Wednesday, May 30, 2012

13 months ♥

My sweet boys are 13 months old!

Hunter is such a talker. He has stories to tell all the time. He seems like he is going to have a raspy voice. He says momma more often than Drake. They both love to say dada, and Drake has started saying daddy. Hunter says "outside" when he sees windows or doors.

Since the boys were sick a couple weeks ago Drake has become a momma's boy and Hunter a daddy's boy. Hunter is coming around and wanting to love on momma more though :) It is strange that Hunter says momma more because Drake most certainly is more attached to me.

They love to say bye-bye and wave!

They will also give you a high-five! It is precious!

Both boys love to scrunch their nose and make a "stinky" face. It is hilarious!

They went for their 1 year shots this month. Mommy and Daddy took off work because I was told at their 9 month appointment I would need help. 6 shots and 2 pricked fingers caused a lot of tears, but they survived ;)

After shots we ate breakfast at The Waffle House. We went to Bass Pro Shops to look for daddy's Father's Day gift. That evening the boys and I went on our first ride on Brandon's boat. We only went for 20 minutes total. The boys loved their life jackets! 

My daddy was able to come home this month! We have spent all of Memorial weekend with him! The boys are warming up to him, and even gave him some kisses.

They have learned to work their cars that we purchased for their birthday! Drake is able to hold the button down for longer periods. They both love them! It is a lot of work once they reach the end of the entry way having to turn them around. 

They are walking everywhere! It is definitely a new phase that I am trying to grasp. Leaving with them by myself is more difficult. Bath time by myself is tough. Unloading them by myself is a hassle. I am definitely blessed to have a husband that is so hands-on because I do not know what I would do without him. 

Hunter got his first knot this month. We bought the boys their life jackets and they loved walking in them. Drake has better balance with it on than Hunter does. They would look at each other and start laughing. I went to get the video camera and as soon as I walked back in Hunter took a tumble directly into our Media stand in the bedroom. I felt terrible. 

They have learned to blow out! 

They are infatuated with doors! They open and close any and all doors that are near them! 

Their "stranger danger" is getting SO much better. I am very proud of them!

They have learned how to lean their head back to drink out of the sippy cup! FINALLY :)

We are in size 4 Pampers!

We are wearing size 12 months clothes. They typically wear shorts and a t-shirt. We don't wear many onsies unless we are home.

Drake's shoe size is 4.

Hunter's shoe size is 3.

Hunter seems to like to mess with his ears. He always has his fingers in his ears. 

They both laugh and giggle when you chase them. 

They love to give kisses. You can tell them to "kiss bubba" and they will kiss each other. You get one shot with Hunter, after that he is done kissing and loving on Drake. Drake will lean in and try to put his head against Hunter's. Hunter is not having it. He is just not my lover boy, and Drake is all about snuggling.

They are on Lactaid milk. When we transitioned to milk they had a hard time. The pediatrician recommended trying Lactaid, and it made all the difference. They were much happier babies. The lactose was affecting them. So, we will try regular milk again in July before they start going to Sandy :)

We absolutely LOVE the car seats! They just seem so safe and comfy! I finally put the mirrors that I purchased months ago to see the boys while I am driving. I do not know what I did not do that sooner! I love seeing them. Hunter looks out the window often, while Drake plays with a toy. 

They have become my toddlers, but I think it will be a while before I do not see them as my babies. 

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