Saturday, August 17, 2013

Potty Trained at almost 28 months !

Hunt has officially figured out when he needs to poop! He now goes poop in the potty as of last week. That was the last thing we were waiting for between the two boys. 

So, I am happy to write while my boys are awake they are always in underwear and fully potty trained. They have no accidents at home. They have had a few accidents at Aunt Lacey's. They tell us when they need to go. We ask sometimes, but since they are able to tell us we do not have to ask often. 

We will continue to put them in diapers at nap time and bed time. Some days they wake up completely dry, other days they do not. Once they are consistently dry a couple weeks we will move to big boy underwear at sleeping times. Until then, I am completely happy with our progress! I am hoping it will go as well with Luke later down the road since he will have older brothers to watch!

Start Date: Friday June 28th   (26 months old)
Completed: Saturday August 10th  (27.5 months old)

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