Tuesday, October 15, 2013

First trip to the Barber Shop ...

Brandon's grandmother, Nanny, has cut the boys' hair for the past year and a half. She does an amazing job and the boys do well. We are having pumpkin patch pictures taken, so they needed a hair cut. She was busy, and the boys are older so I figured they would be fine at a barber. Drake was saying he did not want one, so I bribed him with a treat.

We went to Lynn's Barber Shop. They were incredibly patient and kind to my boys. The boys placed their John Deere hats on the hat rack and we waited until someone was available. Two different people cut their hair. I was having a total freak out the entire time thinking what if their hair does not match at the end of this. The boys sat still and talked the entire time. I held Luke and took photos. A woman cut Drake's and a man cut Hunter's. It turned out perfect, and the boys earned a green sucker! They asked to take photos of the boys with mustaches, so we had a small photo shoot at the end. They did not want to leave when all was said and done. They asked for another hair cut. 

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