Tuesday, February 21, 2012

10 Months ♥

I really feel that every stage is even better than the last one. God must have done this on purpose when he was planning all of this out ♥

I have loved this month more than words can say.

My boys have stolen my heart. I look at them in disbelief that I created them. It is the most unbelievable love when you have a child. I know all mother's feel this way. It is so innate that you would do absolutely anything for them.  

The moments that are only between me and them are some of the ones I cherish the most. That moment when you make eye contact and you can feel the love for each other. The mornings in their cribs when we play and they giggle the entire time. That moment they turn and smile at you. These are the moments I adore.

Watching them interact with Brandon is absolutely precious and definitely some of my favorite moments. They adore their daddy. They love to play with him. Seeing the moments where Brandon is smitten with them makes me smile. He is such an amazing daddy to those boys. They are blessed to have him.

This month the boys have developed even more of their personalities and I LOVE IT!

Drake is somewhat of a cry-baby. You know immediately when Hunter has taken his toy. Actually, Hunter just has to look at the toy in Drake's hands and he will start crying. Of course, no tears. Just making noise so mommy or daddy will save his toy ;)

Hunter has become very vocal this month! He loves to get loud and scream. Sometimes they scream back and forth to each other.

They both have 4 teeth now!! Two on top and two on bottom! They are so cute! They have a space between their top teeth! I did not wear braces and was blessed with straight teeth. I am hoping the same for my boys! So, that space will hopefully leave enough room for adult teeth!

They love to play with any and all balls.

Hunter likes to throw a ball and chase it. He will do this consistently for 10 to 15 minutes. I caught on video yesterday!

Hunter has started to crawl like his momma! He pick his knees up and goes fast! He has realized this makes him go faster, so he does it often. Drake only does it when he is on floors other than carpet. Hunter is the only baby I have seen crawl this way, and I crawled like that as a baby. Isin't that crazy?!? Genetics blows my mind!

Drake has started standing by himself. He does it near the coffee table and in his crib. He also started walking behind his Sit-to-Stand Walker.

Both boys love to stand in their crib and then let go and bounce on the mattress. It is hilarious to watch them!

They pull up and stand at anything and everything! They walk up and down couches, tables, etc.

Size 3 Pampers

6 month and 6 to 9 month outfits

They have started to really fight over toys. It is kind of funny at times. It is almost always Hunter stealing the toy from Drake. Hunter has turned into quite the bully with his brother this month ;) He often pulls his brother's hair, swats at his face, etc. I know it is his way of showing how much he loves him!

They fight over balls and a purple phone most often. The purple phone came with an activity table. It is such a strange toy for them to be attached to, but boy do they fight over that toy!

They love to take the balls out of their ballpit and throw them all over the house. I think Nadi may have taught them this ;)

Hunter loves electronics. He is often in trouble for going to the ATT box in the entertainment center!

When they are tickled about something, they lay on the ground and laugh. In the middle of crawling, they stop and throw themselves down to laugh.

They still love their jumperoos.

They currently each have an ear infection. They have not slept in 2 nights. It has been pretty rough on mommy and daddy, as well as babies. They started antibiotics tonight, so hopefully this will be done quickly!

They both began giving kisses this month! It is AMAZING! Hunter understands the word "Kisses" and will lean in so he can kiss you. Talk about worth staying up all night for some kisses ;)

We use the swings occassionally. They are more often used when the boys are not feeling well.

We found out they are going to have  a cousin on their daddy's side of the family! Lacey and Casey are having a baby!! We are so excited! She is due in October and we cannot wait!

They had a strawberry cereal granola bar torn into small pieces. WOW! That was a mess, but they loved it.

They also had cheerios for the first time. They liked them, but it worries me. Drake likes to shove lots of puffs in his mouth, and I fear he would do the same with cheerios. These do not melt nearly as fast.

If they hear the garage door open, they take off for the front door. It is absolutely precious!!

They love when people sing! If you start to sing they immediately smile and clap! If you say "YAY" Hunter will clap everytime. He seems to enjoy clapping a little more than his brother!

My best friend Lindsey had her son Kolt this month! I was so excited for her and Kody to bring home this beautiful baby boy! I went and bought him some preemie outfits that would fit him! We went to visit him when they were ready for visitors at home! He was 5 lbs 5 oz at birth! Looking at him brought tears to my eyes! Not only because of what a blessing he is to Lindsey and Kody, but I feel like I already forgot what it was like when my boys were that small! It was just 10 months ago that I was in the NICU with my babies! They were that small and I do not even remember it! The longer I held him the more I remembered my boys fitting in my hand. I know my friends must be tired of me saying write everything down, but seriously WRITE IT DOWN! You will forget it so quickly. Time seems to go faster with each passing month. Milestones start to fly by and before you know it you are planning a first birthday party!

They still have a very real fear of people they do not see often. At times it is frustrating to me, but I cannot fault them for not wanting to go to someone they do not know well. I just wish they would be a little less dramatic about it ;)

Drake seems to be a mommy's boy. He does not want to be far from me if we are out somewhere.

Hunter's "stranger danger" does not seem as bad as Drake's.

They went to Deacon's 2nd birthday party this month at Little Gym. Unfortunately, they did not enjoy it. Once the parachute came out Hunter was hysterical. So, we spent most of the evening trying to calm them down.

My daddy was able to visit this month! Since he is working out of town he does not get to see them as often as he would like. We video chat, but I need to get better about doing that more often! We found a way to get the boys to go to him, FOOD! ;) My dad would feed them puffs and before we knew it Drake was in his lap! It melted my heart to see my daddy with my boys.

The boys had their first Valentine's Day! I have a best friend that makes the most adorable outfits/burp cloths/photographs! She made them outifts that had an olive and said "Olive You" It was perfect for my boys! We took the boys to Jimmy Changas! They ate puffs while we ate our dinner! Then the boys spent the evening with their Meme and Papa while we went to see "The Vow." By the way, I did not think it was anywhere near "The Notebook."

I know I have written it before, but Hunter just has the sweet and innocent face. It is just so darn sweet! When he smiles his eyes get smaller!

Drake has such a vibrant and expressive face! I love to see his face light up! When he smiles his eyes get bigger!

Watching them play together is priceless. They never seperate from each other! If one is in the kitchen, so is the other. If one is going to the entry way, you can bet his brother is following! It is so incredibly neat that they always go together.

Today, Drake woke up from a nap first. I put him on the floor, and he crawled in front of Hunter's swing and sat down. He did not play with any toys. He did not move from that spot. I love these moments!

Typically, they wake at the same time. I can have one on my chest and Brandon have the other. We won't move and they will both pick up their heads and wake up within seconds of each other.

When they crawl, they stop at the same time and sit up.

It is just the neatest thing to see their interactions!!! I wish more people could experience twins! It is hands-down the most amazing thing I have EVER done. I love it.

By the way, I do get tired of strangers saying "You've got your hands full" "Double Trouble" "I Couldn't Do It" Yep, I am glad it was me and not you!!!

Thank you Lord for hand picking Brandon and I for these Identical twin boys because we are loving every minute of it!

Drake weighs 20 lbs.

Hunter weighs 19 lbs 6 oz.

This is the closest in weight they have been in a long time. They are only 10 oz apart! :)