Tuesday, April 24, 2012

1 year ♥

The boys are in size 4 diapers!

Drake weighs 21 lbs 11 oz!

Hunter weighs 21 lbs 1 oz!

They wear sizes 9 months and 12 months in clothing!

Hunter has 4 bottom teeth and 4 top teeth! 

Drake has 2 bottom teeth and 4 top teeth! 

Hunter does not seem phased by getting new teeth. Drake on the other hand has a really hard time. He cries, swats at you, and cannot be soothed. It breaks my heart. Hopefully it gets a little easier on him!

The boys celebrated Easter this month! They looked adorable in their camo egg outfits! This holiday is even more special now because they were born on Easter last year! We celebrated at home for a couple hours! They both received Easter baskets with books, eggs, stuffed bunnies, and sidewalk chalk! We bought them lawn chairs that they loved! We went to my parent's house first! After celebrating with my family, we headed to Nanny's to celebrate with Brandon's family! It was a great day spent outside with our families! We missed my daddy dearly while he is working out of town!

I was really excited about the Easter baskets!

 Drake with his Easter basket!

Hunter with his Easter basket!

Drake and Hunter with their chairs!

Drake started walking this week! This past Sunday he decided he was done crawling. He has not crawled since! 

Hunter has become much more confident this week! He began walking the day after his birthday! 

It is so neat to watch them walk around the house! Makes me realize how fast they are growing up!

We will be making the change to milk from formula. The boys have drank the Target brand Up and Up formula since I stopped pumping at 6 weeks. It is DRAMATICALLY cheaper, and has a comparison to Enfamil on the label. It is exactly the same ingredients. They have grown to be chunkers, and I am confident in my decision to use this formula. We went through 4 cans a month because the cans are much larger. It was perfect for our family!

They eat table food completely now. They eat fish sticks, chicken nuggets, fries, tator tots, hot dogs, Mum Mums, Gerber Cookies, macaroni and cheese, cheese, scrambled eggs, yogurt, cheerios, Gerber Puffs, Gerber cheese chips! 

Daddy bought them donut holes for the first time! They LOVED them, of course! ;)

They do not seem to like red sauce! I tried Spaghettio's and other types, but if it has red sauce they do not like it!

Drake is weird about touching textures! He will not pick up bananas, noodles, and hated the icing on his smash cake!

They do not like the feeling of grass. This causes us to stay on a blanket when we are outside! The boys received a ton of great outside toys for their birthday, so they will need to work through this fast ;)

We just switched to convertible car seats! I am one happy mommy! The infant carriers were becoming VERY heavy! Aunt Lacey and Uncle Casey bought one and Nanny and Pop bought the other for the boys' birthday! We decided to go with the Graco MyRide 65 LX. I love them! We are going to continue to keep the boys rear-facing. It is recommended here by the American Academy of Pediatrics. It is completely worth it to me to keep my boys safer another year :)

They boys say ball and any ball is their favorite toy! They also say bye-bye and wave!

Their vocabulary includes momma, dada, bubba, baba, ball, bye-bye, and pop! 

They have figured out how to flip their ball pit and really enjoy doing so! This means I am picking up all the balls at least 3 times a day!

Drake discovered he can turn and back up when walking behind his Sit-to-Stand Walkers! He loves these toys now. I found this strange since he found this fascination after learning to walk on his own.

Hunter's teeth are sensitive to cold foods. 

They still like their Safety First sippy cups best!

They did great at their birthday party with having so many people around! No tears and happy babies!

Drake got his first knot on his birthday! He was walking and lost his balance. The entry-way table stopped his fall :( He only cried for 2 minutes and then he was fine. He has quite the knot and bruise. 

They typically go to bed around 8 PM and wake around 7 AM. They take one to two naps during the day. Lately, a good 1 to 2 hour nap in the late morning or early afternoon. 

They get excited when they hear the garage door opening. They know either mommy or daddy is home! They go straight to the door!

We ate at Guidry's for the boys' first birthday! They each ate a piece of popcorn shrimp and liked it!

Drake has started to throw fits. He will swat at you, shake his hands, and lay on the floor. It is incredibly dramatic. 

Hunter has turned into such a smiley baby!! He has really started showing his teeth off!

Drake showing off his teeth!

The boys went to a crawfish boil at Uncle Casey's and Aunt Lacey's! They enjoyed sitting outside. Here they are with their PawPaw...

They were also on the news this month! We took a wagon ride to Aunt Lacey's! Unfortunately, there have been some robberies in our area and we spoke to ABC 13 about it. 

We gave the boys Power Wheels for their birthday! It is Lil' Lightning McQueen and is made for their age! They love the cars! They push the button to make them go occasionally! They enjoy standing in them, jumping in them, or pushing them! I know once they really grasp the concept they will LOVE them! :)

 Drake playing in his car!

Hunter playing in his car!

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