Monday, October 14, 2013

Today is not my day ...

On a typical day I think my life is pretty easy. Raising 3 boys, teaching, keeping our home running, and being a wife is my every day life. 

Get myself rest for work, get Luke ready, dress the twins, buckle all 3 in their car seats, unload all 3 at Sandy's, tutor before school, teach 3 classes, pump for Luke, teach a class, eat lunch, 52 minute planning period, teach 2 more classes, pump for Luke, pick up and load all 3 boys from Sandy's, unload all 3 boys at home, cook dinner, play with the boys, feed all 3 dinner, bathe Luke, nurse Luke, put Luke to bed, play with the twins, bathe the twins, read a bedtime story, listen to them read a story to me, pick up the toys, clean the kitchen, clean my pump, and anything else that needs to be done to keep our house going. Normally, this comes easy to me.  Not. Today. 

I think lack of sleep and pure exhaustion has kicked in today. I am overwhelmed. I am tired. I am stressed. I miss sleep. I want a break. I adore my children, but oh my gosh do I want to sleep for an entire day. 

I want to have a spotless clean house again. I want Drake to not be overly dramatic. He has cried for 3 hours this evening. Over nothing. Over everything. I want Luke to sleep through the night again. I want the laundry to magically hang itself in my closet. I want work to not be so overwhelming. 

I. Need. A. Break. 

Whether I actually get one, that is another story. 

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