Sunday, October 13, 2013

Luke at 7 months ...

Luke is officially 7 months old! I have decided on his birthday theme because it will be here before we know it! I wanted to be able to reuse some of the twins' birthday decor from their Dr. Seuss first birthday. I decided on a Carnival/Circus theme! I am going to add in some yellows to the red, white, and turquoise decor we already have :) 

He was able to sit himself up a week after he turned six months old!

A week later he was able to crawl, so around 6.5 months he was mobile. He was not fast until a week after learning how to crawl. He takes off quickly now! I have to keep my eyes on him or he will be gone and we will not realize which room he is in. 

Right now he is crawling normal with his knees on the ground. The twins started out this way as well, then switched to holding their knees up. He does crawl like them when on tile.

He has started to pull himself up. He gets on his knees often and plays, but does not stand to play often. He has done it a handful of times.

We are still in size 3 diapers due to trying to finish the opened box we have. It is amazing how many less diapers one baby goes through compared to the twins! 

He is in size 9 months clothing and can squeeze into some 6 months.

We are still breastfeeding, YAY! We nurse in the morning before work a couple times a week  if he wakes up and twice after work typically. The weekends we breastfeed for every feed. I am still absolutely loving breastfeeding. We lay in bed to nurse most of the time. I love looking at him knowing my body created all those rolls! I love knowing my body is providing the nourishment he needs for him to grow. The bond is one only a breastfeeding mother can understand. We are blessed to have made it 7 months!

He has been sick recently so he has been up several times at night. He cannot breathe out his nose at all. We are using a humidifier to try and help.

We introduced solids this month! He loves bananas! I break them into small pieces and feed him. He has also had avocado and carrots. He enjoys puffs and yogurt melts! Luke has started eating 18-20 ounces while I am at work. I am barely keeping up with him with pumping. I have added more Gatorade to my diet and this has helped. 

Luke crawls and plays with everything all around the house! There is not an area he can't be in, so he goes everywhere. He loves to play with the twins' toys! 

The twins and Luke were playing with the Fisher Price Ballapalooza this weekend. I purchased this gift for Christmas for the twins when I was pregnant last year. I envisioned all 3 boys playing with it one day. That day finally came, and it melted my heart! I love watching how kind they are to their brother. They love to play with him. They ask for him constantly. These boys are going to be so incredibly close, and it makes my heart overflow.

He gets a bath around 6:30, is nursing by 6:50, and in bed around 7! Luke sleeps through the night some nights, other nights he is awake once around 4/5ish. I don't mind the extra snuggles since I am working. 

He goes to sleep with a blanket, his glowing sea horse, and white noise playing in his room. 

He is an incredibly happy baby. Luke only fusses when he is hungry or tired. He goes to sleep very easily without crying when in his room. He struggles to fall asleep at other places except for Ms. Sandy's since that is his routine.

Luke typically takes a longer morning nap around 9:30 am. He takes an afternoon nap around 1 pm. Sometimes he needs a short nap when I get home around 4:30/5.

This months photos were by far the hardest to take! He wanted to grab his lamp and crawl off his shelf. 

Luke is my baby boy, and that means extra snuggles, extra kisses, and lots of love!

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