Saturday, August 17, 2013

Luke {5 months}

How is Luke 5 months?! Where did that time go? I am shocked that he is almost half a year old. 

He has discovered his tongue this month. He smiles with it out of his mouth constantly.

He is very expressive! Almost always smiling!

He is still exclusively breastfed! I am so excited we made it 5 months! We still love the cross cradle and side lying nursing positions. I still use my boppy and love it! 

We did a couple spoonfuls of oatmeal cereal for 2 nights, but I decided to stop. He caught a cold from his brothers, so I wanted him to have strictly breast milk.

I have decided to start solids at 6 months  with homemade baby food. 

He sits unassisted for a couple minutes at a time. He has stopped sitting like a tripod and is able to sit straight up. He can hold toys while sitting up and chew on them. I know it will not be long and he will officially be sitting up! 

He watches his brothers constantly, and starting laughing at them this month! It makes it difficult when nursing because he wants to look at them rather than eat.

He shows more interest in the television than the twins ever did! He will watch it with the twins! 

We are still up 1 to 2 times a night. Typically one time! He had a runny nose for a week which made it hard for him to sleep! When I get up with him around 4 I put him in bed with me to feed him. We typically fall asleep together for a couple hours. 

I had been putting him to bed around 8 or 8:30. He started getting up around 1 and 4/5 ish. He had not been getting up at 1 in over a month. I bumped his bedtime to 7 because he seemed tired then. He sleeps MUCH better. He sleeps 9 hours typically. I wish he would stay up later so when I return to work I will have more time with him, but for right now it is what he wants. 

He was able to fall asleep unswaddled in his crib and sleep 2.5 hrs. He rolled over to his belly and slept most of the time on his belly. He still refuses to roll belly to back consistently! Has no desire to do it! I let him cry when he woke up, but felt awful since he could not roll himself back over. I had to swaddle him to sleep the rest of the night. So, we are making progress with no swaddle. He doesn't have to be swaddled in his rock and play. Only laying flat in his crib.

Luke absolutely loves to sleep in his rock and play. He naps in it every day. He was staying up 1.5 hours before needing a nap. We lay him in it with a thin blanket and white noise machine on. He doesn't fuss and goes right to sleep. In the past 2 weeks he has been needing to go to sleep after an hour to an hour and 15 minutes. I am thinking it must be a growth spurt.

He stayed with my mom for several days while I had a training. He did great with his bottles! I was so proud of him!

His hair stands straight up just like mine did as an infant, and his brother's did as infants too. I love it! His hair has dramatically lightened up since birth. It is white blonde like his brothers' now. 

I have a little over 100 ounces frozen in our deep freeze for him. 

Luke loves his jumperoo. He also enjoys sitting in his bumbo on his activity mat. He has started arching back in the bumbo, so not sure how much longer we will use it. He loves his swing, but I don't use it as often as I did with the twins. I put him on his rock and play in how room for naps since the twins are up playing, and that's when they really used theirs.

He is scooting around the room now! He likes to go backwards which is exactly what the twins did! He scoots himself as far as he can go under the couch and it brings me right back to when the twins would do the exact same thing. 

He rolls back to belly constantly, but will not roll belly to back often at all. He has done it a handful of times, but not consistently.

Luke takes 3-5 ounces out of a bottle typically. He tends to take less from Brandon for some reason. He always takes at least 4 ounces with my mom or his mom.

He is in size 3 Pampers Cruisers.

Luke wears size 6 months in outfits. He can wear some of his 3 to 6 months outfits, but has outgrown a few.

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