Friday, July 20, 2012

15 amazing months with these boys ♥

What a great month! I was home all month with my boys which was perfect. I love that I am able to spend my summers with them.

Hunter got all 4 molars at the same time this month! Poor baby! He was fussy for almost 2 weeks, but now they have all popped through.

Drake got 1 molar on top this month! He has not been fussy at all.

Drake weighs 22 lbs and 14 ounces.

Hunter weighs 21 lbs and 6 ounces.

The boys love to watch Barney. It is the only show they will sit and watch. In the mornings while they drink their milk they sit on their couch and watch it. I loved Barney as a child, so it makes me smile :)

They love bellybuttons and say it in the sweetest way. 

They have spent a lot of time with their cousin Rex this month. They had their first sleepover. We stayed at their house one weekend, and they stayed at ours the next. They managed to flip the play tent, sneak into the bathroom, play in the toilet, bathe together, and play :)

We went to the Children's Museum for the first time. Adriana invited us to go with Rex. Her best friend Ashley and her daughter Scarlett also came with us! What an amazing place! They have an area called "The Tot Spot" specifically for ages 9 months to 35 months. They loved it! I did not have to worry about them getting out because it is sectioned off. We played for 2 hours, and then went to grab lunch at Wendy's. The boys did amazing!

They have started standing up and leaning over to put their head on the ground. It is hilarious! I need to get a picture of it soon!

We celebrated my 25th birthday this month! We went to Ichibon and Kemah Boardwalk. The boys loved dinner. Hunter especially watched the guy while he put on a "show" as he cooked. We went to the water area in Kemah and they loved it! Drake ran through the water more than Hunter. Drake is definitely more of a water baby. There was another set of identical twins there and they were 13 months. One of the twins had a skin tag on his ear just like Drake. It was really neat!

Drake got his first busted lip. They were playing and ran into each other. It bled for a little while and he took it like a champ :)

We are in size 4 diapers. I think we will probably be in size 5 next month! They are starting to get snug on Drake especially.

They are still in size 12 months clothing. The shirts are getting tight on Drake's belly. 

Hunter's feet grew and he is in a size 4 like Drake.

They spent the night with Aunt Lacey and Uncle Casey for the first time! I took them over around 3 pm. They played and ate dinner with them. They fell asleep around 8 pm which is their normal bedtime. Drake woke up at 4 am crying! I think he was just trying to prepare them for a newborn ;) Hunter woke up at 6 am. These boys have not woken up before 8:30 all summer! They stayed playing until the afternoon!

They went to a cheer camp with me at Lomax Jr. High. They loved it! They ran around and talked with the girls. They played with their toys I brought, especially all the balls. I was happy to know they enjoyed it :)

They are great eaters! They eat anything and everything. They love bananas, raisin bread, cookies, chicken, hot dogs, and many others! Hunter likes Blueberry muffins more than Drake. 

Drake has said Hunter 3 different times with my mom! I cannot wait to hear him say it!

Here are the boys at the Children's Museum... Hunter has always been the more aggressive twin!

Here are the boys playing this month!

The boys enjoying Barney :)


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fourth ♥f July

The boys were only 2 months old at last years' fourth of July. So, this was their first time to really enjoy the holiday! Hunter woke up really having a hard time getting his molars to come through. He was getting 4 molars at the same time. It had been a rough couple of days.

We went to Brandon's parents house for lunch. PawPaw made the hot tub into a pool that was just their size. He also thought swim diapers and swim trunks were overrated, so my naked boys had a blast :)

After spending the afternoon with Brandon's family we headed to visit my family at my parent's house. We hung out and played pitch. The boys played with their cousins. Hunter drove Aiden's old 4-wheeler around the yard. I spent my time playing pretend with Libby and Gracie. Libby read me a book of jokes. It amazes me how well she can read. She is incredibly smart! Around 8 we went to see fireworks at Sylvan Beach. When I was growing up watching fireworks with my family at Sylvan Beach was always a big deal. Before my grandparents moved back to New York we could see them perfectly from their front yard. I have many memories of watching them with Grandpa Kelly and Grandma Ruth. Once they moved we always went and sat near the water. I was excited to enjoy this tradition with my boys. They LOVED the fireworks. Hunter seemed to be more interested than Drake. He was clapping and rarely moved his eyes. Drake is a people watcher, so if Libby got up to move he was watching. If a stranger walked by, he was watching. 

Hunter and Nadi

Bye Bye Bottles ...

The boys have been taking a bottle in the morning and at night since their first birthday. We would not always do the night bottle, but the morning bottle was a must. 

Anytime I put milk into a sippy cup, they refused to drink it. I first tried the Nuby soft spout cups.

The boys loved these cups with water and juice. Milk was a whole different story.

I bought a different kind to see if they would like these.

They loved these cups, and preferred them to the other cup. Unfortunately, they still would not drink milk out of it.

So, my mother in law kept them overnight and I mentioned I was trying to break the morning bottle. She uses the sippy cups with a straw. 

The boys drank their milk for her the next morning in these cups! She said it took longer than what they normally take with a bottle. 

So, I went and purchased the cups and packed up all the bottles. 

I truly think the night bottle was more me than them. It was part of our routine for so many months, that I thought they needed it. In all reality, they were fine without it. 

The first morning they came out and they saw the sippy cups instead of the bottles was what I expected. They both rolled on the floor crying. It was pitiful. I took them straight to their high chairs to eat breakfast and they drank from their cup! 

Since that morning we have had absolutely no issues with bottles! Those are still the only cups they want milk out of, but I am fine with that!