Thursday, April 23, 2015

Luke Arthur is 2!

Luke is 2 years old. I cannot even believe it has happened that fast.

He is one strong willed little boy. Brandon says he is independent. So true. He is stubborn but oh so sweet. 

He kisses you when you are hurt and says, all better?

He loves to eat. Loves his snacks. Fruit snacks, scooby snacks, fruit roll up, goldfish, yogurt, peaches, waffles, anything.

He loves his night-night. 

He asks for a drink often.

Luke loves to snuggle me when he wakes up or is going to sleep. 

He adores his brothers and playing with them. 

He loves to watch tv and movies. Lays on his tummy with his night night and watches them. He will disappear for an hour doing this in the twins' room. 

He LOVES sleep. He will sleep until 10 am then nap around 1 for another 2 hours. Goes to bed anywhere from 7 to 9. 

He has not showed interest in potty training yet.

He loves to shake his booty and says it so precious!

Luke loves shoes and going bye bye. 

He loves Frozen & Toy Story! Super Why is his favorite cartoon! 

He sleeps with the whole cast of Toy Story in his crib with him.

His vocabulary has exploded in the past 4 months! He is also much more loving! Gives hugs and kisses all the time!

He has had some accidents. More than his brothers combined. He busted his chin in the bath. His forehead on Nadi's driveway. That one was BAD and very recent. Still healing. He is a trooper and gets over falls very quickly. 

He is in size 5 Pampers Cruisers. 2T clothes for the most part! Some 3T. 

He has HUGE feet. Same size as Hunt. Normally an 8 or a 9. 

He loves to have you hide under his blanket with him. 

He loves to dance.

He loves movies.

He loves bath time.

He has a temper that has eased a little with time. 

He loves his cousin Bowen. He talks about him ALL THE TIME.

He also adores Aubrie. That is his play partner at Nadi's. 

He loves going to his grandparent's. No tears if you leave him there. There might be tears when you make him leave. 

He is my baby.

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  1. He is really a cut and adorable kid. The time flies by really fast and kids grow up so quickly. He is achieving his age milestones and doing really well.