Sunday, February 16, 2014

Luke is 11 months old ❤️

Luke is officially 11 months old and this mommy is wondering where the time has gone?

In the past two weeks he has really become quite a ham! He thinks he is pretty funny and giggles often.

His top right tooth popped through during nap time one day!

The other top tooth is playing peek a boo popping in and out with swelling gums.

He is babbling much more which makes me so happy. He doesn't say momma and dada as often if at all anymore. I try to not be concerned with his speech, but it is hard to not compare him to the twins. I know it will come with time. 

It took me a whole to realize he does not cry tears. He is so happy that he only cries or makes a crying noise when hungry or tired. These two things are easily fixed so he has NEVER cried tears. The week he turned 11 months he was sick and making a mess on his high chair tray. He was ready to go to bed and was uninterested in food. I told him no for slamming his hands down and knocking the food off the tray. He cried real tears. It absolutely broke my heart. He ended up needing to go to the pediatrician because  his fever of 101 kept coming back over a 2 day period. Sandy and I also noticed a change in the smell of his pee. So he had to be catheterized in office which hurt my heart. He did fantastic and didn't cry tears. Screamed, but no tears. I was able to nurse him before and after which helped him to be happy quickly.