Thursday, January 3, 2013

29 weeks with Luke ♥

Since 16 weeks I have been seeing my high risk specialist to be sure my cervix did not shorten early. 

At 16 weeks and 20 weeks it was measuring around 3.5 cm and not a concern. They were discussing my dismissal from seeing her which was both exciting and scary. 

At my 24 week appointment my cervix measured around 3.1 to 3.2, so she decided not to dismiss me. At this point, Luke was measuring nearly 2 weeks ahead at 26 weeks. My stomach was also measuring 2 weeks ahead according to my regular OB. 

Here is Luke at 24 weeks! I love his foot up by his face :)

At my 26 week appointment I was praying my cervix had no change and Luke was not still 2 weeks ahead. My main concern was the possibility of gestational diabetes causing him to measure large. My cervix was still measuring 3.1 to 3.2 and I will no longer be seeing my specialist! This was bittersweet. Dr. Adam was there through my entire twin pregnancy, and I love her as a doctor. Don't get me wrong, I adore my regular OB. It is just strange to think I won't need Dr. Adam ever again. Luke was still measuring 2 weeks ahead at 28 weeks. They asked about my glucose test, but it was scheduled for 2 weeks away, so I had no answer as to whether he was big due to genetics or gestational diabetes.

I prayed for 2 weeks straight that I did not have gestational diabetes. I wanted a normal pregnancy. A normal delivery. A full term baby. No negative effects for Luke later on. I was a flood of emotions because of everything I had envisioned for my one "Normal" pregnancy.

I went to see my OB the day of the test and she told me she would be genuinely surprised if I failed the test. She reminded me that the twins were large for their gestation and I seem to make large babies. Brandon was over 8 lbs, so we do have genetics on our side. She is still going to let me attempt VBAC, but with him continuing to measure large she has brought to my attention it could end in a c-section. I am fine with that, but I want the chance.

GOOD NEWS I PASSED MY GLUCOSE TEST! I am one happy momma!!

Luke has the hiccups ALL THE TIME. 

He stays on my right side and never goes on my left side. 

He is head down.

He LOVES my right ribs. This is exactly where Drake was, and he was my active twin. So, needless to say my right ribs are not catching a break.

The twins adore him. They cannot pronounce their "L" They call him Kuke. They often lift my shirt and kiss my belly.

They especially love his nursery. We got it cleaned out during christmas break. They run in there daily. The crib, dresser, changing table, and a shelf are all in their now. They spend a lot of their time in this room. They also like that they can see outside from his windows. 

The boys are going to be great big brothers. Seeing them with Bowen just makes me see it even more. They think Bowen is the coolest thing EVER.

22 weeks 

26 weeks

28 weeks

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  1. You're going to attempt a VBAC? Are you delivering at clear lake regional? I meant to ask my doc if they allow VBACs at my hospital but i forgot.
    I'm glad you passed passed your glucose test. Those super suck!