Sunday, October 28, 2012

Drake and Hunter at 18 Months ♥

My boys are growing and learning so much. They want to repeat anything and everything. They constantly imitate us.

Some of the words we hear often are bite, gone-gone, bye, hi, snack, baby, night-night, bubba, momma, daddy, nadi, papa, meme, nanny, pop, shoes, croc, bath, brush, Bar for Barney, Bop for Baby Bop, car, outside, bird, duck, deer, book, uh oh, cheese (for  picture), luke, bo, ruff-ruff, quack-quack, bananas, and rawrr!

Hunter often messes with his fingers. He will be watching tv, standing listening to me talk, etc. and he will be rubbing his fingers together. It is a habit I just recently noticed.

The boys are in a stage right now that they do not like to get up in the morning at 6:30. When I go to wake them they roll over and pull their blanket back over themselves. Hunter often wants to be put into Drake's bed at this point. It melts my heart, and makes me wish I could stay home!

Drake LOVES to give kisses. He has the perfect pucker and will give kisses all day long. Hunter went through a week long stage of refusing to kiss anyone. He would kiss stuffed animals, but not us. He finally started kissing us again, thank goodness!

They know most of their body parts. Nose, ear, eyes, teeth, head, shoulders, toes, belly, bellybutton, and butt.

They love to throw diapers away in the diaper genie! They recently also bring you a diaper if you ask them to!

My boys absolutely love to wear shoes. They typically wear shoes ALL day long. They may be in diapers and crocs a lot of the time at home ;)

They are in size 5 pampers.

Drake is a size 5 shoes and Hunter is a size 4.

Clothes are difficult to size right now. Carters is my favorite and runs small, which is perfect for my preemie boys! So, they are in size 18 month shirts from there. They are still a tad big for Hunter but not too bad. They fit Drake perfect. They wear size 9 to 12 months from Children's Place because they run big. 

The boys absolutely love books. Especially my Hunter. They will sit and read a book and point out different objects they know.

They have a new cousin this month!!! Brandon's sister Lacey gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Bowen Michael Nowetner. He was 7 lbs 14 oz and 19.25 inches long. They were fascinated by him the first time they met. Lots of kisses were given and lots of "be gentle and sweet" was heard :)

They still sleep 12 hours or more at night. They take a 2 to 3 hour nap during the day.

They absolutely HATE the pediatricians office. She said it is completely normal. They cried their entire 18 month check up. Hunter was worse this appointment and that never happens. They did not even have to get shots and the boys were still petrified.

They HATE the vacuum cleaner.

They love Welch's fruit snacks.

Barney is still the only show that holds their attention. They will bring you the remote when it is the end to turn another episode on to watch.

Hunter is in a stage of scrunching his nose and it is precious!

Drake likes to come up behind me and push on my back while I am sitting down. He thinks he is hiding and it is a game.

They love bath time. Hunter figured out how to pull up the stopper and keep it out. So, we have to refill to bath sometimes.

They are still doing AMAZING with Mrs. Sandy. It is so sweet to give them kisses and they tell me bye in the mornings. I know they are well taken care of and loved there.

The boys have had a couple mosquito bites in the past months and we realized they are most likely allergic due to how large, hard, and red they appear. This month Hunter woke up with a HUGELY swollen and red hand. I called the pediatrician several times, but since there was no streaking up the arm they were not worried. Benadryl and cortizone was the solution. It took nearly 3 days for his "Hulk" hand to go down.

My daddy came home this month and the boys did not have to "warm" up to him. They immediately went to him. I was so excited!!!!

Drake weighs 23 lbs 9 oz.

Hunter weighs 22 lbs 14 oz.

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