Sunday, January 15, 2012

Definitely a Mommy Moment !

January 14, 2012

All I can say is WOW.

Drake woke up with a crusty nose. I woke up with a sore throat, cough, migraine, and my body hurts.

I feed the boys their breakfast like they have every morning. They take a short nap.

Drake is extra clingy with me because he is not feeling well. I bring their jumperoo's into the kitchen while I make baby food. I am making a couple batches of bananas to put into the freezer.

I pull Hunter in his jumperoo back into the living room and I rock in the glider with Drake because he is fussy.

All of a sudden Hunter starts coughing hysterically. Then he begins to gasp for air. I put Drake down at my feet, rip Hunter out of the jumperoo. I turn him over and begin beating his back wtih the palm of my hand. My mind was racing to everything I learned in my NICU CPR class. I am also thinking what in the world could he have choked on?!?! He throws up a little on the carpet and takes a breath. Apparently, he was choking on spit or throw up? 

I turn him around and take a deep breath. What a scare. Not 2 seconds later he projectile vomits all of the bananas he had eaten earlier. It goes into my ear, hair, down the front and back of my shirt (still cannot figure that out!) But wait, who was at my feet?!!? You guessed it Drake. So, it lands on Drake's head, down the side of his face, legs, and diaper. Not to mention all over the carpet and the wall.

SERIOUSLY ?!?!?!?!?!

To top it off, both boys have diarrhea. I am at a loss as to where to start. Both boys are screaming. I take a blanket and set them both on it. I look for my cell, which of course I cannot find immediately. I call Lacey because she lives 1 minute away! I was so thankful when she answered! I asked her to come asap! She helped me to clean the floors, bathe the boys, and watched them while I took a shower. This was quite an ordeal!

Best part of the day ... 3 hours later the boys started crawling !!! They have been so close, but have not really started crawling. I had a water bottle on the ground that I was drinking and before I knew it they both took off crawling. They are not doing it consistently, but they definitely know how! I caught it on camera too!! YAY!

This day made me feel like I am officially a MOMMY! ;)

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  1. The paragraph with the projectile vomit made me laugh! I'm positive it wasn't funny at the time (and maybe still isn't) but hopefully they're both feeling better now.
    Oh the joys of little kids! :P