Sunday, July 21, 2013

4 months { Luke }

Luke is officially 4 months old!

He wears size 3 Pampers Cruisers.

He is in size 3-6 months and 6 months outfits.

He weighs 16 lbs 4 oz in the 76th percentile.

He is 24.75 inches in the 44th percentile. He was in the 18th at two months, so he definitely did have a growth spurt at 3 months like I thought! He went through 2 weeks of not sleeping at night, and eating ALL the time.  All of a sudden onesies that had just fit no longer snapped, so I really thought he had a growth spurt!

He has big feet! 

His hands are looking more like his daddy's and less like mine.

His hair is already starting to stand straight up just like the twins.

He smiles so much like Drake! He has a very open and expressive smile! 

The new growth is very blonde, but the hair he hasn't lost is still darker than the white blonde.

He loves to stand up, play airplane, play pat-a-cake, and talk. 

He loves his swing. He can be up for around an hour and forty five minutes. I then put him in his swing or rock an play and he falls asleep with no fuss. If he is still up an actively doing something after being awake for 2 hours, he is overtired and will fight going to sleep. He grunts when he is finally giving in and I know he will be asleep within a couple minutes! The twins did the SAME exact noise as they fell asleep!

He still loves to be swaddled at night. If he gets overtired during the day I will swaddle him, but I typically only swaddle at night. It is rare that I swaddle him durinf the day. He was breaking out of the swaddle me blankets. So, I purchased the swaddle strap. I heard good things about it and read reviews. He cannot break out of it! I also love that it only goes around his arms. I am now able to put him to sleep in his sleepers without worrying that he will be too hot and get overheated. 

He goes to bed around 8. He sleeps anywhere from 5 to 9 hours. The 3 month growth spurt had me up quite a bit, and we are just getting back to normal. 

Luke surprised me and slept 10 hours a couple nights ago which was fantastic! Now he's shown me he can do it, so it's time to start letting him fuss a little and not rushing in to feed him. Easier said than done when you don't want him to wake the sleeping twins in the next room!!

He smiles constantly. He giggles when you play airplane or pat-a-cake. 

He also has very serious expressions. He reminds me so much of Drake. They have their momma's personality and expression!

Luke loves to talk back and forth with the twins. 

He has many rolls on his legs and a Buddha belly. 

He has turquoise blue eyes that melt me. 

He scrunches his nose when he gets really excited!

We took him to Brandon's parents place at Lake Sam Rayburn for his first Fourth of July! He did great! He slept in his Rock and Play. He did well being outside. He does easily get heat bumps. Quicker than the twins ever did. 

He loves bath time. He takes most of his baths with the twins. They love to bathe with him.

He rolls back to belly constantly. He does not like to stay on his belly for longer than 10/15 minutes, but he hasn't mastered the belly to back roll. 

He still likes his activity mat, but almost always immediately rolls over so he doesn't get to enjoy it as often. 

Luke likes his jumperoo and his exersaucer! 

He blows spit bubbles constantly! 

He loves his swing. He often takes his lightweight blanket I put on him in the swing and puts it around his face to fall asleep. 

He has been drooling and chewing on his hands constantly. He hasn't been fussy except for a few times, but I think he is definitely teething.

He likes his bumbo chair and will sit in it for around 20 minutes. 

He is still exclusively breastfed. I am loving the bonding experience. Anytime he is overly tired, really upset, etc. nursing can soothe him. We had a couple weeks where he wanted to watch what was going on around him (two active brothers) and I could not get him to focus on nursing. He still does this sometimes, but not nearly as often as he was! When he is really hungry and focuses on nursing he holds his hands together. It is so precious! He also loves to run his hands on me or his head. We still use the boppy with the cross cradle hold. We also do the side lying position in bed. 

When he does take the occasional bottle he still uses a NUK bottle. 

He absolutely will not take a binky!

Luke is an incredibly happy baby. He only fusses when he is overtired or hungry. His personality is really coming out now, and I love it! His voice absolutely melts me!