Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fourth ♥f July

The boys were only 2 months old at last years' fourth of July. So, this was their first time to really enjoy the holiday! Hunter woke up really having a hard time getting his molars to come through. He was getting 4 molars at the same time. It had been a rough couple of days.

We went to Brandon's parents house for lunch. PawPaw made the hot tub into a pool that was just their size. He also thought swim diapers and swim trunks were overrated, so my naked boys had a blast :)

After spending the afternoon with Brandon's family we headed to visit my family at my parent's house. We hung out and played pitch. The boys played with their cousins. Hunter drove Aiden's old 4-wheeler around the yard. I spent my time playing pretend with Libby and Gracie. Libby read me a book of jokes. It amazes me how well she can read. She is incredibly smart! Around 8 we went to see fireworks at Sylvan Beach. When I was growing up watching fireworks with my family at Sylvan Beach was always a big deal. Before my grandparents moved back to New York we could see them perfectly from their front yard. I have many memories of watching them with Grandpa Kelly and Grandma Ruth. Once they moved we always went and sat near the water. I was excited to enjoy this tradition with my boys. They LOVED the fireworks. Hunter seemed to be more interested than Drake. He was clapping and rarely moved his eyes. Drake is a people watcher, so if Libby got up to move he was watching. If a stranger walked by, he was watching. 

Hunter and Nadi

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