Sunday, November 17, 2013

Luke is 8 months old ❤️

Luke is 8 months old and growing too quickly.

He got a flu shot at 8.5 months old and weighed 19 lbs 11 ounces fully clothed, so probably more like 19 lbs 6 ounces.

He started pulling up and pulls up on everything in sight. 

He will pat-a-cake with one hand open and one hand closed when he claps!

He is in size 4 Pampers Cruisers. 

His two middle bottom teeth broke through the week he turned 8 months. He was not fussy at all when they came through.

He crawls everywhere and chases the boys.

He is in size 9 months clothes. 

Luke giggles all the time! He laughs when I talk, laughs when he knows he is about to nurse, laughs at his brothers, literally anything is funny to him. It is heartwarming to hear that sweet sound!

He goes to bed around 7 pm and typically sleeps 11 hours. 

We are still successfully breastfeeding! I am so excited to be able to write that! He nurses once before we leave for Sandy's, and one to two times in the evenings. He typically takes 3 to 4 six ounce bottles while he is away from me for 9 hours a day. Nursing can calm him down if he is ever upset which is nice. If he does not want to nurse something is really wrong. 

Luke still randomly likes to sleep with me at night. He will fall asleep in my bed nursing, then when I go to take him to his room he bursts into tears. I give in because this is not often, so I know he must need some mommy time. Being a working mommy I miss so much, he is my last baby... I will take all the snuggles I can get. I never imagined myself co-sleeping in any way, but with breastfeeding it has become something that does occur with Luke and I. 

He eats solids two times a day. He loves avocado! We have yet to find something he does not like. 

Luke eats yogurt melts, puffs, and MumMums! He is good at self-feeding!

He will drink out of a straw sippy cup. He prefers the boys large ones to his smaller one. 

He learned how to climb on the twins Mickey Mouse couch, then climb on the coffee table! This is a daily occurrence! He has yet to hurt himself while on the couch, but loves to stand there and bang things on the table. 

He plays with all the toys in our home, the twins or his! 

Everything goes into his mouth right now!

He still sleeps with a pajama sleeper on, a blanket, and his white noise machine! 

Luke managed to pull his curtains into his crib the other day! So now I pull the curtains to the side where he can't reach them! 

Luke is SUCH a wiggly boy when he is awake and nursing! He is practically doing the alligator death roll half the time. When he is half asleep it is not an issue, but when awake it is comical. He will sit up and nurse, lay on his belly, lay flat, unlatch and talk, giggle, switch sides. He has a hard time staying focused when the twins are around so I typically take him into the bedroom to nurse.

We still think he looks just like mommy! He has my eyes for sure! His hair stands straight up, but not quite as much as Drake's did! 

He takes two naps a day. One around 9:30 and the other around 1/1:30. We start baths around 6:30 and he goes to bed at 7 after nursing. 

He loves bath time.

Luke scrunched his nose often! He quints his eyes when he does this! 

He is an incredibly happy baby. Rarely is he fussy unless it's bedtime or time to eat. He had a fussy week at the start of this month, but we think he may have been feeling bad.

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