Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bye Bye Bottles ...

The boys have been taking a bottle in the morning and at night since their first birthday. We would not always do the night bottle, but the morning bottle was a must. 

Anytime I put milk into a sippy cup, they refused to drink it. I first tried the Nuby soft spout cups.

The boys loved these cups with water and juice. Milk was a whole different story.

I bought a different kind to see if they would like these.

They loved these cups, and preferred them to the other cup. Unfortunately, they still would not drink milk out of it.

So, my mother in law kept them overnight and I mentioned I was trying to break the morning bottle. She uses the sippy cups with a straw. 

The boys drank their milk for her the next morning in these cups! She said it took longer than what they normally take with a bottle. 

So, I went and purchased the cups and packed up all the bottles. 

I truly think the night bottle was more me than them. It was part of our routine for so many months, that I thought they needed it. In all reality, they were fine without it. 

The first morning they came out and they saw the sippy cups instead of the bottles was what I expected. They both rolled on the floor crying. It was pitiful. I took them straight to their high chairs to eat breakfast and they drank from their cup! 

Since that morning we have had absolutely no issues with bottles! Those are still the only cups they want milk out of, but I am fine with that!

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