Sunday, August 19, 2012

Healthy 8 Week Baby ♥

I went back to the doctor after two weeks to make sure the baby was growing properly. Brandon and the boys went with me :) 

Unfortunately, my amazing OB did not get to deliver my boys. They did not even call her to come in on Easter. She was upset that she did not get a call after she had me in antepartum unit for months. So, I wanted to her to meet them finally!

When we were being walked back to the room we saw Dr. Schroeder, who is the OB that delivered my boys! We introduced ourselves and I thanked her for keeping me calm that day. She did an amazing job, and my incision is perfect. 

Dr. Bruce is currently mentoring someone so she has been in both appointments I have had with this pregnancy. They came in and she was so excited to meet the boys. They were great with her! Gave high gives and smiles. Anytime I have told her in the past that the boys have differences, she says it is impossible since they are identical. She agreed right away that there are differences :)

Now, time for the ultrasound!!! I was so ready to see this baby after a stressful two weeks. Immediately you could see ONE healthy baby! I was so relieved that the baby was healthy! I think it has been an adjustment knowing I am pregnant with one baby. My "normal" is two babies. It is all that I know. I don't want to say I was disappointed there was one, but it was a strange feeling. 

The baby was perfect! Healthy and measuring between 7 weeks 5 days and 8 weeks. 

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