Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Moments in time with my three boys ...

When I envisioned my three boys playing together I never imagined it would be so soon that they would really be able to play. The twins are exactly 2.5 years old and Luke is 7.5 months old.

Luke has been crawling for a month now, and as of a week ago pulls up on every single thing in sight. The twins chase him, and he crawls as fast as he can giggling the entire time. He crawls up onto their Mickey Mouse couch and sits with them. He stands and plays with them at the Lego block table. 

Tonight he crawled on their couch and managed to crawl from there onto the COFFEE TABLE while I was putting Christmas decor up with the twins. He is not even 8 months old?!? I was shocked and terrified when I saw him on his hands and feet on the edge of the table. I just knew he was going to topple backwards and I would not get there fast enough. Thankfully, I was to the table before he fell. 

Watching these three boys giggle together melts my heart. The twins adore their baby brother. I was going to leave Luke at Sandy's one afternoon and she was going to bring him to me after his nap. Hunter had a fit in the car saying "Mommy you forgot Luke, get Luke, Luke is my friend!" Talk about melting this mommy! 

Hunter also says I love you unprompted now. He always says momma first and waits for you to say what/yes, then says "I wove you mommy." It is one of the most amazing things I have ever heard in my entire life. The way he pronounces love sounds like he makes the l a w sound. After he says it Drake tells me "I love you too momma"

The horse on Caillou is named Lucky. Earlier this week I said I am a lucky mommy. Drake and Hunter kept repeating, "No mommy, you are not lucky" It would have been priceless on video.

Today I said sounds like a plan to the twins on the way home. Hunter immediately said "I don't like plans! No plans mommy, I don't like plans!"

The twins have been asking to sleep on the floor in their room or sleep with each other. Drake does not feel like his bed is big enough for them to sleep together. I was planning to redo their room for their 3rd birthday, but I am unsure if we will make it until then. Rooms to Go has the perfect bunk beds that are meant for toddlers. They are 4 foot tall with extra wide steps. This is the bed I am leaning towards.

Lately the twins have been waking up around 6 am which makes getting ready for work incredibly difficult. I am hoping they will go back to sleeping until 7 am.

The twins enjoy being able to feed Luke puffs. They play and are incredibly gentle with him. Luke is always right there with them playing anywhere in the house. The great thing is we do not have many toys that Luke cannot play with so he can go with them to play. 

I am blessed beyond words and enjoying these moments with my three boys!

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