Thursday, June 27, 2013

Big Day at the Olive House

This week Luke has been really trying to roll back to belly. He is 15 weeks/3 months, so I knew it would be soon. He has been able to get to his side, and would try to kick his leg over. Today I had a training and my mom was keeping the boys. He rolled over as soon as I left! He then proceeded to roll all day! I was so excited to see it when I got home. As soon as you put him on his back he rolls over. He will spend some time on his back if he is on his activity mat. Once on his belly, he will stay for a couple minutes. Then he cries because he wants back on his belly. So, now we have to practice rolling back which he already did several weeks ago.

Drake and Hunter had been crawling back and forth between their cribs, but never out of the cribs. Today, Hunter got out of the crib at nap time. Drake was crying saying Hunter fell. Hunter was crying saying he "fall down" 

So, this evening we changed their beds to toddler beds. Of course, nothing can be simple. I bought the rails to go on the crib to keep them from rolling out. It was the type that has mesh. It could be snapped into an up or down position. During the day we could put it down. It was too big to go down with the mattress on the lowest setting. So, I move the mattress up, and that still was not tall enough!! I was not putting that dang mattress on the highest setting. I redid all the screws and moved it to the lowest setting and removed the mesh rail. Praying they don't roll out!!