Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Potty Training Twins ...

We started potty training in July. I ordered Mickey Mouse stickers as rewards, and Mickey Mouse/Thomas the Train underwear. 

We had actual potty chair's set up in my bathroom since May. The boys would sit on them, but would never actually potty. They LOVED taking them apart because they have several pieces. 

So, I decided I to purchase a potty seat and see if that went better.

The first weekend I started it Drake did much better than Hunter. We put them both in underwear when they woke up and set a time to go every 15 minutes. Drake did well and would pee. Hunter did NOT want to get on the toilet at all. He would get so upset. I finally convinced him to get on the potty by reading Chuggington books while sitting there. We would sit there 15 minutes and Hunter still would not go. We would get down and he would pee within 10 minutes.

We continued all weekend with several accidents, but did not give up. We worked on it Friday-Sunday.

They did okay throughout the week, but not amazing. I took juice out of their diet completely. It was making their bowel movements loose which is a pain in underwear. They now only drink water, milk, or water with the Kool-Aid spray in it. 

We stopped because of the accidents for a week and we went out of town for 5 days. 

When we returned Drake started wanting to have his diaper changed immediately after he peed. I knew he needed to be in underwear. So, I put him in underwear, but not Hunter. Hunter was not interested. He started wanting underwear 3 days later. 

They did great for a solid week! No pee accidents, but would poop in their underwear. Drake was able to tell me he was starting to poop and we could make it to the bathroom. Hunter had no concept.

Then I had to attend a math training, and for 3 days they had several accidents while at home with my mom and in the evenings with me! I was discouraged, but kept putting them in underwear and asked my mom to just keep at it. After that they had ZERO pee accidents !!! They have done fantastic!! It took Drake a week and he has figured out when he needs to poop and uses the big boy potty now. Unfortunately, as of right now (2 weeks potty training) Hunter still poops in his underwear. We are working on him understanding when he needs to go and since he was a few weeks behind Drake initially I expected it to take a little longer!

We only wear diapers at nap time and bed time. Typically they wake up dry. Once they consistently wake up dry for a couple weeks we will consider underwear at times of sleep. 

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