Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Love Those Curve Balls ...

It is crazy how you can plan life as much as you want to, but it won't go as planned. 

I started dating Brandon at 15 and knew I would marry that man. At 17 I was engaged. I knew I would follow him to SHSU, graduate to become an 8th grade math teacher in my hometown & get married. Buy a home immediately. Try to have a baby after our one year anniversary, being due end of May. Perfect timing for a teacher, right? 

Every piece of the puzzle was coming together, due May 29th with baby number 1! Get ready for the curve ball. 

We head on October 6th to our first ultrasound and SURPRISE! We conceived spontaneous identical twins! I was shocked. Somewhat mad. Why did my friends get to have one baby? Why did I have to be the one who was different? Why did I have to have the high risk pregnancy? It took me nearly 2 weeks to realize I was in love with having twins! This curve ball made me realize His plan is much better than mine! 

We welcomed our twins after a high risk pregnancy that was anything but normal in April 2011. I had always dreamed I would have a 3 year age gap between my kiddos! So maybe when they were 2 we would try for another baby! Praying for a baby girl to make memories with as a mother & daughter. 

Get ready for another curve ball. 

When the twins were 15 months old I found out I was pregnant! Yep, didn't expect that! We were absolutely ecstatic to welcome another baby, and I prayers for a little girl! I just knew this cheerleader would be blessed with a daughter! 

Nope. As God would have it, I was blessed with another precious baby boy. I never could've dreamed how much he would complete me. Boy do I love having a third boy and watching him with his brothers! He is my baby, now and forever! Love that curve ball & boy do I love His plan for my life!

Had you asked me 5 years ago if I wanted identical twins & 3 boys I would have said no. It breaks my heart. I'm so in love with raising these three boys! I would've missed out on an incredible life! 

Then at the end of my 5th year of teaching in my hometown I made a gut wrenching decision to leave. Hardest decision I've made in my entire life. A curve ball I never expected. I thought I would retire from there in 30 years! 

Since making this decision, this would affect our finances. This caused me to reach out to a wrap girl I knew from Instagram! 

Get ready for a curve ball. 

I joined ItWorks with a goal of $500 to help pay childcare. Any amount of money would absolutely rock! A family of 5 is anything but cheap! We made it, we had money for anything our children needed & most of what they wanted! I researched a Disney vacation and quickly realized how hard this would be for our family! So maybe this wrap thing could help with that too one day?! 

4 months after joining I was averaging $10,000 a month as a Triple Diamond. Shock is an understatement. I could've never dreamed this would be our lives.

Get ready for that curve ball. 

6 months after joining I no longer needed to pay for childcare because I quit teaching. This decision wasn't made lightly, but I knew it was the right decision for me! I am now a stay at home mom and working my business from home! 

I am now earning a $100,000 bonus & hitting Presidential Diamond in 9 months. 

I am able to pay bills, save, give back, & have less stress in my life. I am able to help others become healthier! It is so rewarding to see your customers love their body again! I am able to lead a team  and help them earn an extra income! I want to help more momma's be home with their babies! Help stay at home momma's find themselves again if they can't remember anything except being mom! I want to help anyone to find financial freedom! 

Not everyone sees my vision. That is okay! I don't need anyone else to see my vision, except me. I have my eye on Ambassador by my one year. I want to be in the Top 100 income earners this year! I am willing to put in the work & continue to love on my team. I want to help them change their lives as much as I want to change my own! 

These curve balls ended up being life changing moments that have forever changed me. I must say, His plan is so much better than mine ever was in my dreams!