Wednesday, October 31, 2012

First ER Trip with { Drake & Hunter }

On Sunday when the boys woke up I thought they sounded raspy. Even when they would take a breath it seemed like I could hear something in their little bodies that was not right. As a mommy I know everything about the way they breathe and talk. Something was different. I asked Brandon about it and he said he had not noticed anything.

On Monday morning when I woke them up at 6:30 to leave for Sandy's I could hear something strange in their voice still. I also thought they had a fever. I thought about staying home. I went and got the thermometer and they had a fever of 99.2 and 99.3 Nothing major. As they started moving around they seemed fine, so I still took them to Sandy's. That night Drake woke up after bedtime which never happens. He was raspy and coughed a couple times. I was able to get him back to sleep, but knew that was not normal for him.

On Tuesday morning the boys still had that same raspy noise in their voice. I took them to Sandy and told her to watch them close if they were getting sick. I was going to be at work until after 9 pm that night due to a football game. So, Brandon got the boys that afternoon. I texted him and asked how they were and he said they had a cough. 

On my way home I called Brandon and he said Drake had already woken up twice crying. I called and took off work the next day immediately. I knew that something was wrong. When I got home he woke up crying again. When I went in their room it sounded like he was gasping for air. Completely freaked me out. He woke up Hunter in the process of crying and gasping. We put the boys in our room with Barney and I called the on call doctor. They called and asked if they could talk to Drake and listen to his breathing since he was the worse of the two. After listening to Drake wheeze into the phone they said we needed to head to Texas Children's Emergency room. 

We loaded the boys up at 11:30 and headed out. 

They got us in relatively quick. Getting out was the issue. They heard the boys cough and immediately diagnosed them with Croup. Croup is a barking cough due to swelling around the vocal cords and can cause breathing difficulty. We were taken to a room and given an oral steroid for both boys. They said it would take roughly 24 hours to really kick in and then the boys would be on the mend. The boys acted way better than I expected with it being so far past their bedtime! They were smiling, giggling, talking, walking around, and having a blast. We had a couple meltdowns, but with snacks we were able to keep them pretty happy. I need to thank Welch's for making fruit snacks ;)

We got home at 3 am after waiting for the doctor to come speak with us.

The boys slept from 3 to 8 am. They are struggling to sleep or nap for long periods of time. 

Today the boys have been fussy, wheezing, and coughing. Tonight it was worse than during the day. We put a humidifier in their room. We used Vapor Bath by Johnson and Johnson when we bathed them. I am praying these sweet boys are able to sleep tonight and wake up much better tomorrow. They will be spending the next two days home with my mom which I know they will enjoy :)



Drake and Hunter really looking alike!

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