Wednesday, November 24, 2010

♥ Identical Twins ♥

Since my last post, life has been a bit crazy! We went in for our first ultrasound on October 6th, 2010. We sat in the waiting room, completely ecstatic to finally see our baby! A woman walked in with a double stroller, Brandon said to me "That is going to be you in a couple months." I replied, "Shut up! If it is I am driving off the Baytown bridge, and leaving a note so you don't get the insurance money!" We laughed, and continued to wait to see our doctor.

We get in the room, and she asks the normal questions. Date of your last missed period, etc. Then, she pulls out the ultrasound machine! I am SO EXCITED! :) She started the ultrasound, and we can see the baby! It surely does not look like a baby, but none the less that little circle was OUR BABY! We could see the beating heart, and hear it which was amazing. She begins to measure, and says baby Olive is .55cm! I reply "We are making progress!" She moved the slightest bit, and then states in a tone I can't put into words, "You have REALLY been making progress!" Just by the way she said it I knew to look at the screen. Sure enough, a SECOND baby popped up on the screen! We had been measuring the top left baby, when bottom right baby decided to pop in the screen! Brandon has the HUGEST smile I have ever seen! I burst into tears! No wonder I was showing so fast, I have TWO babies inside me! I cried the entire appointment. I was so totally shocked.

So, here are answers to all the questions I have been getting!

Are they natural?

Yes, we just decided to have a baby, and got TWO :)

Do twins run in our families?

Yes, we both have twins in our families, but it only matters if it is in the female's side of the family. Only Fraternal twins can be hereditary, not identical twins. Out twins are IDENTICAL, so I spontaneously split and created two babies for no known reason.

Are they identical or fraternal?


Are they boys, girls, or both?

Identical twins means they came from the same egg. Fraternal twins are two seperate eggs. So, since mine came from the SAME egg, they are DEFINITELY the same sex. We are having two little boys, or two little girls. As of now, doctors are leaning towards boys. We find out next Tuesday, November 30th.

So, they say with multiples that morning sickness is worse. WOW! I was sick from week 7 through week 12. Morning had nothing to do with it, I was sick all day. Nothing helped. So, I lost 10 pounds in the first trimester. I will be 14 weeks on Sunday, and I have been nauseau free for almost 2 weeks! My energy still has not come back, but it is getting much better.

Here are some of our Ultrasound pictures

October 6th, 2010
6 weeks pregnant

October 18, 2010
8 weeks pregnant

November 2, 2010
10 weeks pregnant

Left Baby Kicking
10 weeks

Right Baby Waving
10 weeks

This does cause me to be high risk, so I go to a specialist every two weeks. I see my regular doctor once a month for now. So, I am going to the doctor 3 times a month! The great thing, is I get to see the babies a lot, and know that they are ok! I joined a twin forum, and have other twin pregnant moms to talk to about what is happening. A couple of them lost one of their twins during the first trimester. This has made me much more grateful for what I have been blessed to raise!

My doctor plans to take the babies at 36 weeks which is the last week in April. It will most likely be a C-section because it is safest for the babies, and they have to meet a million requirements to be delivered vaginally.

So, everything is going great and the babies are healthy!