

My sweet boys laying together this evening.