Wednesday, May 30, 2012

First ER Trip { Hunter }

On Sunday, the boys woke up with a low fever. Brandon was out of town, so it was fussy boys and mommy. We went to my sister's to visit my daddy while he is in town for a little while. When we got home we were playing before bedtime and Drake threw up a tiny bit. He seemed fine, and the boys went to bed. 

On Monday, the boys woke up and had a low fever again. Drake seemed himself, but Hunter was not normal. If that baby is laying his head on you, he is sick. He is just not that kind of baby! He is independent and does not have time to snuggle ;) He laid on the floor with me and watched an entire Barney episode after his morning milk bottle. Drake seemed fine and was playing. Hunter sat up and projectile vomited all over the carpet and me. After he did this 4 times, I picked him up and prayed Drake would follow me to the bathroom. I asked him to follow me, he did :) I took Hunter straight to the bathtub. He was crying the whole way. I called my mom and she came over immediately. Within an hour, Drake threw up. Here we go again. The rest of the day they were not themselves, but they never got sick again. Hunter was uninterested in eating or drinking. I tried bottles, sippy cups, pedialyte, juice, etc. He did not want to eat or drink.

On Tuesday, the boys woke up and Hunter was still not his happy self. He ate and drank better, but still not as much as normal. After his afternoon nap he was much better! We went in the pool for the first time with the boys and they had an absolute blast! When I went to change his diaper that night he had white poop. Seriously. I called Brandon in the room. I was not alarmed, just thought how strange. Pam said they had eaten oatmeal for breakfast, so we just assumed it was that. We took them home and put them to bed. 

On Wednesday, Hunter woke up and I knew he was not feeling well. He was fussy right away. I was almost late to work because I could not get ready. He drank his morning bottle, but still cried all morning. My mom called me around noon to tell me that Hunter had been crying all morning. This is so unlike him. Drake gets dramatic and cries, Hunter does not. He is such a laid-back, easy baby. She mentioned he had diarrhea a couple times and he had a white poop. I told her about what happened last night. She recommended I call the pediatrician, but they were out on lunch. So, I Google white stool in a toddler. WOW! Everything that came up was issues with the liver. Scared the daylights out of me! I call the on-call doctor and tell her everything. She says I need to take him to Texas Children's Emergency Room. I am sorry, what ?!?!?! I freaked out. I call Brandon and tell him to get home immediately. My mom took Drake home and we took Hunter to the hospital.

We arrived to a not too full ER which was nice. We were in a room within 45 minutes. The doctor came an hour after we were in the room, and decided we needed to do blood work. Hunter missed nap time, so he is NOT happy by this time. 30 minutes later a male nurse comes in to take his blood and informs us Hunter is also getting fluids through an IV. I know this is not going to go well with my "stranger danger" baby. He puts the rubber band around his arm to check his veins and Hunter is already losing his mind screaming. The nurse leaves the room and comes back with another male nurse. He says he normally does it by himself, but he is worried it will be too difficult with our wiggle worm. So, they hold him down to put the IV in. It was TERRIBLE. He screamed and kicked the entire time. They were shocked by his strength. I said preemies have to be fighters ;) 

Once the IV was done, Hunter finally fell asleep. 

Then, there is something going on right outside our room in the hallway. The man in the room next to us is flipping out because his Iphone is gone. He walked his daughter to the restroom and left his phone on the charger. When he came back around the corner there was a boy coming out of his room. The boy saw him and ran around the opposite direction. This boy was the brother of the patient across the hall and could be no older than 12. We were dead center between major drama. The guys yells "That phone is my life!" Really ?!?! I am sad that he feels that way because he had a beautiful daughter. He is standing at the door across from us telling the nurses that was the boy that he saw walk out of his room and run. The boy says he was getting an extra chair for the room. He immediately gets up and starts inching down the hallway. It was so crazy! All the nurses are looking in trashcans and along everything in the hallway. I hear the police officers say, "Isin't that the guy that came in with Fort Bend Sheriffs?" They explained it was the brother. We could tell there were 2 people in the room that were not family. They kept saying "the boy" came in and sat there. They must have been something to do with the justice system. The hospital security took the boy with his dad somewhere else in the hospital. Mind you we have security guards, police officers, nurses, and doctors all searching for this phone. The man is completely freaking out about it. He calls Verizon to see if they can locate it, but apparently he did not download the app to find your phone? haha. Once they had the boy in this area they had him on security cameras and he dropped the phone and tried to kick it under something to hide it. When they walked back in to give it to the man he said repeatedly "charge him!" The boy never returned. We could not see his brother, but the police officer walked up and said, "Guess who had it? Your brother." He closed the curtain and said, "Great role model. Great family there." I made my own assumptions of what his brother must have looked like.

It was a sad situation, but made the time pass quicker while Hunter slept.

The fluids finally finished in Hunter's IV. They came back and said the labs were fine. One lab was elevated in his liver, but it should be with a stomach virus. They wanted him to drink by mouth, so they told us to try. We tried sippy cup, bottle, straw. It was NOT gonna happen. They asked if we wanted to stay and have them watch him or would we rather go home. HOME. I knew he missed Drake, and needed to be in his own environment to get better. We came home and he played with Drake like he was feeling perfect before bedtime! 

Hopefully tomorrow my Hunter will be back to his old self! Thank you for all the prayers!

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