Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gender Reveal for Baby ♥

I had heard of a blood test that could tell the gender of a fetus at 12 weeks when I was pregnant with the twins. I already had an appointment scheduled, and then had the surprise of a lifetime when I was told it was twins. I cancelled my appointment and trusted my specialist to tell us the gender. 

So, fast forward to the new baby! I knew I wanted to do this test and find out the gender early. I had the appointment at 12 weeks and the results were in at 13 weeks. Sandy called and found out the results when I was 13 weeks. I invited all of our family to come over for  reveal of the gender. 

Lacey decorated her stroller box for the balloons to go inside! Sandy bought the balloons and loaded them in the box, keeping it a secret from everyone. This was NOT easy to do! Especially when I saw her daily to drop off and pick up my boys. She would burst out laughing constantly. Or smile ear to ear when I was telling a sad story.

On Sunday, September 16th, all of our families came over to find out. Everyone wore pink or blue for what they thought the baby would be! There was quite a bit pink and some blue mixed in!

We went outside after everyone ate pizza ready to open the box! I was convinced it was a girl! The pregnancy had been so different, and the pencil test said I was having a girl. 

Imagine my surprise when blue balloons came out :)

I am so truly excited to have another boy. I am not upset about carrying another beautiful Olive boy! I was disappointed in the fact that I will never have a daughter. This will be our last child. I thought of all the things I would never do. Get a daughter ready for a school dance, cheer, help plan a wedding, be there when my daughter gives birth, etc. 

I am in a much better place now that it has all sunk in. I am excited to have my 3 boys. I cannot wait to raise three amazing men! I want them to marry wonderful women that will want me to be around during their important moments in life and the every day moments. I will love dancing with my boys at their wedding just as I dance with them now in the kitchen. I will have 3 little momma's boys! Who could be unhappy with three healthy boys?!

We are undecided on a name! I am now making decisions about a nursery. Thankfully, this baby is due the same time as when the boys were born! So, all of their beautiful clothes can be reused!

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  1. Aww I was in the same situation about not having a little girl but I do have a little girl in heaven and I am happy to have my 2 gorgeous boys :) congrats on your pregnancy I wish you the best and cant wait to see pics of your baby he will be gorgeous like his big brothers