Sunday, March 25, 2012

11 months ♥

These boys truly amaze me at all the new things they are learning and how quickly they learn. I do not know where the time has gone that they are no longer my babies, but now my little boys.

This month their hair is completely laying down, and I think is what makes them really not look like babies any longer.

We have still not purchased any diapers since the boys were born. When I was pregnant I would pick up a box when I shopped. Between that, baby showers, diaper shower, and family we have not purchased any diapers in 11 months ! Is that not amazing?!?

They are in size 3, but will be transitioning to size 4 in the next week when we finish this box of diapers. Drake has started leaking in the 3's.

They are wearing size 6 months and 9 months in Carter's clothing. Size 12 months in some other brands.

They love to pull the pillows off the couch this month. They throw them all over the living room and find it quite funny.

They like to army crawl over mommy and daddy and fall to the other side.

Hunter got a new bottom tooth with a total of 5 teeth now!

Drake still has 4 teeth!

They ate at a restaurant for the first time! They eat beans and rice at mexican restaurants. They ate green beans and applesauce at Texas Roadhouse.

They had Macaroni and Cheese for the first time and liked it.

They had strawberries and blueberries and made sour faces.

They ate pieces of cheese!

They ate mashed potatoes!

They eat the Gerber cheese sticks with ease now.

They LOVE cheerios.

They love cookies.

They ate fruit cocktail and liked it!

They had their first bite of hamburger meat when I made tator tot casserole. They liked it!

They also had some sandwich turkey meat from Subway and liked it as well.

They got to spend 9 days with mommy for Spring Break!! It was so nice! This is the first break they did not get sick! I was one happy mommy! We had lunch with Lindsey and baby Kolt at Gringos one day! We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner with Aunt Lacey and Uncle Casey one evening! We went to lunch with Aunt Lacey and Meme one day! We went shopping for ribbons for a birthday project!

The boys will sit in carts now at stores. If I only need a few items I am now able to take the boys with me.

Their stranger danger is getting SO MUCH BETTER! They will let some people look at them without crying. Progress :)

Brandon started playing in a Men's Softball league. The boys and I went to watch his first game. They did great! Hunter even let Kaitlyn hold him!

We had their cousin Aiden's 2nd birthday party on St. Patricks Day! They played with Aubrie outside in the packnplay. They took a nap together in the packnplay at Nadi's and it was precious! So, their first St. Patricks Day was spent and Nadi and Grandpa's celebrating Aiden's Thomas the Train birthday!

They will now sit on their rocking horse they got for Christmas! Both boys love this rocking horse now.

Hunter is still having a problem with pulling Drake's hair. He gets popped on the hand quite a bit, but he has not stopped.

Drake has perfected his fake cry when he is not getting what he wants.

Hunter has a temper! He will throw himself back and throw a total fit sometimes.

They have figured out they have curtains behind their cribs. They open them often after waking up from a nap.

When we put them to bed we still turn their music player on.

They love to be sang to! When they are in meltdown mode, I pick them up and sit in the glider. Once I start to sing they settle down, thank goodness!

February 28th, a year ago this month, my journey began with hospital bedrest to bring these boys as far as I could! I am so happy we made it to 35 weeks and they are happy healthy little boys!

I spent Spring Break ordering all of their birthday stuff! I am so excited for their party! Planning is in full swing and I cannot wait to see how it will all turn out!They will be two lucky little boys! I decided to put some ideas for gifts with the invitation. We have so many toys we look like Toys R Us ! So, instead of toys I asked for clothes, diapers, books, movies, Gift Cards for the 4 (yes, FOUR!) convertible carseats, or money for their college savings accounts. We still have toys from Christmas in the boxes that have not been opened!

We are down to 4 bottles a day. They are skipping their mid-morning bottle. It has been an easy transition.

They are still not interested in sippy cups. Hunter will drink more out of it than Drake. I put their formula in it for one feeding. Drake refused to even hold it. He drank one oz. Hunter would hold it, but only drank 3 oz. Yesterday, I purchased the Safety 1st ones and the boys really liked these! They still won't hold it up, but they drank an entire cup of juice out of it. So, it is a work in progress!

They will really explore the house now and go anywhere they want. They will go to their nursery often. They love to knock over the Diaper Genie. They like to get into the basket of baby lotions!



They have figured out how to open their dresser drawers. I know this will be interesting.

They still wait for each other when crawling anywhere. I love watching them interact together.

Drake will stand unassisted now!!!

Hunter has just started showing interest in standing without immediately putting his butt on the ground like he normally does! He is not far behind Drake.

They still love bath time! Their favorite toys are hard turtles that they can chew on while getting a bath.

They both walk behing their VTECH sit to stand walker!

They are uninterested in being IN an actual walker.

These boys LOVE LOVE LOVE their ball pit. They throw themselves into it and glide across the balls. Then, they proceed to throw all the balls out of it ;)

The boys say Dada constantly! It is definitely their favorite word!

Hunter has figured out how to move his tongue left to right on his lips! He does it often and thinks it is funny if you do it too!

They still crawl like me, which is HYSTERICAL to watch! They put their booty in the air and take off like monkeys!

Drake loves to dance. He shakes his head and his body back and forth. He has always been the one that seemed to love music.

When Brandon and I come home from work we enter through the garage door. So, they see that door used on a daily basis. Someone knocked on our front door and the boys completely flipped out. Tear, shaking, hiding behind table, etc. This has happened twice this week.

We went this weekend to get them some StrideRite shoes while they were on sale. Meme and PawPaw bought them some in November. They were getting tight on Drake, so we figured it was time to purchase some new ones. Hunter wears a 3 and Drake wears a 3.5. I got them size 4 because the boys always have socks on, and this will give them some room to grow. They got new walking shoes that together costs more than any pair of shoes I would purchase myself ;)

I am excited for their 1st birthday next month and spending it with the people we care about.