Wednesday, October 31, 2012

20 weeks with sweet Baby Luke ♥

I am halfway through my last pregnancy!!! I really cannot believe it!  We picked a name too! 

Luke Arthur Olive

Luke is a name I loved a couple years ago from a show I watch, One Tree Hill. Brandon was looking at pinterest with me at nursery stuff and there was a nursery with the name Luke and he said, what about Luke? I really really really wanted Carter, but he was not giving in on that name. I brought Luke up a couple years ago and Brandon said no. He of course does not remember this conversation ;)

Arthur is after my daddy. The twins middle names are named after Brandon and his side of the family. I fully believe middle names should be family names. We intended to use my middle name for a little girl. My middle name is shared with several of my daddy's family members. Since we are having another baby boy, we still wanted to incorporate my family. 

I started feeling Luke at 17 weeks. I was in total shock! I did not feel the boys until 22 weeks due to an anterior placenta. When the ultrasound technician told me at 12 weeks I again have an anterior placenta I was so disappointed. Having an anterior placenta means my placenta attached at the front of my uterus. Most pregnancies attach at the back and are posterior. This affects how early and strong you feel fetal movement. Basically, the placenta absorbs the kicks before I can feel them. 

Now, at 20 weeks I REALLY feel him. You can see my stomach move with his movement. Other people can feel him move. I did not feel the twins until 22 weeks, and other people could not feel them until a couple weeks later. 

I am so glad he is moving because I really don't feel pregnant. If it wasn't for the growing bump and his movement I think I would forget. He is such an easy pregnancy!!

So, I am thinking Mr. Luke is having a party in there! Tons of space that he doesn't have to share with a sibling and he is so excited to join our family ;)

It makes me wonder if he has a personality like my Drake. Drake was incredibly active in the womb and Hunter rarely moved. This matches their personalities exactly. Drake is still active and Hunter is laid back. 

I lost 5 pounds in the first trimester. Not sure how, but I did. I still have not gained them back. My doctor is not concerned that I have not gained any weight yet. 

I am DEFINITELY showing. I need to purchase some Maternity shirts. I did not have that many when I was pregnant with the twins. I was in the hospital by the time I was really showing so I just wore larger t-shirts most the time.

I still sleep on my belly just like I did with the twins. So, when I wake up in the mornings my belly is basically gone. By the time I get ready and leave it has popped back out :)

I have been having my cervix measured by my specialist Dr. Adam. It is measuring around 3.2 cm which is not terrible. Shorter than what it should be at this point, but not to the point I am on bed rest. I go back this Friday to have a final look and decide whether I am a candidate for a cerclage. Part of me wants them to do the cerclage. After 22 weeks you cannot have a cerclage done due to the fact it can cause pre-term labor. So, in my head what if mine shortens at 25 weeks ?!?! It shortened at 26 weeks with the twins. I CANNOT be on hospital bed rest again. I just can't. I would have to be sedated to be away from my boys. There is just no way. I am praying this cervix cooperates and stays nice and long. 

Luke is completely healthy and growing on track. We will see him again on Friday which will be fun :)

I will be attempting to have a vaginal delivery. If I end up with a c-section I am okay with that. I just want the chance to be able to have a normal delivery. Since I have had a c-section I cannot be induced. I would have to go into labor on my own. I do not foresee that being an issue since my preterm labor history, but if I make it to my due date we will schedule a c-section. 

We have started making plans for Luke's nursery. We are doing a Dr. Seuss theme. I want to do the red and turquoise Dr. Seuss. I found a bedding set on Etsy that I love. We are going to begin emptying the guest room as soon as we have time. October has been pretty crazy. I have ordered some outfits for our Luke. We have absolutely EVERYTHING this baby boy could ever need from his older brothers, but I want him to have some things of his own. I definitely don't want him to always have "hand me downs." 

We will be moving the changing table from the boys' room to Luke's nursery. We are taking the long dresser and moving it to Luke's room also. There is nothing but baby stuff in it right now anyways, so the twin's are not using it. 

I will order Luke a crib soon. 

The twins are staying in their cribs until they climb out. I am not looking forward to when that occurs ;)

Here is to 20 more uneventful weeks with Luke ♥

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