Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Off to Mrs. Sandy's we go ...

This week I had to return to work, and I absolutely loved spending the summer with my boys. I have a good friend, Sandy, that has planned on keeping my boys for the past year after my mom stopped. We were so incredibly blessed that my mom watched our boys the first year. She did an amazing job, better than I ever expected. She had to be here early, and do the job of a young mom of twins. I could not ask her to do it more than that year. I want her to be able to visit my daddy, sleep in, go to her camp, and not be tied to always keeping my boys. It was a rough adjustment this summer. She was very emotional, and so was I. I think of all the little things that I need to let Sandy know. She was so great about listening to me go on and on about things most people don't care about.

Things like,

They have to sleep in the same room
They go to sleep with music on
Hunter's teeth are sensitive to cold
They only drink milk out of straw cups
They love Barney
They call each other "Bubba"
They love bananas
They love fruit loops
They are always thirsty when they wake up
Hunter is not really a big fruit eater
Drake loves fruit, especially peaches

She keeps one other little boy that is 6 months older, and her daughter is 4. These will be the kids my boys are with on a daily basis. This week there were more kiddos because school starts next week. Her son Nick is 6. She also has 2 older daughters, Natalie and Lauren. I taught Natalie this past year and she is now a freshman in high school. Lauren just left for college as a freshman :)

I was incredibly nervous about leaving my boys. I have never left the boys with anyone except family. They have never been crying when I left. I have really never had to wake them up to go anywhere. They sleep until like 8:30 or 9, so this would be an adjustment. Drake is a major momma's boy and he was the one I was more worried about.

Our mornings look like this...

Wake boys up at 6:45
Change diapers and get dressed
Walk out the garage by 6:55

I fully expected for this to take longer, but it has been great! They never actually walk into the living room. We go straight from their bedroom into the garage to leave.

The first morning we arrived they sat on her couch drinking their milk. I stayed 45 minutes with them. They played with toys, and then sat at their table to eat cheerios. I was able to sneak out and the boys never noticed!! It ! It went better than I ever imagined.

The second morning was just as easy, but I only stayed 15 minutes.

The third morning was off from the time they opened their eyes. They were already fussy when I woke them up. I was not feeling well at all either. When we arrived they were crying immediately without me leaving. I was in a hurry and just walked out. Listening to both my boys cry momma and walking out the door was awful. Within 2 minutes I had a photo from Sandy of two happy boys playing with Nick.

Hunter absolutely loves Nick!! Nick cannot leave the room and that is who Hunter wants to hold him.

Hunter has been the one that had a harder time adjusting, which totally shocked me.

Both boys are freaked out by her husband, Terry. He is a Sherrif, so it seems to be the uniform that freaks them out. By the third day they were much better with him.

I underestimated my boys. I underestimated Sandy. She has been absolutely amazing, not that I did not think she would be I just envisioned my boys having a harder time being away from what they know. I get pictures often of my happy boys playing! I could not have asked for this week to go any better. I am so blessed that Sandy became a part of our lives. I trust her totally and completely with the most important part of our lives, Drake and Hunter.

Here are some pictures from the week :)

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