Tuesday, September 11, 2012

13 weeks with Baby Number 3

I am pregnant. Really. I do not think it has truly sunk in that I am going to have another baby. Brandon said to someone I have two and one on the way, and I felt like he was speaking about someone else's life.

I do not feel pregnant. At all. I have been sick 5 times this pregnancy.

I am definitely showing. I did not show with the twins until 17 weeks, so it is strange to me to show so early.

We decided to go to Genetics Center of Houston to have our First Trimester Screening. They are able to determine the gender of the baby by drawing the mom's blood. There will be y chromosomes in her blood if it is a male, and  no y chromosomes if it is a girl. I also had an ultrasound to measure the nuchal fold and other things. The baby had the hiccups during the assessment and was also quite stubborn! It took a while to get all of the measurements.

My OB is concerned about my cervix. We will start measuring it around 18 weeks to be sure it is not shortening early. I think it is already short. I watched the ultrasound tech measure it and it was 3.5 cm. When I was pregnant with the twins it was over 4 cm at 24 weeks. I am praying that this is not going to be an issue. If it does become one I will have a cerclage which is fine with me. Anything to keep this baby in until it is full term. I want an uneventful and healthy pregnancy! I want to be able to walk around at 8 and 9 months pregnant! I missed so many things while on bed rest, so I am praying this will be completely different!

This Sunday we will have a gender reveal with our family! My sister in law decorated the box, and Sandy will find out the results! She will put balloons into the box, and we will open them with all of our family here. I cannot wait to find out ! Of course, there is a random shortage on helium so you cannot blow up balloons! Remember, I lost my luck? ;) So, I went and bought one of those helium tanks that blows up some balloons! This way we will definitely have balloons to release on Sunday!

I have the Sonoline B Fetal Doppler and I am able to hear the baby's heartbeat. It is always in the high 160's to low 170's. I typically listen once every couple days.

Here is Baby Olive at 12 weeks...

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