Sunday, November 9, 2014

Triple Diamond Leader in 4 Months ... Blessed.

I am a TRIPLE DIAMOND LEADER for ItWorks! I cannot even believe I can write that after joining just 4 months ago!!

The average income of a Triple Diamond is $105,000 a year. I made above average checks as a Double Diamond, so I can only imagine my income as a Triple Diamond. Can you say blessed?!

I am a teacher and my husband is a pipe fitter through the union. We make a good living and are able to provide for our 3 boys. Disney World trips were going to have to be planned well in advance and saved for, of course. Brandon and I understood our income was not going to change much throughout the rest of the time we are raising our babies. I can teach 20 years and I am never going to make over $60,000. I have the goal to become an Administrator after getting my kiddos through school, but that is in a very distant future. Brandon can earn more, but it will not be a dramatic change unless he follows in his grandfather's footsteps and tries to become a business agent at the Union Hall. Lots of "possibilities" for the distant future, but nothing that would be changing in the next decade. 

My second month at the rank of Double Diamond I made more than what Brandon and I earn together with our full time jobs. This was just 3 months into this amazing company! 

This company has given us the opportunity to sit down together and DREAM! When was the last time you could truly sit and dream with your husband? I felt like it brought us so much closer to see what we both saw in our future. I made my Dream Board when I was a Ruby, two weeks into the business. I passed my goals for Rank and had to update. I am now pushing for Presidential in 2014 and Ambassador by my 1 year Anniversary! My goal for Brandon is him to be Triple Diamond by my 1 year Anniversary as well! Lots of dreams and goals in the Olive house! Pay off ALL debt (Cars, NICU, Student Loans, Credit Card!) 3 large college savings account, Dream Car, Disney World trip, New York Vacation to visit family, stay home until Luke is in school, build a forever home, trailer for the lake house, purchase a RZR, create a scholarship at LPHS for a student wanting to be a math teacher, donate to the LPHS Musical, and give back as much as possible! Awesome goals, right?!

So, the part you really want to know, what did I do to get her quickly?!?!

I BELIEVED in the products and the business model immediately. I am passionate about what I do and I have been since the day I joined. I will talk to anyone and everyone about ItWorks. I started the same way EVERYONE starts, 0 DTs and 0 LCs. I watched Ashley Hughes', Lydia Diaz, and Mackenzie Schultz on YouTube videos. I stalked ItWorks leaders on Facebook. I read the compensation plan A MILLION times. I wanted to know as much as possible!! I posted to social media EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I messaged friends and family asking for their support, much more so the month I pushed for Triple. Become a product of the product! I wrapped the month I joined and posted those photos! This made people believe in our products when they saw the change in my body! I launched a TON of distributors. 4-5 nights a week I was launching these girls whether they joined through me or not. I memorized Ashley Hughes' story and I tell it at every party. Find any leader, know their story and be ready to talk about it at any time! Make people realize this could be THEIR life! I created a team page and made it a place of encouragement and collaboration. I want everything easily accessible for my team. Result pictures, motivational quotes, examples of messages I send to friends and family, what I send to someone interested in wraps, interested in becoming a distributor etc. I find they are willing to message people, but are unsure what to actually write. By me helping them with the message or post, they are more apt to send it!! I host training's every 2-3 weeks. I go over the Steps to Success, first goals in the company, the ways we earn money, tips on Blitzing, etc. I help friends and family become successful. I want this extra income for everyone that I love. I worked FAST! I built quickly and wanted everyone to know how important it was to join NOW. The quicker we build the more money we make. We are all flying through the ranks because the expectation is to build and promote FAST. I did not realize how imperative this would be until I hit higher ranks. It is IMPERATIVE to try and build with urgency. If you are not able to promote quickly, DO NOT QUIT!!!!! This company has the ability to CHANGE YOUR LIFE, but only if you stay working! If it takes you a year to hit Ruby, would it still be worth the extra $600 a month?! Absolutely!!

Don't say you do not have time, you have time. I teach 10 hours a day, I have 3 year old identical twin boys and an 18 month old baby boy, a husband, and a household! I promise you, YOU CAN FIND THE TIME TO GET A COMMA IN YOUR PAYCHECK! It is worth busting your behind for several months to have an income that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

I have an amazing support system. My husband has been the most patient man throughout this entire process. He may have called it a scam the day I joined, but with the amount of money going in the bank, he gave that up quickly. He has done dinner, baths, and bedtime with three precious boys by himself A LOT in the past 4 months. He does not complain. Laundry, dishes, cleaning has all been on the back burner and he has not complained ONCE. I am so truly blessed. 

My family is incredibly supportive! My sister in law and best friend, Lacey, joined immediately and has done everything with me since we joined. She is a Double Diamond and kicking butt!! My sister joined early on to help me fill a box for my Ruby chart! My in-laws and my parents have done anything and everything to be supportive of our efforts in this business. From being loyal customers to distributors. They are all very supportive and never make me feel like I am crazy for joining this Crazy Wrap Business!

My team is remarkable. They are positive, encouraging, collaborative, and embody One Team One Mission at its finest. I am so proud to be their upline leader. From brand new distributor to Double Diamond, they ALL want everyone to be successful. They do events together, go to each others launch parties, and constantly encourage one another! They write each other to answer questions ALL THE TIME on our wrap page. 

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