Monday, April 22, 2013

Drake and Hunter are 2 years old ...

As I write the title of the blog I wonder how that happened? How did my boys suddenly become 2? I feel like life is flying by and there is no way to slow it down. My precious preemie babies have grown into incredibly smart toddlers, and I am so proud of them.

They speak very clearly and talk all the time.

They are wearing size 18 month shorts and size 8 and 24 month shirts.

They wear size 5 Pampers Cruisers.

Their hair grows like their daddy's does! They constantly need a hair cut!

They started taking showers this month with mommy. They say it is "raining" in the shower.

They are absolutely amazing with their little brother. If he makes any type of noise they tell is "Luke is crying!"

Hunter especially likes to lay on the activity mat with Luke. He has also picked up that I talk to Luke in a higher pitch baby voice, so now so does he. It melts my heart.

They often ask to hold him.

They understand when I am nursing that Luke is eating milk. They have completely adjusted to me nursing and are doing great!

They started saying their names and their age this month.

Their voices absolutely melt my heart!!

They love to watch Barney, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Caillou, Chuggington, and Mickey Mouse.

They say "Come on" when they want you to go with them.

They ask to eat when they are hungry.

They love pop-tarts, and I love hearing them say this word.

They say please, thank you, and Hunter says welcome for your welcome. Drake has not picked up the your welcome yet.

They consistently pick up two toys, cups, snacks etc and take the other one to their brother. They are very thoughtful of each other.

This month they LOVE to wrestle. I don't love it so much, but oh well ;)

Drake loves to get kisses when he gets a bo-bo! If I am nursing and can't kiss him at that moment he will kiss it himself, lol.

They get so excited for daddy to get home from work. They spend the entire evening playing with him.

Drake started to be able to catch a ball when you throw it to him.

They are definitely becoming more attached to me since I am home with them now. I know August will probably be a hard transition for them.

They don't go to bed until 9 pm now since they are staying home with me. This helps me because they sleep until 9 or 9:30 am, and I am able to catch up on some sleep after getting up with Luke. They nap at 2 pm.

They bring us books and tell us "read"

They learned our names this month. They know that daddy is Brandon and mommy is Ashley.

They figured out that their bath numbers and letters can stick to the walls and not just the bath tub.

They love to brush their teeth.

Drake still calls his blanket a "night night" and Hunter calls it a blankie.

They ask for their "Barney Pillow" which is their pillow pet.

There is not many things they say that we can't figure out what they are saying.

They always eat with a fork. Hunter struggles with a spoon, Drake is pretty good with a spoon.

Hunter is still sensitive to cold foods, but has started to understand he can bite things with his side teeth and it does not hurt.

They love oatmeal and pronounce it "me-meal"

They had a Barney birthday with family on Saturday April 20th! Since we would have a new baby I decided not do a huge birthday and have family only. This was still nearly 40 people. They loved their Barney balloons! They got a ton of neat toys! Several cars, remote control cars, a toy box that Pop built them, a mickey mouse table, a train track, Mickey Mouse books, superman capes and balls! It was a great day and they had a blast!

Luke is 1 month old ♥

We have loved this month with our three boys! Luke is a great baby and incredibly laid back.

He has his daddy's chin, his momma's eyes, and apparently his momma's nose! I don't see the nose, but everyone else does! When he was first born he looked just like Brandon's baby pictures. The older he gets the more he looks like me. So, time will tell who he ends up looking like! He has darker hair than the twins for sure. He has a big ole' pot belly and a tiny waist! He has my fingers and toes, LONG! He does not have inverted nipples like the twins. He has dimples like Hunter does when he smiles.

He spends lots of time in his swing and is starting to notice the mobile that hangs above it.

He is starting to coo and make noises.

He was born with incredible neck strength. He holds his head up often.

At 2 weeks old I had someone come take newborn and sibling photos of him.

He wears size 1 diapers. We had to switch from newborn diapers around 3 weeks old. We could've switched sooner, but I wanted to finish the box we opened.

He is wearing size 0 to 3 months and 3 months clothes. He wore newborn for 3 weeks.

At his 1 month appointment he weighed 10 lbs 2 oz. He is in the 59th percentile for weight.

Luke is exclusively breast fed and it is going well. He nurses anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes. He goes every 3 hours typically. At night he goes 4 hours normally.

He spit up twice at two weeks old and I knew something was not right because of the amount it was. I also noticed he was having green bowels. Turns out I had a milk imbalance with too much of the non-fatty milk. It took roughly two weeks to fix it, and now it is much better.

He has had 1 bottle this month and he was able to drink from a Dr. Brown's bottle.

We got Thrush right when he turned a month old. He is on antibiotics and I have a cream to treat it. He only has 1 spot in his mouth, so we caught it very early.

He likes the gum drop pacifier. I gave him one at 5 days old and we had issues with latching for the next 24 hours. I did not give him the binky again until he was 3 weeks old. He does not take it often, but if he is fighting sleep it seems to help.

He is a very gassy baby, but the good thing is he is able to get it out on his own typically. He toots and burps a lot. He typically burps half way through a feed around 8 minutes. I have had to give him gas drops several times if he is not able to work it out on his own.

I have also given him gripe water because he gets the hiccups incredibly often. After nearly every feed. If it is a middle of the night feed, I give him gripe water to get him back to sleep. 

He lays on his activity mat with his brothers. He does not seem all that interested in the toys yet. 

He likes his Rock and Play sleeper, boppy, and swing and sleeps there at night. 

There have been a couple times we have fallen asleep together after his feed around 5 or 6 am. Of course, he seems to sleep well with momma ;)

He likes white noise more than music to soothe him. So, I downloaded an app on my phone to play for him.