Sunday, August 19, 2012

Baby Olive { Round 3 }

Yes, you read it right! 

Drake and Hunter are going to be big brothers! 

We were happily surprised on July 22nd that we are expecting a baby March 2013! 

Lacey and Casey were the first to know. I knew I would not be able to watch 3 hours of the Bachelorette and not tell her since she knew I thought I was late.

We told Brandon's parents and grandparents on Monday the 23rd. I had Sandy create Big Bro shirts for the boys to announce it to our families. Pam got it immediately once she saw they both had Big Bro shirts on. Paul, well it took him longer ;) 

My first prenatal appointment was Wednesday, July 25th. I was nervous to take the boys alone, so luckily Brandon's cousin married a great girl who has become one of my best friends. Adriana came with me to help with my boys. I knew they were going to probably freak out when I was on the table. So, the morning of I was too stressed about their reaction and took them to my mother in law's work while I was at the appointment. Adriana and her 18 month old son Rex still went with me to the appointment. 

Dr. Bruce was able to see a gestational sac and a yolk sac. Unfortunately, we were not able to see the baby yet! She was not worried, but of course I was. When I went at 6 weeks with the boys you could easily see 2 babies and 2 heartbeats. She said it looked like I was more 5 weeks along, meaning I ovulated late. 

So, she asked I come back in 2 weeks to check on baby :)
E I was convinced I was not pregnant since I have no symptoms. I have not had any of the signs that I had with my previous pregnancy.

We told my family on Thursday the 26th when my daddy flew in from California. Brett and Brittany immediately understood both boys wearing Big Bro shirts! This gave it away to my dad when they were excited and congratulating me! It took my sister a while to get it and it took my mom a while! Everyone was very excited!

I spotted when I was 4 weeks pregnant, but had no idea I was pregnant. I coached a cheer clinic the entire day.

I had cramps on and off during weeks 3 to 5.

I have no tenderness in my chest.

I feel perfectly fine!

I have had a loss of appetite and skipped several meals before knowing I was pregnant.

So, I plan on enjoying every moment of my last pregnancy! Did you notice the color I wrote my blog in? I figure if I think pink it will help! ;) We will be happy with a healthy baby of any gender, but would love to have a little girl!

It was not in our plan to have this blessing so soon, but we are excited to know our family is growing ♥

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