Thursday, October 6, 2011

Our Journey ...

October 6th... This day will always be special in my heart. It was my first ultrasound, and the day my life changed FOREVER. I would have never imagined the news I would receive that day.

I can remember the exact room at the Dr.'s office I was in. I can remember the entire conversation, word for word. I was terrified, shocked, excited, and so many more emotions. Twins are high risk. I knew that. Twins are EXPENSIVE. I knew that. I was scared, and for good reason! Brandon was so calm, it was amazing. Gosh, I really can remember looking at the screen and at the ceiling of the room in shock!

I think people were worried about me the first week because I was completely out of it! I planned to have A baby! We could afford A baby! We were ready for A baby! What if we weren't ready for two ?!?! It took time to sink in. The specialist made it very clear this was not going to be easy. I could come to an ultrasound and only have one baby. So, every two weeks I went in not knowing if the second baby would still be there. That is HARD! After the first trimester, the odds of losing only one baby go down drastically! Then I had to worry how far we were going to make it into this pregnancy! Fluid levels, shortening cervix, baby weights, etc.

I am a planner. I planned exactly how long it would take me to get my teaching degree at SHSU. I planned on getting married right out of college. I planned on teaching in LPISD, my alma mater. I planned on buying a house. I planned on having a baby after a year of marriage. So, God decided to throw me a curve ball. He made me realize you CANNOT plan everything. Life happens. Thank Goodness :)

In the ultrasound, we were measuring the right baby, which turned out to be Drake. The left baby popped in the screen after a couple minutes. That is our Hunter. I cannot imagine having one baby. My life has been changed forever. I still lay awake at night shocked by my life. I have two of EVERYTHING. When people walk in to my home, they laugh. You think of course she has two of everything, but seeing it is completely different.

They are great babies. I am surprised how easy it has been with two babies. I anticipated needing tons of help, and the truth is... I really don't. I am able to do it, and I really did not think I would be able to! Don't get me wrong, the help is AMAZING! Our families have been wonderful through all of this! I just thought I would probably need them to move in to the guest bedroom... haha ;)

 I know once they start walking I will be singing a different tune! Two toddlers running in different directions is going to be ... interesting! :)

I am so in love with my life. Amazing husband, and two beautiful babies!

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