Wednesday, October 1, 2014

ItWorks Global Double Diamond in 60 days!

Since writing my last blog I hit Double Diamond in 60 days and I am 4 from Triple charted as of 90 days! I am still in shock by how quickly I have climbed the ranks. It is truly unbelievable.

I jumped in and did a 90 day push when I joined. Here are some of the things I feel truly made me successful!

  • DAILY posts to Facebook. A result photo from one of our products. This will get you more interest for loyal customers! A motivational quote from ItWorks Global FB page (They do Motivational Monday!) or I would search for motivational quotes on Pinterest. A lifestyle post, meaning post what ItWorks has done for me! It filled my tank with gas, bought new jeans, groceries, diapers, paid the care note, mortgage, dinner! Literally anything you could pay for with wrap cash or commission! This gets distributor interest! Everyone would love to have the extra money and when they se what it is paying for in your life, it will make it more real to them!

  • Enthusiasm and passion is contagious! They will want to join you if you are excited! Practice what you will say to people in the mirror! You need to truly believe in the products and the business.
  • Follow up!! Message people daily! Anyone who likes or comments on a photo! Someone you just really believe would love our products! Someone you know could rock the business! Get OUT of your comfort zone!! Send the messages, who cares if they say no?! I have had so many no's it is unreal! Now 3 months later, many of them are coming to me asking how to join or how to get product!
  • Ask your friends and family for their support! It will make a huge difference instead of waiting for them to come to you!! They love you, they want you to succeed!

  • Push that it is risk free! Sure you may suck, that is ok! I joined with the understanding I may suck, but what if I don't?! There will no fee or penalty for trying to change your life! Give it 3 months, 6 months, a year and see if you can make extra money with this business!

  • PARTIES! I get new distributors at every single party I launch, this is how we end up with so many parties! They are constant launch parties for new distributors. A typical launch party looks like this ...
  • Wrap People (Pictures, Wrap)
  • Presentation starts with introduction of myself and the DT
  • I talk about they expectations of someone who is wrapping. They need to drink one bottle of water by the end of the presentation and half their body weight each day for 3 days in ounces. I explain we are close to magic and if you do not drink the water you are throwing away $25! This is the ONE end of the deal you absolutely have to do to see a difference!
  • I talk about what the wrap does when placed on your body. It penetrates your skin and is able to break apart the fat toxins that cause bloat and cellulite. 1 wrap is a sample, 4 is a treatment, 12 is comparable to surgery.
  • I go over every area of the body the wrap can be placed with the Party Pad.
  • I talk about the big questions, is the loss lasting and do I wrap forever??! We have lasting results as long as you do not eat really badly really often! You do not have to diet, but you do have to be healthy. You will wrap until you are at your desired size.
  • I then go through the ENTIRE catalog with them! Every single product, every single party! I want them to know we offer way more than wraps! I tell them when I begin going through the catalog to think if they have any friends or family that could use any of these products. I interject personal stories throughout the products, like my mom using the facial for the first time. How greens have taken my headaches away for two months, and Cleanser cleaned my shower floor! Make it personal !!
  • After going through the catalog, I go through being a loyal customer. A loyal customer loves our products and wants them at a discounted rate and does not want to make extra money. I cover all the perks too! Perk points, 6 months, 12 months, completely customizable ordering options, easy to change your order!
  • I then go into becoming a distributor. I ask each person if they could think of 4 people in their life who would LOVE any of our products! That would earn them $120 in FREE PRODUCT! I talk about how I found this business through instagram. I put a lot of details into my story to make it relatable! I explain Ashley Hughes' story of joining with a goal to make an extra $500 and she hit this in just 23 days! She is now 18 months into this business and makes $15,000 a MONTH! I talk about my personal growth and income with this company. I talk about my skeptical husband who loves the comma in my paycheck. I talk about how I watched for a YEAR and thought ya right, no way.
  • I talk about the "golden age" of Network Marketing being less than 100,000 distributors. Can you imagine the first 100,000 Avon, MaryKay, and Scentsy distributors are now? No one even knew what a wax warmer was a decade ago! They now buy them at WalMart instead of a distributor. We are in the perfect business with the product of a lifetime! They pay us as distributors really well because they do not pay for advertising! WE ARE THEIR ADVERTISMENT! I wear my ItWorks shirt absolutely everywhere. I will talk to anyone about the products or business! I talk about how our products are not age dependent. Every age group can use our products! The results sell themselves so you do not have to be pushy! You are truly sharing with friends and family an amazing product and opportunity.
  • I go through what it is to be a distributor. Purchasing the $99 kit, mini booster for an additional $149, and the required 80 BV. Autoshipment IS SCARY TO PEOPLE! I do not push that they are able to turn it off, but I do want them to know they are not locked into it! If they have a rough month, they can turn it off. They should push to have it on every single month, but we will NOT kick you out. Other network marketing companies kick you out if you do not have a minimum sales amount each month, we do not do this. I go through the $10,000 GOOD bonus and how you attain it! I look at all the different pay ranks with them and explain Executive takes finding just 2 people to do this with you! Ruby takes having 5, and you do not have to find all 5!! Emerald 14, and Diamond taking 24 people! A mom, friend, cousin, sister, neighbor, hairdresser, etc.
  • I discuss that we will not promote if they do not promote! It is a team effort! We have a group Facebook page with videos, files, encouragement, important information, result photos, inspirational photos, etc. They will not have to search for everything on their own. This is a place where we collaborate and plan together for success!

I created a Facebook group for my team that has the result photos, videos, motivational quotes, important information, etc. I also add them to my upline Ashley Hughes' page that has a TON of helpful information in one place. 

Host a monthly training to help distributors. I want this to be more often but with all the launch parties I'm doing I've only been able to do it once a month in September. Teach your team the Steps to Success!!! Make them understand by continually doing this your team grows exponentially!! If every person does this every month can you imagine after 3 months?! My goal Is to have 2 training a a month every month!!

I place all loyal customers and distributors to promote. I kept my first 4 loyal customers and first 3 distributors on my top line. Then I charted Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Double, and now Triple Diamond. I have enrolled 47 loyal customers and moved all but 4! I've enrolled 37 distributors and I place them where I need them on my chart to promote! It has helped me promote fast and I'm bake to maintain rank on volume each month from Emerald up! I have Triple volume right now spread out well so I will be able to maintain Triple once I hit this month! 

Form relationships with your distributors! Stay positive even when it is hard! If you are negative, they will feed off it and be negative. Encourage them, celebrate all promotions, getting their 4 loyal customers in 30 days, getting 2 loyal customers and being fast start qualified, charting executive! Everything takes hardwork and needs to be celebrated! A person who feels appreciated will work harder and you want everyone working towards the same goal!! 

I have an amazing enroller, Ashley Hughes, who has guided me every step of the way! I emulate her actions as a leader and it has paid off!! I am so proud to be on her team!!! I plan to hit Triple in October making Ashley a Presidential !!! I plan to be Presidential by Conference hopefully making her an Ambassador !!!! If anyone deserves it, this woman does! Her training videos on YouTube are so helpful!!

Don't be discouraged!! Keep pushing every day for a new rank! With dedication and consistency you WILL be successful! Plant the seeds of curiosity, and they will bloom!!!