Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Drake and Hunter are 27 months !

Hunter now refers to his brother as Drake more often than Bubba. Drake had already been referring to him as Hunter for a couple months.

Drake will ask you "What are doing?" I love it!

Drake is potty trained!!! 

Hunter still struggles to go poop in the potty, but is completely pee potty trained. 

We do put them in diapers when they sleep, but everything I have seen says they cannot control that at this age. If they continue to be dry at nap time for a couple weeks we will drop the diapers for nap time. Same for bed time.

Hunter is becoming much more helpful! He normally does not like to go get things for Drake from across the house. He has offered to go get his blanket or a book several times.

They are absolutely in LOVE with their deer blankets. 

I still kiss any and all boo-boo's. Whether they hurt a toe, or fall on their booty, you can bet mommy is kissing it. 

They love to read books throughout the day and at bedtime. After we read it to them they tell us "I read you" So, they go through each page and read to us. They do a good job at telling us what they can figure out from the photos, and remembering what we just read to them.

They are starting to understand photos of them when they are young are "Drake and Hunter" They used to tell me every baby picture was Luke or Bowen. Now, if it is a picture of two babies they will say it is Drake and Hunter. 

Hunter loves the "Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere" song. He will sing it and pick up the house with me.

They sing "You are my Sunshine" and it melts me every time. They enjoy me rocking them and singing this song. 

They now come out of their room when they wake up. Drake can open doors, but Hunter cannot. For the first few weeks after switching to toddler beds Drake would not open his bedroom door. He would wait for us to go in and get them. Now, when he wakes up he IMMEDIATELY wakes up his brother. Then asks him, "want door open?" It is as if he only wants to do it if he is doing it for Hunter. Of course, Hunter says yes. They come into my bedroom and say "Good Morning Mommy!" It is the best way to wake up for SURE! I am normally nursing Luke when they wake up, so I tell them to crawl up the end of the bed and lay with us. 

They love pallets.

They love to make trains and play with actual trains, especially my Hunter.

Hunter LOVES to wear the Cat in the Hat hat. 

Drake had a random biting stage. He bit Brandon once, and Hunter once. Hunter's bite was REALLY bad. I spanked Drake and pray he does not do it again.

They still adore their baby brother. They are great with him. They lay on the floor and play with him. Stand at his jumperoo. Take baths with him. Kiss him tons! I love watching their bond grow with him!

They have really loved their ABC wooden blocks this summer. They line them up like a train or stack them up. They also LOVE their Dr. Seuss stacking blocks! They do the same thing with them as they do their small wooden blocks.

They ask for pop-tarts often. They also love waffles, french toast sticks, oatmeal, and yogurt for breakfast.

They love macaroni and cheese!

They drink no juice because it messes with their stomach. So, they get water with Kool Aid sprayed in it.

They enjoy several shows! Super Why is the new one that they lately really like! 

Drake is my singer! He loves to sing along to songs on his shows! I often catch him doing it and I love listening to him!

Their imaginative play is AMAZING! They are constantly creating situations in their minds for play. They fake blow bubbles, fish, eat, etc. I love watching their minds grow!

I told them today I had a surprise present for them, it was a new Mickey Mouse shirt. They said "happy cake!" I guess they associate the word present with birthday! They called my birthday cake in July my "happy cake" 

They still love bath time! 

They learned more shapes and more colors this month. Heart, Star, Triangle, Red, Blue, Pink.

Their butts look absolutely adorable in big boy underwear!! 

My mom kept the boys for me for 3 days so I could attend a math training. They love having Nadi at the house. They even put her in Hunter's bed when I got home, covered her with the blanket, and Hunt told Drake to close the door. Apparently they thought they could smuggle Nadi and no one would notice! I am so glad they have such a strong bond with my mom. She gets on their level and plays the entire day. I love it.

They have gone to the lake a couple times with their Meme and Pawpaw this summer. They love it. When I say they love it, I mean they LOOOOOVVVEEE it. If they could move there, they would! They get to run around outside all day and ride in a golf cart. They get to go to the lake and play in the water. They set up a camo tent at the trailer, and they think that is super neat. They also get to go fishing! They both caught 3 fish this past weekend, August 3rd. It was their first fish to catch!!! They kissed their fish and had a blast. They love time with their Meme and Pawpaw. It is so amazing to see them all interact. The memories they are creating will last a lifetime.

I have been home with them nearly 5 months. I return to work in less than 2 weeks to begin my 5th year of teaching. I am excited to get back in the classroom because I am passionate about teaching, but I am so sad to leave my babies. I know they will love it at Sandy's again, but they are SUCH momma's boys. Drake always has been my momma's boy! Hunter always becomes more of one when I am on school breaks. So, this long of a break he is definitely much closer to me. I will miss the time with them, but cherish my time with them so much more. When I am working those evenings and weekends mean the world to me. It is my only time with my beautiful boys. Their little minds are growing and right now I am able to see it every moment of the day. I spend my whole day talking with them. They are my little best friends. I love playing with them. I love teaching them things. 

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